Northern Nights Music Festival Adds Over 30 Artists

From Northern Nights Music Festival:



  • Are these the artists in the little print?
    Cause I don’t see anyone of note.
    Smoke and mirrors tactic…

  • Ed where are you

    Que mr voice

  • Savannah rose and object heavy, are those the only peeps that make live music there without computers?

  • Wow. I know none of em. Not a one.

  • Short on funds, huh? Oh, well… some of these unknown garage bands may finally get a break! Next, they’ll be able to play shows at Humbrews and Richard’s Goat! Hittin’ it big!

  • Is this ad part of the $2 Million these guys say NNMF brings into the local economy?

    “In 2015, a detailed Economic Impact Analysis was conducted and demonstrated that Northern Nights increased local economic impact of over $2,000,000 in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties.”

    Too bad they never made that Economic Impact Analysis public…

    Anyone know the word on Reggae on the River? Looks dead over there (pic July 1st)!

    • You can’t even conceal your happiness that the Mateel hasn’t been able to begin work because of the bridge install delay.

      • You are 110 % correct! A better word would be ecstatic! And the beauty is, the Mateel did it all on their own, with no help from me. Could not have planned it any better if I tried. The Mateel did it to themselves, they were so busy blaming all their financial problems on everyone else, they forgot to renew all their permits for ROTR that expired in 2017. So yeah, I am elated and at the same time delighted…

  • Ed where are you

    That’s all you got for NN… “word on reggae”
    How depressing… all their river valley damage.. no water reporting.. generators, bars and equipment on the river bar.. leach fields exists on NN site… Mendocino consent agenda…your hatred of the Mateel is showing with your lack of concern..

    • I guess you didn’t read my comments and posts from the other NNMF threads, articles and reports across the internet this year. In fact all of them leading up to this one! Nor, I’m guessing, did you read my public comments to Mendocino County concerning NNMF. [edit]

      And BTW, I don’t hate anyone, especially one over another. I just want them all to stop having festivals on the river. Either one has any respect or compassion for the South Fork Eel River and its wildlife inhabitants…

      Happy Independence Day.

  • Hey northern nights guys how do neighbors get a free day pass? I gotta deal with the bass keeping my dogs and livestock nervous, can u hook it up?

  • Wow, you never heard of these bands? Me neither, but I thought I was just old……..

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