EPIC, Latino Outdoors Leading Bilingual Hike July 16th at Stout Grove: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

This is a press release from the Environmental Protection Information Center and Latino Outdoors:

Arcata, Calif.—The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) and Latino Outdoors are pleased to present a series of bilingual interpretative hikes and associated outdoor skills training workshops to connect diverse communities with nature and outdoor experiences. All events are free and open to all ages.

EPIC and Latino Outdoors are providing a series of seminars designed to expose wilderness users to a variety of skills, and knowledge, in particular for those interested in leading bilingual hikes throughout the Redwood Hikes series.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring food, water, and anything else you may need to be comfortable in the forest. Lunch will be provided*

“We recognize that social and cultural barriers often exclude diverse communities from outdoor experiences. We hope to change that by creating a more accessible, representative, and inclusive space and provide the skills and confidence for our underrepresented communities to enjoy our area’s abundant natural beauty,” said Briana Villalobos, Communications and Director at EPIC. “Through these workshops and hiking series we hope to empower the local Latinx community and offer more representation to the environmental movement in Humboldt County.

“This program is dedicated to those who have wondered, ‘Why not me as an outdoor leader?’ We seek to foster and extend supportive and culturally relevant learning environments to empower diverse communities and heal wounds of exclusion in the outdoors,” says Ruby Garcia, Executive Projects Coordinator at Latino Outdoors. “By doing so, we are creating benchmarks for diversity and inclusion in outdoor recreation and the mainstream conservation movement here in Humboldt County.”

Want to help? If you have strong ecological knowledge about a subject matter and are bilingual, we could use your help! Email briana@wildcalifornia.org to learn how you can get involved.


July 16th Stout Grove: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Distance: .6 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Total Time: 5 hrs


16-Julio Stout Grove: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Distancia: 0.6 millas

Dificultad: Facil

Tiempo Total: 5 hrs




  • Does speaking bulgarian make me,bi lingual or are we talking about spanish?
    The word itself doesnt indicate spanish and actually means two languages.
    Which is it going to be?
    Mexican Spanish or any two languages?

    • Bilingual simply means two languages will be spoken there. Since Latino Outdoors is one of the sponsors and EPIC is the other, it is easy to deduce Spanish and English will be the two languages on the hike.

    • I hope it’s S.W. border Spanish ’cause that’s what I learned and still try to speak. But, maybe it’ll be a Cuban slow slurring drawl Spanish (quoted from a Cuban friend of mine). Please not Spain Spanish with their lisping “th” sounds and pronouns that no one else uses. Or, being Latino Outdoors, maybe Italian; my Sicilian wife should really learn her grandmothers tongue. Or even straight up Latin might help in Sunday Catholic mass.
      For what it’s worth, I’m as ‘Merican as most o’y’all: 1/4 Czech, 1/8 Irish (son of a two bit Irishman, get it?), a little Pennsylvania Dutch, and a lot of German. Plus who knows what else. Meaning: all my anscestors came here from somewhere else, before the Civil War, before immigration laws. If they came today, they’ld be illegal.
      Get over it folks, we’re on a round planet. Besides, soon enough, the Whitey will be a minority and you, failing to get along, will really have something to complain about.

  • build the wall

    • Unapologetic 2

      Congratulations on finally becoming openly unapologetic about supporting foreigners instead of hiding massive self interest by guilting people wanting self preservation with accusations of racism. Refreshingly honest at least. You’re at least just as bad as everyone else now. Was saw.

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      Big wall! Tall af! Asap! Yesterday! Last century! Should have been the first thing on the list!

  • Why don’t they have some of those cartel growers from the national park lands lead the hikes? They would know the hills better than anyone. And they’re bilingual!

  • hopefully, co-sponsored by I.C.E.

  • Unapologetic 2

    Congratulations on finally becoming openly unapologetic about supporting foreigners instead of hiding massive self interest by guilting people wanting self preservation with accusations of racism. Refreshingly honest at least. You’re at least openlupyn just as bad as everyone else now. Was waw.

  • Insults=Losers!

    • Anti troll league

      I agree. But “Waw Waw” is pretty high up on the insult scale. A bit better than being called a racist for opposing an opinion that is itself racist. But at least “Waw Waw” has the virtue of making it clear about not giving a crap what anyone else wants. Cuts out a lot of discussion that was never going to be heard anyway. I like it.

      • I don’t think they were trying to insult, but to mock, as in following, Corey Lewandowski’s lead. There’s a huge difference, but understandable you missed it.

        Insult vs mock:
        As verbs the difference between insult and mock is that insult is (obsolete|intransitive) to behave in an obnoxious and superior manner (over, against) while mock is to mimic, to simulate.
        As nouns the difference between insult and mock is that insult is an action or form of speech deliberately intended to be rude while mock is an imitation, usually of lesser quality.

        As an adjective mock is imitation, not genuine; fake.

  • 5 hours to walk 0.6 miles? I could crawl faster than that.

  • Id say, you all sound like perfect candidates for this walk.

