Son Arrested for Killing Father and Injuring Brother in Shooting That Shut Down Hwy 101 by Willits Yesterday for Hours

A CHP helicopter was parked on southbound Hwy 101 as of around 8:30 p.m

A CHP helicopter was parked on southbound Hwy 101 as officers investigated the death of one man and the shooting of another. [Photo provided by a reader]

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives continued to investigate the shooting incident overnight and into 07-03-2018.

During this time, Sheriff’s Detectives identified Calixto Ramirez (51 years-old from Covelo, California) as the deceased adult male at the shooting scene.

The second adult male has been identified as being Miguel Ramirez (30 years-old from Covelo, California). Miguel Ramirez, who was transported to an out of county hospital by air ambulance remains in critical condition.

Calixto Ramirez and Miguel Ramirez have been identified as father and son.

During investigations, which included assistance from the public, the shooting suspect was identified by Sheriff’s Detectives as being Ubaldo Ramirez (23 year-old male from Covelo, California).

Ubaldo Ramirez is the son of Calixto Ramirez (deceased) and the younger brother of Miguel Ramirez (critical condition).

Thanks to assistance from the public, Ubaldo Ramirez was located on 07-03-2018 at approximately 1:30 AM in a parking lot in the 77800 block of Highway 162 in Covelo, California.

Ubaldo Ramirez was taken into custody without incident for the homicide of his father (Calixto Ramirez), and the attempted homicide of his brother (Miguel Ramirez).

Ubaldo Ramirez was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held without bail.

Specific details regarding the shooting are not being released at this time due to pending follow-up investigations by Sheriff’s Detectives.

Any persons with information about this incident, including anyone who might have seen Ubaldo Ramirez between the scene (MPM 35 on North Highway 101 in Willits, California) on 07-02-2018 and Covelo on 07-03-2018 are encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Tip-Line by calling 707-234-2100.

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  • Guns are the best way to resolve family disputes.
    In fact, guns are probably good for solving all problems.

    This message paid for by the gun board.

  • Whose going to water the plants now?

  • It’s not the guns fault it’s the person behind it I personally own quite a few and there all good guns haven’t hurt anyone I guess it’s how you raise them lol

  • Just to bad family disputes have to end this way. I feel sorry for the father and son that were shot. I hope the other son who did the shooting goes to prison for life.
    Tailgate, I completely disagree with you. I am very pro gun, but you are way off base.

    • Awwwwww, craaaaapppppp...

      Even if the father and son who ended up being shot were the bad guys, and the “suspect” ends up being a lucky one who got away from this bad situation, this is still horrible all around.

    • I’m hoping he was being sarcastic & not as yet another Shill for the NRA!!! I also have several guns they have yet to kill anyone either!!!! Nor have I for that matter!!! Not everyone who owns a gun is pro NRA or a bloodthirsty killer!!!!

    • Martin, I think Tailgate was being sarcastic… at least I hope so!

    • Martin, thanks for your civil response. I also am pro-gun (whatever that means) in fact, I’m what you might call a gun collector. The sad part (which is what my snarky comment was meant to highlight), is how common these tragedies are, and ultimately, how avoidable. I don’t propose any kind of gun control other than education and mental healthcare. It’ll take generations to have any measurable effect, but we have to start somewhere.

    • Maybe it was self defense… Or even battered child syndrome. I’ll wait for more information before passing judgement.

    • this is sad because the last time I saw him was 2 years ago and my family was close friends with him

      • Some ignorant and racist people commenting no kindness or compassion for the ones who have to pay the price for this horrible tragedy my son-inlaw step-daughter and granddaughter are heartbroken and spending their 4th of July in the hospital in the ICU fighting for a life

  • Kym, thanks for getting this information out quickly!

  • I’d love to see every human that comments to comment without one single bit of speculation about the motive, nationality, profession or ANYTHING for just one post. Are y’all mature enough to not make up stories about strangers? Let’s see! The comments above me already failed the speculation test but how about below, can we leave the commenting to mature humans that don’t make up stories about dead or injured people?

    • Dream on, dude!
      There is so much information in that article, I’ll bet half the people who comment will know exactly what happened. I mean, who needs an investigation when we can decide all the facts and motives, and everything else, right here from a press release!?

      Where’s Dan and his three exclamation marks!?

    • Assuming they are human.

      • You mean the commenters who can figure everything out from little to no information might be aliens? I mean, like from space?

