Flaming Car on the Avenue Friday Night

Car Fire

Flame and smoke billow out underneath the redwoods. [Photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 11:30 p.m. Friday, a vehicle caught fire. Flames shot out of a car on the side of the Avenue of the Giants near the intersection with Elk Creek Road as firefighters rushed to the scene.

The car was completely engulfed in flames and smoke. Firefighters managed to put it out without it spreading into the park.




  • Arson or accidental ?

  • They could of donated it to Kmud instead of creating a fire hazard.

  • Was this car abandoned on the side of the road or were there people standing around wondering what just happened?

  • I simply cannot believe how many car fires there are these days. Within the last year. Don’t you think we have had a ton of them compared to other years?

  • If you break down in Southern Humboldt do NOT leave your vehicle unattended. This seems to be what happens if you do.

  • >”I simply cannot believe how many car fires there are these days. Within the last year. Don’t you think we have had a ton of them compared to other years?”

    IMHO: Stolen cars. Used on… er… ‘farms’. Burn ’em when done.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Yup, bozo is a good name! Or is it assholes with nothing better to do with their lives that set abandoned, or unattended vehicles on fire? Maybe, just maybe!

  • I saw this vehicle tagged on the side of the road there Thursday evening. The county needs to tow quicker or they just get set on fire.

  • I hope they did not find anyone inside that vehicle. If it was arson I pray they will find who did it (with some good luck)!

  • They don’t steal cars in So Hum… They get stolen from Arcata,Eureka and fortuna then driven down to So Hum to be destroyed.. Duh I thought we all new that

    • Veteran's friend

      Cars have been stolen pretty often here in south county. We see stories frequently right here on RHBB

  • I don`t think anyone sets them on fire. By some mysterious force that has yet to be fully understood, abandoned cars often spontaneously burst into flames at random times between sunset and sunrise.

  • In Covelo we call it ambiance.

  • Burning cars on the side of the road is sohum’s way of cleaning up the neighborhood. Otherwise they will be there for months Or years

    • That’s all well and good but I wish they wouldn’t do it during “extreme fire danger” seasons! I mean we all could start burning trash in our yards right now, but how wise would that be really?

  • That’s why the 4 thiefs in the van sleeping got lucky they could have woke up on fire instead of by Leo

  • I absolutely love this photo…it’s fantastic! The composition, line, lighting and the juxtaposition of the fully engulfed vehicle against the background of the majestic redwood trees is surreal…it’s like a train wreck that you can’t look away from.

    Bravo anonymous reader!

  • Dude where’s my car?

  • Very Painterly, good composition!

  • Tired in Humboldt

    Carbeque, only in Humboldt Ive seen it all on Mattole road, Wilder Ridge, Ettersburg rd now there is a 1961 Comet on the side of the road and just a little further a motorhome just being torn apart I see it every week when drive out there! Also look out for a Black Range Rover 7xig186 that guy is nuts!

    • The comet might have value as a “vintage” car but only before it gets totally trashed which may have already happened.

  • All I can say is “too much free time on your hands” and “no common sense” especially during wildfire season. If you want kicks go jump off a cliff into the ocean. Stop putting our redwoods in danger and firefighters and all those who travel the avenue.

  • Tires,gas,plastics are flammable.

  • The State should foot the bill for towing abandoned vehicles if it’s located on State Highway. AOG is a State Highway and the next vehicle to get torched will be the abandoned RV on AOG and Newton Rd. The vehicle has been there for over three weeks and has recently been vandalized.

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