Deputies Investigate an Alleged Assault on the Bear River Reservation

One man is in the hospital following a domestic violence incident on the Bear River Reservation. After a woman was allegedly assaulted by her partner, according to a neighbor, other community members assaulted him.

This evening, deputies are investigating what is reportedly an assault in revenge for a domestic violence incident on the Bear River Reservation. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

One man is in the hospital following a domestic violence incident on the Bear River Reservation this afternoon, according to a neighbor. After a woman was allegedly assaulted by her partner, other community members reportedly assaulted him.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies are in the area investigating the incident.

Pedro Olea

Pedro Olea

UPDATE Thursday: According to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “This was a domestic violence situation that occurred on the 200 block of Bowie Road in Loleta. The male involved, Pedro Olea, 29, of Fortuna, was arrested on charges of battery against a spouse and violation of probation. Deputies located Olea at the property.”




  • Becoming quite a drug-infested slum up there on the Bear River Casino area I thought you had to be clean and sober in order to live up there in those brand-new government-built housing but I guess not.

    • How do you come to the conclusion that this has anything to do with drugs? Domestic violence happens in all kinds of situations unfortunately. It sounds like her community really stepped up and dealt with the problem, doesn’t sound like a bunch of druggies to me. Also, why would the Fed be building housing on a reservation/rancheria?

      • Thanks for a sensible response. So many posters leap to negative conclusions instantly in every situation. Makes me tired to read them.

        • Anti troll league

          It’s not going to be possible to stop negatives, including ones with which you probably agree, without suppressing all comments. Mom’s response was to the point and enough.

      • Reservation housing often is built by Fed agencies. Bureau of Indian affairs or Housing and Urban development. I see why he asked.

      • The federal government through HUD provides grants to Native American Tribes for housing. Brand new houses.

    • Mogtx … I disagree with you completely. Sure seems to me that the Bear River Tribe is making great headway in becoming a solid community.

    • Government built houses?! Are you insinuating that these people are taking advantage of the government? Our governments corruption goes all the way to the current Whitehouse administration. So, again, I reiterate, Government built houses?!

  • Tough time on the Res, doesn’t help much with a Casino nearby too…

  • If it really was a retaliatory beating to punish domestic abuse it might be justified. I’m sure there’s a better way to say it but I can’t figure it out right now. Please don’t abuse anyone or anything.

  • Off topic, sorry…delete if you want to..

    Kym, any news on the fella that was lost on the Bigfoot trail?

  • James Marmon MSW

    Domestic Violence Rampant Among Native Americans
    The situation is dire on reservations across the U.S.

    “One specific population is at a significantly higher risk for domestic violence than others: Native Americans. According to a study from the National Institute of Justice, some 84 percent of American Indian and Alaska Native women have experienced violence in their lifetime, and more than half have endured this violence at the hands of an intimate partner. More than two-thirds of the women, or 66 percent, say they have been the victims of psychological aggression by a partner.

    Comparatively, roughly 35 percent of women and 28 percent of men in the general population of the U.S. have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.”

    James Marmon MSW
    Former Child Welfare Social Worker
    Del Norte and Mendocino Counties.

  • He won’t stop putting hands on her. Her kids come running for help. What are people suppose to do? Nothing to do with drugs!!!! Shes an awesome Mom and the kids from all over call it the safe house until he came along.

  • The invasive dominant culture not only steals our land, but rapes our women. Here in Humboldt County, agents of the government rounded up our people to be sold like cattle. In California indigenous people were forced into servitude for more than a century providing the hard labor for wealthy land barons.
    With the United States’ conquest of California in 1847, the discovery of gold in 1848 and the formation of a state government in 1849, new American lawmakers expanded and formalized Indian servitude to meet growing demands for labor. The 1850 Act for the Government and Protection of Indians authorized whites to hold Indian children as wards until they reached adulthood. Indian adults convicted of vagrancy or other crimes could be forced to work for whites who paid their bail.

    Skyrocketing demand for farmworkers and domestic servants, combined with violence between Indians and invading whites in the northwestern part of the state, left Democrats in war-torn counties clamoring for the expansion of the 1850 Indian act. A “general system of peonage or apprenticeship” was the only way to quell Indian wars, one Democrat argued. A stint of involuntary labor would civilize Indians, establish them in “permanent and comfortable homes,” and provide white settlers with “profitable and convenient servants.” In 1860, Democrats proposed new amendments to the Act for the Government and Protection of Indians that allowed whites to bind Indian children as apprentices until they reached their mid-20s. Indian adults accused of being vagrants without steady employment, or taken as captives of war, could be apprenticed for 10-year terms. The amendments passed with little debate.

