Car Bursts Into Flame Near Eureka High School

A car caught fire next to Eureka High School.

A car caught fire next to Eureka High School. [Photo by Jessie Riley]

At approximately 1:30 p.m., flames began leaping out of a car parked near Eureka High School’s music building. Jessie Riley, who took the photo above, was driving his kid through the High School parking lot when he saw the blaze.

“I saw this and jumped into action calling emergency people,” he explained. “One thing I noticed is the gas line right in front of the car so I’m glad the car did not get worse before emergency people got there.”

Humboldt Bay Fire was able to put out the flames quickly. Riley said he was only there “because my kid wanted to ride through the high school–now I’m glad we did.”




  • Divide by Zero

    Looks like one of those “I’m saving the planet” boxes.

  • Wow, amazing how you posted this 5 mins before it happened 😉


    Not supposed to be on campus…

  • LoCO has a nice picture of Eureka Fire using the battery disconnect device.

  • After the fact humor: that car looks hot !

  • Cool man, flames on a car.

  • That Honda is not Fit to drive.

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Can somebody’s tell me why there are all these vehicles going on fire, just sitting still
    Pow they’re on fire? I been in cars for nearly 74 years. Born near my mom’s Plymouth Coupe which she called Pegasus her flying horse and from then on I was on board for many car rides all over CA coasts, ranches, mountains, deserts, you name it we drove there with Hudson Hornet, Nash Rambler, Chevy Pickup Camper and trailers, Cadillac limousines, etc all before I could drive by 16. The only time we ever encountered cars on fire was long haul driving out to the Colorado River for water skiing vacations… Out where CA, AZ and NV all come together…couple times on those long straight stretches of two lane hwy… We did see horrifying sight of nice sedans parked on the shoulder all totally engulfed in flames and the people were there inside just still cooking…jeeeeeeeeze we could not stop there and there were no fire hydrants nothing and we just felt this totally horrible freaked out feeling and had to keep on trucking. Nobody ever did say what that was about or what caused it. By the time we got to someplace way down the road with a pay phone, I guess all the adults knew we could not save anybody so always wondered what was that about?

    Are cars just blowing up on fire all over the place these days? Never ever saw or heard of cars doing this in all the years and miles of driving in CA, OR, HI… Until recent few years and now it’s just a standard hazard in the news all the time.

    By the 1980’s I had moved to SoHum and when new computer cars came out there were autos getting towed into mechanics shops because the computer did not want to function the brakes or some such vital. They had to wait for days for parts to fix the computer on brand new vehicles with failing computer functions. Yikes! Thought I’d never get a computer car… Of course my computer cars been around for a long time working fine…but I wonder should I know that cars just blow up on fire these days and be prepared somehow? Is there special insurance for cars that just blow themselves up on auto pilot sitting still? I did read scary stories of several Tesla cars that blew up totally on fire from bumping a hwy meridian and the cars weren’t way wrecked but the impact caused the way special Electronic battery to go way wonky super hot and light whole car on fire. Way more scary than a gasoline powered car!

    • maybe with all the plastics new cars are made of and like you mention with electrical/batteries …. something to think about! Sorry about your childhood memories in the desert — its rough 🙁

    • I would contribute fires of modern vehicles to the improper repair of the fuel injection systems and improper modifications to electrical systems. I have seen many batteries in vehicles that been replaced by owners that were not properly secured (using the factory tie downs), which could allow the now uncovered positive battery post to make contact with something metallic. Positive battery posts have secure covers over them when vehicles are new from the factory, but invariably someone will remove them and not put them back after jump starting a dead battery, because it’s in the way and only needed for safety! I have also seen electrical wires added that connected directly to the positive battery terminal without a fuse or circuit breaker. This will almost certainly cause arcing in the event of a short circuit, which can lead to a fire. Bottom line: use only qualified mechanics for maintenance and repair, or educate yourself if you want to do your own repairs and maintenance.

    • When my old Pontiac had a fuel leak, it dripped to the ground, lots of space under the hood. Now day the whole engine bay is filled with stuff, much electrical or hot surface. My two cents. …… Nostalgic.

  • You can’t stop progress!

    Yes, I was shouting!!

  • Nice tiny little pipe guarding the gas line to a building full of brand new drivers just learning how to brake. How ’bout one of those big thick steel posts taking up the whole parking spot.

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