        Oh, I see, like monkeys. I’ve read that if you put enough monkeys in front of typewriters, at some point you’ll end up with the works of Shakespeare, and probably a bunch other authors, and probably figured out all these crimes from mere press releases. In fact, I am actually the work of millions of monkeys just battering away at their keyboards. How timely we find these words today.

        Next we’ll solve this crime from the press release, and information supplied by commenters.

        • Can you find monkeys that will type me out the winning lotto ticket or an inheritance to some long lost uncle I never had? Thanks!

  • Wow, Kym you are the BEST journalist that we could ever ask for! Thank you for your diligence in covering this tragic and scary story.

  • Divide by Zero

    When you allow there to come here unchecked, soon here becomes there.

    • That’s the truth

    • Rolls eyes. When you see a problem that has some foreign name at the end, You know the answer. That’s been the (fortunately minority) attitude that so many groups who arrived here earlier have had toward the people who come here next. Look at the Irish in the early 1800s. Are Irish bad? Did the US turn into some bad suburb of Dublin or something?

      Are you another commenter who has all the answers, and it’s immigrants? I assume you are assuming these are immigrants. And maybe they are. But maybe they’ve been here for a few generations, like a lot of other people with names that come from countries from all around the world. Where did your people emigrate to the US from? When did they arrive here? Probably after most of my ancestors, but I don’t want you to go home. Or are you a native American? Maybe we should all go home and let them have the place back.

      • Are you saying, like Herbert Hoover, the Mafia didn’t come with Italian immigrants? Or ISIS with Muslims? Or slavery with the British? Or the American Bund with Germans? Or the IRA with the Irish? That Chinese Tongs never engaged in violence? Or for that matter the American Indians never fought tooth and nail to throw the Europeans out of their territories?

        Indeed that’s a seriously redacted version of history.

        • It has been shown conclusively that the Native Americans had Slaves also from other neighboring tribes!!!So Slavery was NOT exclusively brought on by the British!!!

      • Well said sir!!!!

      • When are we going to figure out which native Americans crossed the ice bridge and at what point in time? We really should prioritize who was here first and put this to rest. Unless we start looking at creation stories and maybe the Dine people have it as firsties …

        • Actually the first native Americans came here by boat. This is according to the Hopi people who claim to be the 1st Americans. They say they came here because a world wide flood destroyed their homeland. The Cheyenne also say they came by boat. So did the Mandan. The guys who came via the Bering strait during the ice age (Navajo and Apache) were immigrants

    • Just drive through almost any small town in the central valley of California. It has already become THERE!

      • First your broad lump and racist categorizing, of a group of human beings, as There, has been Here, since before our State was created.
        Second, I’m from Central Valley, 6th generation. I been living Here over 40yrs now. Nothing new There , as it was then. Nothing new Here as it was then. Lay of the fish food it’s bad for your health.

        • Oh here we go, the R word. Nothing in my post implies a racist mind-set. Since when does my opposition to someone breaking the law become racism? Only in your mind.

        • For your edification I’m enclosing the following definition of the adverb there:

          in or at that place (opposed to here): She is there now.
          at that point in an action, speech, etc.: He stopped there for applause.
          in that matter, particular, or respect:

          I hope this helps, and by the way, there is a limit to which you can push the racist narrative. Ah the burden of not having a point.

          • I think the burden is yours since there is no boundries between Here and There except in the mind. To me “there” is anywhere I am not because in the present, I am ‘here’… two steps and a moment later, I am ‘there’ but then again we can talk mentally instead of physically where I don’t want to be ‘here’ so I daydream about somewhere ‘there’ but then I start thinking about what I should be doing so I am struggling between the ‘here’ and ‘there’ almost instantaneously!
            You might also be talking bout “there” but since I have no idea where ‘there’ is, I put it no where but it could be ‘here’ but in our ignorance or lack of being able to read minds, we could all be stuck ‘here’ and never get to ‘there’ because its all relative and maybe really doesn’t exist! Maybe ‘here’ and ‘there’ doesn’t exist all but only ‘everywhere’. Something to think about while arguing silly subjects that it is all point of view and assumptions about other’s people’s point of view…

            • Coat it with sugar all u want, it’s still sour with Ill intentions. We all know what you were implying.

    • Anti troll league

      Didn’t you grandly announce that “Insults=losers?”

      • I embrace my flaws with honesty, how bout u? Some days I resort to loser tactics, after reading moronic impulse statements & some days I find the higher road. I say that when it seems like that’s all that is being said, zero common sense or logic. Never said I was immune to my impulses.

