Go Fourth..er…Forth and Celebrate

Every July 4, the picturesque hamlet of Miranda goes all out

Every July 4, the picturesque hamlet of Miranda goes all out. [All photo by Kym Kemp]

From a potluck set up in the machine shop, to a live band on the street, to the flag bunting in front of the sweet shop, the Fourth of July in the tiny town of Miranda is almost more American than apple pie.

The little community in the redwoods is full of down-home charm. A fundraiser to benefit the Kiwanis offers pulled pork sandwiches in case the potluck isn’t enough. The elementary school offers a giant box of fireworks as a raffle prize. A bean bag toss game is set up outside a shop.

Many folks pull out their red, white and blues to strut their stuff.

sad girl dressed in flag colors

You aren’t dressed up if you aren’t wearing the colors of the day.

A marble hunt and a kid zone are just two of the options to keep small ones from bugging their folks to know when the real attraction will begin.

Sparkler time.

After the games, as the redwoods’ velvety shadows spread across the asphalt, the moment the kids have been waiting for begins! Sparkler time.

After the first few sparklers, then the fireworks get set off. The earliest ones are tentatively set alight beside the road. But later, the yellow line through the middle of town is lined with the carcasses of exploded fireworks.

A firework exploding in the midst of the town which is surrounded by redwoods.

A firework exploding in the midst of the town which is surrounded by redwoods.

The rockets red glare and bombs bursting through air have real meaning after an hour of continuous colorful explosions.

colorful fireworks in the redwoods (1 of 1)

And another one.

After hugs good-night to some of our good friends, we drive away watching the fireworks in our rearview window.
fireworks in the redwoods
Whether you celebrated in a large city or alone on a beach, we’d love to see your photos capturing the 4th of July.



  • I see so much heart and community in this area.reminds me why I live here

  • Composite shot from the Fortuna fireworks show.

  • Fireworks in the middle of town surrounded by redwoods, how do they pull this off without being a fire risk?

  • It’s much safer to do them in town with fire department on stand by than anywhere else Miranda is always a great place to spend the 4th

  • It was fun but...

    The street was then littered with hundreds of dollars worth fireworks… very few families packed out what they brought in. Thanks Miranda fire and a few other helpful people for cleaning up after the community.

  • I lost my dog there at around 630. She was near the Miranda Market and then took off.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    She’s a small Min Pin/Chihuahua mix, black with brown feet and a whitish face cause of age.
    Goes by Daisy or Daisy Dukes.
    Please help! Reward if found.

    • I found my Daisy Dukes!! Thanks to everyone in Miranda for their help and concern. And thanks work horse for the bbq and good time

  • Won’t let me post my dynamite, my explosive video of the Benbow finale here, but I fell back in love with Sohum that night. Always nice to come home to see Miranda still at it. One year it was 3am I returned from a party in Harris.. Miranda was still going. Strong.
    I feel like Sohum is in the narrow birth canal, but a good crowd and great scenery help.

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