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The Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council

The Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council invited union members, allies, friends and community partners to join them in showing support of working people standing together. The rally will be on the County Courthouse steps this Tuesday July 3rd at 5pm. “We will not stand idly by and allow attacks on workers and their families. Experience shows us that you don’t get you deserve in life. You get what you fight for!” said President Mike Hetticher. “And we’re ready to fight.”

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 last week to overturn over 40 years of precedent and a previous 9-0 decision–effectively making the public sector right-to-work(for less) across the entire nation. This has been a long-sought goal of powerful corporate money interests to try to break labor and continue their attacks on working people. Speakers will underline the importance of having a voice in the workplace, livable wages, dignity in retirement, and everything that having a collective voice brings.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Counci


840 E St.

Eureka CA 95501




  • I was a labor rep for a number of years. When I hired on, the second question I asked is how do I sign up to join the union. I’ve been on strike.

    However the second year my union took money from dues to form a PAC, ran ads opposing people I supported, took spots on TV not endorsing a candidate or policy but attacking his opponent, I resigned.

    It is a tempting thing to play kingmaker but, when you represent an unhomogeneous group, inevitably you’re going to have members who object to spending their dollars on things they oppose.

    • I knew the fix was in when the UAW turned out for sweaty Al Gore.

    • Here is an analogy prevalent in our everyday lives that illustrates what being a member of a closed or open shop is akin to: take the political candidates you vote for – you see how their political position and stance can benefit you in many ways and align with your priorities. yet there always seems to be at least one or two major issues or priorities you disagree on. Whether you are a voluntary voter or not, one must take the bad with the good of that particular political representative (bad being closed shop and forced to pay dues and not fully agreeing with everything on the agenda. good being the power of numbers having similar end goals).

    • No one should have to give money to a political organization against their will. I did not like that some of my money went to the oppressive regime of Obama, and other failed democrats. Also, the unions are having people work doing union business , and not their jobs, yet they get paid from both. Do your extracurricular work at home, and do your job for the company like you were hired to do. Unions are fine to deal with labor issues, stay out of my pocket when it comes time to be political. If a person wants to give money to politicians, which is such a waste, they can. But now, I will not be forced to help support corrupt politicians. And I will still have to pay a small potion to cover representation costs, should there be any.
      Isn’t it great though? 3.7 million new jobs since Trump, Black, Hispanic, and women all have lower unemployment, NOKO is settled down, deporting so many illegals who hurt us, free trade is becoming just that, join us and win!

      • Actually, union work done on the job is supposed to be off the clock and this is usually addressed in an MOU. If workers are doing union work on the clock, the union itself isn’t at fault for that.

    • Unions have done some good, the 40 hour work week, better working conditions, but they get corrupt and people suffer. Also, Ceaser Chaves, who organized the farmers labor union, was very opposed to illegal aliens here taking jobs from legal migrants. Enough blame to go around, illegals work for less, greedy farmers hire them. So, we in the Humboldt Citizens Council work with ICE, by using the 3 clicks to turn them in, works great, so many illegals have been rounded up in Humboldt and Trinity county. Many times the local sheriffs don’t even know, because we are not law enforcement, and we use different radios to communicate to them where the illegals are. All you people who are running around with your sanctuary signs should know, while you are milling around protesting, we are turning them in.

  • “Don’t get what you deserve in life”? Paleeease! Public “servants” make MUCH, MUCH more than their private sector counterparts on the whole, far and away. And it’s the private sector that is forced to pay those public sector bloated salaries/pensions. Who’s representing the real working man? You know, the one that is forced to pay those bloated salaries/pensions.
    Public sector unions should be outlawed altogether, fuck em all. Even FDR, as crooked as he was, and liberal as they come understood why public sector unions were wrong. Unfortunately, today’s liberals are completely unhinged and haven’t the slightest idea why public sector unions are immoral, nor, like anything else, do they genuinely care. Try and explain it to them and they’ll get triggered and shout you down. Because what really matters to them is not the morality that they constantly espouse, it’s power.
    Hey, central America has a large voting block of Democrats. Let’s open the borders and tell everyone it’s because of a humanity crises, we’re doing it for the children. If you disagree you’re a racist who hates kids.

    • Where do you get your information from to form that opinion? I hope its a credible source that is unbiased and not affiliated with any political stance and that is only reporting facts of unspun numbers and compariosons with similar positions and skill levels. I doubt this is the case with your opinion. Armchair labor economists abound just like assholes abound.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      No kidding! You do of course know that employees of Humboldt County pay 100% of the costs of their paltry pensions, don’t you? 100% not enough?

  • Alt Right For Life

    Government workers have no business forming unions, it’s unacceptable and Un-American.