        • Anti troll league

          I try not to do it. I try not to embrace my flaws. I want to get rid of them. Sometimes it’s hard. And the internet is a corrupting place in that regard.

          I have a love of discussion and learning. But not of being bullied or harassed. I can find criticism acceptable even when hard to take. But only reasoned criticism. Insults cut off the attempts to discuss.

          • The high road, would be nice if we all could find that place. So I feel one has to take the low road sometimes to help others, realize where they are standing too. Taking the low road to call out ones behavior for what it truly is better than enabling it.

      • Divide by Zero

        When they can’t deliver a cogent response, they attack.

        • No, I did not attack, lol. I was calling out yours and others behavior yesterday for what it was. There was nothing rational prior to my insult. Blend it up whatever way u want love.

          • Divide by Zero

            “More like your thought process is divided by zero intelligence!” So what would you call that, a compliment?

            • Nope, just helping u find that higher road.

              “When you allow there to come here unchecked, soon here becomes there.”

              Sorry but your not on the high road, your statement was low like mine. It got u thinking, didn’t it? Just giving u a nudge, so maybe we can find the higher road together.

  • Divide by Zero

    There has been bad blood in the family since Miguel accidentally allowed a car, Calixto was working on, to fall on him. Anything to do with this incident, who knows? What I do know is all are involved in grows and there’s some speculation (again speculation) of trafficking meth. All involved are in this country illegally. Here in the fishbowl, very little goes unnoticed.

    • And u know this by assumption or fact? Let me guess which one.

      • Anti troll league

        Ah! The horror! Speculation!

        • Hilarious. Anti troll, trolling .

          • Anti troll league

            An understanding can never be achieved between people always spitting personal insults at each other.

            • I happen to disagree. One of my best friendships started with every insult in the book. Some misunderstanding the first time we met. Some things we yelled at each other caused us to self reflect. We came across each other again, and somehow we grew close and laugh so hard bout the first day we met. In fact I think in a weird way it brought us closer. So I think never is too broad a statement cause I know for a fact understanding came from conflict, at least that one time.

              So ya I feel taking, what u think is the low road, & calling out someone for their immoral behavior is OK and a duty as an American citizen. My multiple military relatives did not sacrifice their lives for this behavior we see displayed today. If some have lost their direction & wound up on the low Rd, well sometimes it takes, someone else on the same road to help them find the higher Rd again.

              • Anti troll league

                It got us the politics of the last election. It just doesn’t work to try to out troll. It just sinks lower and lower until someone, hopefully more than someone, stops taking the low road. And the farther people allow themselves to go down the law road, the farther and harder it is to claw themselves back.

                You said your self that you had to stop and reflect. I suppose that the ugliness might be said to have caused the stopping at its most bitter level but certainly did not illuminate the reflecting. I propose starting the reflecting now. I propose relentless reasoning as the anti troll medicine. Because, while you and your friend might have come to terms, there is never an end to disagreeable opinions where the public is involved. If there is going to be improvement in the general discourse, there has to be more of the reasonable sort than the unreasonable.

                • I still disagree. Sometimes folks need to be called out for their nasty behavior, otherwise its enabling the behavior as norm! Simple

    • ¿ How does ubaldo fit into this bad blood equation??

    • Back up the boat

      People are conditioned to not speak the truth anymore. Your scenario is probably the truth. I despise this politically correct world we live in. Reality is reality.

      • Political correctness; the irrational belief you can pick up a turd by its clean end. That’s a quote, but I forget by whom.

      • People that complain about political correctness are just bugged that they are actually getting called out sometimes for their a*hole behavior that was always a*hole behavior. People that think bullying, racism and sexism are harmless fun and/or people that actually believe the ignorant stuff they say, are the ones not living in reality.

        • “The term “politically correct” was coined in the late 1920s by the Soviets and their ideological allies around the world to describe why the views of certain of the party faithful needed correction to the party line.”

          A term coined by Marxists to curb dissent, and imply they hold the moral high ground. A word invented by a system that slaughtered 40-50 million of its own citizens in the name of “political correctness”.

          “On ne fuit pas d’omelette sans casser des oeufs”.

          • Yes, love the propaganda machine of the PC groups where they hijack the language and put a new spin on it to fit their narrative. They love to shame people but don’t turn the table! Not pc and their rules don’t allow it because they are so superior and so correct about every thing! Millennials! I love them but honestly, every generation coming down the pike has tried to tell their elders how stupid they are, the ‘they’ know better … and then they age and the next smart-aleck, know-it-all generation comes along to tell them (who have now aged) how it really is! Same old story since the beginning of time!