    As the nation hurtled toward a war over slavery, Californians watched as their own state became a battleground over the future of human bondage. Apprenticeship laws aimed at “civilizing” the state’s Indians encouraged a robust and horrific slave trade in the northwestern counties. Frontier whites eagerly paid from $50 to $100 for Indian children to apprentice. Groups of kidnappers, dubbed “baby hunters” in the California press, supplied this market by attacking isolated Indian villages and snatching up children in the chaos of battle. Some assailants murdered Indian parents who refused to give up their children. When slavery was abolished, Native children were still rounded up and sent hundreds of miles from their families to boarding schools to eliminate their cultural traditions and Native dialect.
    Native peoples to this day are the most abused population being treated like orphans by the Bureau of Indians Affairs as our government appointed guardians. To this day no Native person can press charges or testify against one of the dominant culture in court. Full blood Native peoples are an endangered specie after years of genocide and forced breeding by Europeans. Bear River is a wonderful example of family taking care of family in the true tribal tradition.

    • Thank You. Well placed comment. More people should know about this history.

    • Good to know, my grandfather was quarter Cherokee ,I didn’t realize he had been through so much, he never mentioned any of this, he worked in a sawmill for 40 years , was WWII veteran and always had a smile on his face , best grandpa a kid could have .

    • All people tend to abuse those who are “other”. It can’t be denied that native people were severely abused as European immigrants flooded the area. It’s the reason to fear invasions of any kind.

      If indeed native people can not take action against the dominant culture, how did the great abuses stop? Or, I presume the poster would say, at least slowed up? There is something to be said about a culture that reforms itself , looking honestly at it’s history, and rejects it without being forced by even more powerful cultures. People who think they are superior to such behavior simply have avoided recording their own abuses because they always exist to the extent of the ability of the abusers to abuse.

      This is not to deny that abuses occurred but only to say I have never yet seen a culture in which they don’t occur to the full extent the culture can manage.

    • Blacks have it worse off actually, if this was a contest to find the most maligned “race”, but it’s not.
      There is a whole story guest left out about Spanish and Mexican colonialism of native bands as well, predating 1850’s gold rush Americanization, but nobody cares, nor should they.
      It’s convenient that “natives” kept “oral history”, because there in no way to uncover their indigenous corruption and nepotism, as with my culture, with our traditions of reading and keeping written history.
      It feels good to be a full blooded European American today.

      • For real? Natives did have forms of documentation, maybe not on scrolls or books, but thru clothing, beadwork, and cave paintings etc. Ever been to the Trees of Mystery? Id say check it out and you’ll see & learn from one of the biggest collections of Native American documented history, this side of the west coast. Keep up man, your way back there!

        • What a people record is important. Personal history is by far not enough. It is too limited, too biased and too incomplete to be used as anything more than piece of data.

    • If the BIA handing out welfare checks is your idea of being treated like an orphan, than I suppose you’re right. And it is people like you, pedaling outright bullshit, LIES like: no native person can press charges or testify against one of the dominant culture in court, that gin up the population and make them feel oppressed. Where do you get off telling LIES like that?

      I’m so sick and fuckin tired of people not taking responsibility for their lives and blaming whitey instead. Yes, horrible atrocities happened 150 YEARS AGO! GET OVER IT. I’m tired of paying for the sins that happened before I was born by people I didn’t know. Natives were warring and slaughtering each other long before whitey got here. And cultures all over the world participated in slavery. Lots of whites died fighting wars to end slavery. And many cultures who were in bondage now thrive in today’s society. You know what differentiates them from blacks and Indians? They don’t sit around crying about it, blaming everyone else. Blacks and Indians are the most subsidized by the government and are doing the worst EXACTLY because of it. Get off the Democrat plantation! They will have you believe that you are subsidized precisely because of your poverty but it is a lie. Indians were a proud, fierce, independent people. Blacks, before LBJ and the “Great Society” programs, had higher marriage rates than whites and were making rapid progress. Handouts, in the name of political correctness, have destroyed these once proud cultures. Blaming the world and teaching your kids that: you don’t stand a chance “because whitey” will foster resentment, destroy self determination and ensure the problem continues to get worse. Beware of Democrats bearing gifts. It is condescension of the worst kind masquerading as concern and why I find them to be so vile.
      It is more tempting to take a diet pill than to eat properly and exercise. Problem is diet pills don’t work. I am suggesting proper diet and exercise, Democrats are offering diet pills.

      • I don’t think getting “over it” is ever that easy or even an altogether good thing. Jews celebrate Passover thousands of years after the fact. The Scots harbor resentment over the Highland Clearances, the Armenians the Turkish genocides, the Christians Roman persecutions. A people subjected to violence will remember it long after the violence ended.

        While the Indian wars ended more than a century ago, the laws, public policies and actions are still in evolution from that time. Black people still had to deal with Jim Crow laws until the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and 70s. We are all adapting to the past still.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Forced breeding? You have got to be shitting me, natives have been mixing races on their own for the past 100 years, or is that everyone else’s fault too. Cool story though, almost seemed not littered with BS, almost.

