CAL FIRE Says Arson Caused Fires Near Weitchpec

This is a press release from CAL FIRE:



  • Hey Kym, why don’t you have a story about the Eel nearly dry at the Fortuna Main Street exit? Wonder what caused that in early July?

    • I haven’t heard that. I know there are two distinct flows through there most years. Is one low and the other flowing stronger farther over?

      • You can see it from the freeway. I’d have to drive from the Ferndale side to check the 2nd flow but it’s normally been the lesser of the two and first to dry up

    • Locally located

      I noticed that too yesterday from same vantage point on 101. Very surprised to see Eel River so low seemingly overnight.

  • It’s scary that people start wildfires intentionally. The result could be about as bad as anything a single person could do.

  • Just to bad the person starting the fires did not catch himself on fire. He is putting the lives of our fire fighters in danger. He needs to be slapped down real hard for that crime!

  • Is it possible to use the satellite technology that law-enforcement and county now uses to locate pot gardens in real time to possibly locate the arsonist in real time in that location where the fire is? Or identify the possible vehicle that The arsonist used?

    • The LEA Google Sat technology used for pot gardens I believe; is updated 4 times a year as opposed to once a year.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        DigitalGlobe, Planet, and EarthNow provide real time imagery. For a fee of course, but you can rent “space time” on them. There are others too. Planet gives you a 2 week trial.

  • Hope the fires are extinguished quickly. Many folks live peacefully in the mountains here and ass hat arsonists threaten our families and elders. As well as the fire fighting crews and support folks. This is the first summer in many a year we are not choking on smoke. Wish the tech written about by the guest poster above worked fir catching the jerks who started the fires.

  • It stands to reason that if we are in a drought it makes no sense to permit agriculture in the hills and suck the creeks and rivers dry. We have been fairly lucky so far that we have not had fires like Lake County.

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