        • Back up the boat

          Sure Esme. Whatever you say. You have proven my point. I don’t treat people poorly, nor do I spew racist, inappropriate comments to people. I have class and know when to keep my opinion to myself without insulting others. Doesn’t mean I agree. But I also am capable of expressing my opinion when I feel it’s necessary without insulting others and demeaning them. Still think politically correct is bullshit. People are too afraid to be honest anymore because they don’t want to be accused of bullshit. If one doesn’t believe and say what the masses believe and say they are racist or ignorant or some other trumped up crap by people, well, with opinions like yours. I can respect the difference. Can you?

          • The political correctness recently meant has been applied by the few to suppress the masses, not the other way around. Recognising the issues of the masses, even if disagreeable, is required to have a stable state. And telling them to shut up only works in a tyranny.

  • Foam baseball bats work way better when it comes to family disputes.
    What a horrible tragedy.

  • Man I feel for the family.. what a clusterfuck. All y’all keep bitching about whatever, someone is dead.. that’s sad shit.

  • Messampetamine is a helluva drug

  • Ubaldo is so spun out on drugs.. He’s going to have a rude awakening.. When he gets sober and realizes what he has done.

  • Selfish, over-entitled…..A sheriff told me years ago everybody in Covelo hates one another….

  • Alt Right For Life

    Family killing family?

    Drugs and hippies have created this.

    Americans need to rise up and not allow hippies and drugs in their communities.

    The world would be a better place if the jet carrying The Beatles to America crashed in the ocean.

    Hippies are treasonous,evil,creatures.

    • Aren`t hippies extinct except on Spy Rock Rd?

      • I thought the last of the hippies were in Homer Alaska! The ones that stopped off in Corvallis OR traded in their Love Beads for neck ties.

    • Helter Skelter dude.

    • North America would have been a better place if the ship carrying Columbus had crashed in the ocean.

      • You realize that Columbus did not make it to the continent …

      • If not Columbus, than the next set of adventurers would have come repeatedly until the result was the same. North America had massacres and human caused environmental damage and slavery and human sacrifice long before Europeans exploited it.

  • Maybe responsible immigration would have prevented this tragedy. Or at least kept it on other side of border.

    • Whatever. Wtf ever. White people kill…and they go to schools and Federal buildings and newspapers to kill children and strangers. Keep your racism under wraps please.

      • I don’t feel that responsible immigration is racism. The criminals you mention deserve on the spot capital punishment Due process should be limited to 72 hours. Immigration should be reserved for the proud and productive

        • To do the jobs white people won’t do because they prefer pushing pencils.

          • I don’t like to push pencils. False stereotype much?

          • Maybe because that is were the elitists of the country have pointed them The logical fallacy of the last couple of decades being people an advanced degree earn more money and more money means more respect. The trouble is, if everyone pursues an advanced degree, the degrees lose their value. Thus one advanced decree is no longer enough. Post graduate work becomes the standard as degree standards are dropped so everyone can get one.

      • People of all colors kill! Wow. People of all colors immigrate. Do you have race issues, Ernestine or just angry in general? Maybe just a bad day? I hope its just a bad day and tomorrow is better for you!

      • gimmie a break

        ya, its white folks doing all the shootings In Chicago……. oh wait……. Obama wouldn’t like that would he?

      • Give me a break

        “white people kill…..”

        “And they go to schools and federal buildings and newspapers to kill children and strangers”

        “Keep your racism under wraps please”

        Smoking much of your own product?

      • Anti troll league

        So said from the depth of racial hatred. Simply preferring another race do the damage is racist.

    • They weren’t immigrants! Where did you get your info from?

  • Testes, testes, one two...three?

    Before anything about guns, ask what drugs/meds he was/is on. Ask about drugs/meds first regarding all aggressive shooters and an unquestionable relationship appears.

  • Didn’t the woman at centerville beach doing the exorcism on her daughter set the precedent that if your high as a kite it counts as insanity?

  • Spot on. Build the wall and enforce immigration laws.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Another whole family destroyed by meth/dope in Covelo freaking enough already!!!

  • This Covelo animal put many people in jeapordy, many more than two. Firing a gun in a moving car with others driving in the area is way beyond negligent. Don’t blame anything here on gun control or politics. Or even Trump. Can’t blame him for this one (just everything else).

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