      • I have a theory that the criminal element of their genes is the white part. you might want to put down your pencil and read some history. the woman that was warned to leave Arcata and was murdered because she wouldn’t leave was the last. the rest are a product of rape and forced marriage which is also just rape. the timber barrens publicly solicited criminals to come here as employees, which it is a document that you and i can read to today, I have already read it.

        • Those damn Irish coming here like locusts. Like the Mexican Cartels growing pot with Mexican nationals? That’s not a theory. That’s a hate. The type of hate that correlates race and crime or nationality and crime. It takes the complex and runs it through filters until every conflicting piece of data is removed and only the desired answer is left.

          • Mexican drug cartels are not growing weed in the US. however underpaid Mexican nationals working at the bulb farm or in the central valley may have the gumption to make more money for their family and ground weed on public land. its a fact that the timber barrens solicited criminals, its on paper they paid to have printed.

            • Whether or not timber barons imported criminals is not the issue. It is using questionable science to blame a whole race, pointedly white locals in specific, as evil. In your case you picked white people to be the criminals, even to the point of blaming mixed race for any violence.

              Gene study is in its infancy. And there is no information on whether those particular genes are race specific at all. Nor has even having those genes been really understood. Doing this is simply trotting out eugenics all over again based on prejudice and pretending it’s science. And it’s just as ugly this time as it was the last.

      • Turn endangered species and we decided to breed with other races so we are killing ourselves now that is just with native only genocide their should be a law against it cause we will disappear soon cause of the breeding habits of are native American Indian and the blood will be all gone goodbye now and forevermore.

    • On Guest’s post, telling the story of the plight of native Californians, try taking out the spin words and opinionated parts of this story and then analyse what is left. The facts point to something that wont be nearly as terrible.

    • If you hate the government so much the best way to get even is to succeed in life on your own not to live on assistance underneath them.

  • There is a problem with this. It sounds satisfying to apply justice immediately and directly but it assumes that whoever is taking justice on another is both right, appropriate and everyone fully agrees with it. This kind of justice- and I don’t say it is not justice- lead to generational feuds. It leads to people feeling that justice is their’s to apply at will.

    I have seen a teenage girl beaten because they “talked bad” about another girl’s relative. That too is direct justice but it was applied according to one family’s anger. Then of course the beaten girl’s family retaliated with an assault of their own. Where it ended, if it did, I was not privy to.

    Personal justice is called a vendetta and happens in European cultures too. Whole cultures were formed based on it with their accompanying wars. It’s a specialty of criminal gangs and is why so much killing occurs where they exist. Is that what is wanted? Street justice?

    Defending a woman in immediate need is one thing. But advocating personal violence as justice is dangerous. I don’t know the specifics of this case so can’t say but I can say caution is needed in passing judgement.

  • Looks like he got roughed up pretty good.

  • Georgina Bowie

    My sister tried to prevent any physical interaction and she’s not pulling the Native American card and he’s not a white man as he’s Mexican. Not of the cartel either. Sis just wanted to take the children to get fireworks, he tends to be controlling and he must quit drinking. This is not a usual occurrence. She’s an awesome mother and wife!!!! Both are good people!!!!

    • Truth is that the story has so little details that no one should be drawing specific conclusions from it. Instead, as usual, people take a little information and seek to put it in context of what they already believe.

  • A good mom. Funny

  • Red brown black white or yellow, domestic violence is wrong. It is doubly wrong when it happens in front of children.
    It doesnt matter if it is a man beating a womam or a woman beating a man, kids dont need to see it and it isnt right.
    There is no justification for it period.

  • I’m a Guest 2

    The are both losers. She is not a good mom at all. She takes no responsibility for her actions and doesn’t think about consequences. She doesn’t even have the appropriate means to give her children beds to sleep in. And she is just as much of an alcoholic as he is. They haven’t even been married two months and look what has happened.

    • Who ever you are you have no idea what u are taking about, it’s so sad that people have so much time on their hands to judge others when they are not any better, thanks to God They are Both Ok. They are happily married, and yes they are still together, love each other, and so u know same guys that hit him hit her, he never put hand on her, he is out, so who are the ones that acted violently, oh yes and no I’m sure they don’t smoke weed do any kind of drugs bc no everyone around here knows they do, they don’t do drugs, yes they drink but that’s legal, and no thank you they are not alcoholics or losers, [edit]

  • Barf on these racist comments.
    One of the most stellar people I know is a tribal member.
    I am disgusted that anyone gives 2 shits that these folks get free government anything.
    Our refugee immigrant asses took their stuff. It’s the least we can do.

  • The Truth is that he never put hands on her. Not that day or in the past, He called 911 and one of the guys hit her when trying to defend her husband, he is out bc he is innocent he was just detained, but later got released after found not guilty, And no she didn’t press charges the cops did bc they thought he hit her when in really the multiple men hit him while in the ground and kicked multiple times and punched her when she tried to defend him. Thank God for making justice

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