Pickup Went off Maple Hills Road Near Miranda; Patient Being Taken to Hospital

The Ford pickup went off Maple Hills Road.

The Ford pickup went off Maple Hills Road. [Crop of a photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 6:05 p.m., a silver Toyota Tacoma pickup flew off Hwy 101 and went off Maple Hills Road just south of Bear Butte Road by Miranda, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

The truck slammed into a tree and was badly damaged, according to a witness.

An ambulance is carrying the patient who has head injuries to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka

UPDATE 11:04 p.m.: The green Ford F150 went off Maple Hills Road and struck a tree. The driver received minor injuries, according to the CHP.



  • Did someone put a hex on that part of 101?

  • Truck was green

  • I really think that if a road engineer surveyed that section of road, they’d find that it has serious camber issues. It seems as if it has sagged downhill, and simply resurfacing the road has made it more dangerous because people drive faster on that surface. And there’s a big dip, part of the resurfacing project from last year, right near the Salmon Creek bridge that needs to be signed, because a motorcycle could have a bad accident.

    • Bull Shit, It is not the roads fault. People just drive too F@#$%^g fast everywhere. Quit blaming these WRECKS on the roads and put the blame where it belongs on the DUMB ASS DRIVERS

      • Agreed. The road tilts towards the river. Add that to a driver not paying attention, Crash! There was a similar problem just before the south bound Myers flat exit quite a few years ago, had 3 crashes in the same summer there. I mentioned it to a cal-trans dude, he agreed and it was half ass fixed but the crashes stopped.

      • You have no right to come on here and call people DUMB ASS DRIVERS. You have no idea what happened in this scenario. You don’t know if the person is even safe from this crash. I don’t have respect for people like you that can’t keep their negative comments to theirselves.

        • I had to go read the DUMB ASS comment several times and I do not read that as calling this particular driver a DUMB ASS but rather people who are driving exceedingly fast on public roadways thereby putting others in danger including themselves to which I strongly agree, that people like that (excessive speed/reckless driving) are DUMB ASS and deserve that title they won.
          Whether you like it or not or respect me or not, I don’t care. I am tired of having my life and others put in harm’s way because of their stupid and selfish behavior! Speeding and driving reckless is not going to get you there any faster … maybe a minute or two but its not worth the risk! And in case you missed it or do not comprehend what I am writing, this comment has nothing to do with this particular driver but DUMB ASS drivers who are speeding, being reckless and putting others in danger. If the shoe fits, fine; if not, move on. I just spent some hard hours driving among DUMB ASS drivers and don’t look forward to doing it again this week!

      • You ain’t wrong.

      • Couldn’t agree more!

  • I can't drive 55

    How many more acvidents before a guardrail will be put along that strech of road?

  • that is where cell service comes back in for most carriers in this area…most of the accidents are assuredly distraction related

    • Got a point there!
      My southbound service returns at the big roadway turn (where it seemingly changes from east to south bound) about a mile north of Salmon Creek exit. Northbound though, service is generally good from Benbow to that same turn.

  • Drunk caltrans engineering I’ve been saying it for years . How many more need to crash?

  • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

    Those Tacome Pickups actually can outhandle a Porsche Carerra up to about 135mph. Last week a Toyota Tacome circled the Nordschleief at 237 mph and ran a 6’37″…

    Toyota Pickups, when operated by people who are high, are actually safer than most mother’s milk!

    Thank God we live in a County where any pirate cowboy dope farmer can afford a high quality and safe-to-drive Toyota PIckup to transport his personal carcass!

    All drivers: If you see a Toyota Pickup in the rearview, move over so that it can run past at 95, since it is actually much safer at speed than, whatever you are driving!

  • I’ve lived up Bear butte Rd 36 years. I can only remember one time long ago a car came off the freeway to Maple Hills Road. In the past year or so there have been 2 or 3 or even 4 that have come off the freeway. Something is different.

  • Christine Rogers

    I drove by it. The truck cab was smashed in pretty bad.

  • I too am a long time resident and this spate of recent wrecks is unprecedented! . I am going to stop using frontage road and opt for the salmon creek exit and hit he freeway . It may be bumpy and longer but there is no way a truck will rain down on my family that way .

  • Seems to be crash central lately. Hope the driver will be OK.

  • Did anyone else notice Kym had a full day of news on a holiday when LoCo couldn’t even get out of bed? Friggin workhorse!

  • For all the people who have some pretty rude comments regarding this accident, know your facts before you judge. This is my brother not a DUMB ASS DRIVER Mr. Lee Chappelle. I hope you never have an ACCIDENT where people like you judge. He is a responsible citizen that would and has given the shirt off his back to someone he doesn’t even know. As his little sister you discuss me by your comment and I’ll refrain from saying what I really want to say to you. Just know it’s not always the “DUMB ASS DRIVERS”.

  • I drive this stretch of road almost daily. People drive way to fast! I set my cruise control between 69-72 and people consistently fly by me on that straight away. I don’t think it has anything to do with the road. People need to slow down and get off of their cell phones.

    • [edit] he didn’t even have a cell phone on him…and a matter of fact fuckhead he was driving the speed limit..[edit] ….its pretty disgusting when people talk crap in stead of saying whatever may have happened I hope this person is ok ..

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