    Most unions are run by gangs and we don’t want that in our country.

    Union gangs and their pyramid scheme of retirement plans are the cause of deficit budgets.

    Until the unions are broken, their rulers jailed or exiled, we need to use pot grower money taken to balance the budget.

    Busting unions is the first step towards a free society.

  • And on top of all that they can’t even provide what they promise. Unless the state drastically raises taxes or forces union members to pay a heck of a lot more dues they won’t be able to meet the pension funding deficits.

    • THC: what the hell does CalPers have to do with public sector unions and employee union dues payments? Two totally different issues you clearly do not understand.

      • Really? Pensions are not a condition of employment that the unions should care about?

        • The unions do not dictate the way calpers operates. What is contained in an MOU is a product of negotiations but does not dictate how calpers manages the investments.

        • 4Also, THC is commenting on union dues not pension payments. Two different issues.

  • among whom you’ll see many union lobbyists. The records go back to 1990. especially noted to teacher’s union contributions 2 million from pipe fitters union PAC ditto AFL CIO an elaboration on lobbying money and PACs and how people do an end run around statutory limits.

    “At the NJEA convention, when asked about where that money came from, NJEA President Marie Blistan said it was in part from membership dues.”
    “We absolutely use some of our money to promote those causes, because as you know in public education, everything is either legislative, it’s regulated or it’s by statute.” said Blistan. “So our involvement in politics, it’s not by choice, it is absolutely a necessity.”,_Local_1000 the end to one end run- until Super PACs arrived. ,

    It is known now. Although using union dues for political lobbying and campaigns was supposedly ended in1988, in actuality it was done anyway, usually with a signed release upon employment that was unclear and never expired for ‘voluntary contributions’ that was a requirement of hiring or using the dues and afterwards offering a refund at a later date- a much later date and good luck getting it- of dues so spent if the employee knew to request it in writing. Later unions then paid “their employees” to work in campaigns, or ran Super PACs all with the same funding.

    It was my union’s support of Bill “I never met a worker who was important” Clinton that was the final straw for me. Few members, if any, supported Clinton but somehow the Union found the money to contribute. Without donations.

  • Taurusballzhoff

    Unions do not do shit for laborers. Unions mostly lie, and take your money. The union does not care about you.

    Don’t join the union, and, don’t work where a union represents the employees!

    I refuse to work for an employer that treats it’s employees so poorly that the employees bring in a union.

    Simple. If they have a union, don’t work there.

    Unions are for idiots who can’t negotiate.

  • haywood jablowme

    reply to [edit] ,As A carpenter I got sick of chasing my $ , shitty or no health ins and no pension. So I gave myself a birthday gift for my 30th . I join the Carpenters union . Anyone who has worked in the field knows unions the only way to go. Even contractors, well reputable ones prefer union as it provides a trained , reliable work force.

    • I like stars too!

      Gee, the last house I bought, in Vacaville, was built by Mexicans.

      I don’t think they were in a Union.

      Contractors prefer cheap labor. Period. And cheap materials. The cheapest.

      Unions are for idiots who can’t negotiate, like carpenters and healthcare workers.

      Unions don’t do anything. Just waste time, and take your money.

      • Unions have always been a mixed bag. Sometimes they run a closed shop for relatives and friends. But they are the only option to represent worker’s interests. Buying politicians who never stay bought was a bad choice.

  • Divide by Zero

    Nonsense, other than police and fire, every time they cash a paycheck they commit grand larceny.

  • haywood jablowme

    Well congrats on getting your house built with the cheepest materals possible. Why one would brag about that says alot about you. Unions lost the residental sector in the 70s, I worked residental for 12yrs, doing my own nog. and never made more than 25$ per hr, and we built some real shit houses. The builder picks the lumber supply, and everything else , my wage included. Ya you could try to neg your own wage, but the $ is not there. I don’t think any of you people sh!t talking the building trades have ever wore tools for more than a weekend, and i bet most could not handle working 200ft from tara ferma

  • Mary Ella Anderson

    The war on unions began after WWII and it has been very effective as witness the decline of union membership, the assault on wages that has left them stagnant and thrown so many into poverty, destroyed the large middle class that union jobs created in this country, and produced the largest transfer of wealth to the top since the pharaohs. It had the support of Wall Street and Hollywood. On the Waterfront, for instance, was an anti-union movie. The theme promoted by the spinners was that unions were all corrupt and needed to be done away with. Some unions were corrupt but their members had the power to change that. Most did. Whenever the majority are directing your attention to the powerless as your major enemy, you are being hoodwinked. It’s not the powerless that destroy societies. It’s the powerful that you don’t know and never see. The unions are almost entirely now and so are the good jobs.

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