  • Wow who would have thought this post would bring the trolls out from under their rocks? Just waiting for alt right for life guy.. [edit]. In my mind, Mexicans and other Latinos are the hardest working nicest people around and I’d hire them over most fat ass Americans anyday for the same pay.

    • Big bulgarian testicles

      Opinions are like shincters honey, your stinks majorly! No one cares how hard you work when you break the law.
      Come here legally and work hard then you’ll get somewhere. If you dont you end up on the deportation bus. Simple.
      You dont like america or americans then you need to gtfo. Pretty basic concept really.
      Im tired of the double standard, besides bleeding the system dry.
      We are the greatest nation on the planet thats why they come and thats great, just do it legally!
      Are you that dense? You dont understand?
      Why is it too much to ask for migrants to respect our law?
      Wtf kind of shit is that?

    • So you’re willfully a criminal employer just for personal gain? Do you even bother with payroll tax or income tax withholding or just pay them under the table?

      • local observer

        you should ask Devries who was the Humboldt county republican party chair for a while. he also owns the bulb farm. he has already stated on paper that he paid all taxes required and was unaware that he was given a old SS number of deceased person.

        • He lies if he said that. He got letters from IRS and Social Security for years. That is routine when names sent in by employers doesn’t match the ID information on the Social Security number.

          BTW hiring illegals for financial gain is not restricted to one party at all. Greed is quite a common characteristic.

  • Yeah let’s have a bi-lingual outing to teach them where to grow on our public lands

  • Yeah let’s have a bi-lingual outing to teach them where to grow on our public lands. What do you think ?

    • local observer

      I think you are re-dick-u-less. how many trespass grows have ever existed in the Redwood national forest? i’ll wait.

  • aprendan a hablar el idioma del país en el que viven y se empoderan a sí mismos.

  • I think what might be missing here, is the fact the immigration system has been broken for a long time, like decades! While some have achieved finishing the process, the rate at which it has moved, is ridiculous, 20-40 years!!!

    “So wait then, and do it the legal way, like everyone else!”
    So easy to say, but when parents are facing their family sitting in harms way, their natural instinct is to remove their family asap, from being in harms way.

    “So fix your own country, and get out!
    Again, so easy to say, but many communities have tried and are still trying, to undo corrupt systems and streets riddled with gangs, at great risks to their lives and the entire families lives, as well. Unfortunately, not everyone has the kahuna’s you have, to place their families, on the frontlines, against almost impossible odds.

    Honduras mother, turned activist, Berta Caceres, only wanted clean water for her people, & was murdered by military personnel. She is 1 of thousands who fought corruption in her country! Would you still stay?

    Venezuela once an oil rich country, swindled away their profits to the rich vs the poor and could care less if their people have anything more than a jar of spaghetti sauce and a bag of rice. They have to wait in lines that stretch miles, before they can even receive this spaghetti sauce and rice. Yet, it might not matter you waited so long, because if they run out, too bad, come back tomorrow. The human body cannot maintain, the daily nutrition it needs on this diet, thus why the has a health crisis. Patients cannot get essential medical treatments, and more have been wait-listed for potentially life-saving surgery because doctors don’t have the materials they need to operate. Geez, no wonder some Venezuelans, have resorted to pooping in those spaghetti jars and throwing them at their oppressors! Would you still stay?

    Mexico had or has plenty of folks fighting the corrupt system and Mexican Mafia. Just check out the 132 electoral candidate’s who were murdered, before this last election of theirs. Can you imagine if we had 132 candidate’s murdered before an election? We cant imagine or know what that’s like to live amongst. Would you still stay?

    Its not always corruption or gangs either, sometimes its nature!
    Guatemala just experienced a massive Volcano eruption with devastating effects.
    “Unlike the recent eruption in Hawaii, Guatemala was struck by “pyroclastic flow.” The looming cloud was a mixture of pulverized rock, searing ash and hot gases, and it obliterates everything. As the clouds collapse and move, they can travel at speeds of 430 mph and exceed temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.” Would you still stay?

    “But if you knew you were walking in illegally, then don’t act surprised your kids were taken away, when you were arrested!”
    Again so easy to say, sitting at home watching the tube, sipping coffee, catching up on the daily. How were 3rd world folks, suppose to see Sessions announcement, or Trumps tweets, crossing thru jungles, deserts, rivers and sea? Do they have ipod charging stations in trees, cactuses, & starfish nowa days?
    Lets say some did come across the news somehow, when passing a city. Well ,no point in staying, since their neighbors, either have the same problems or more. So they move on and ask the USA for asylum. But no one ever announced their babies would be taken away, when asking for asylum. The announcement’s only spoke of illegally entering, not for when they ask for asylum, so they keep walking.

    Its so easy to say what we think and what someone else should do, but until we’ve been in someone else’s shoes, maybe hesitate before you toot?

  • This is a joke, isn’t it? A bilingual walk? Who is that supposed to make feel better?

  • estúpidos ignorantes gringos. eres muy estúpido. vamos a recuperar América.

  • can’t even speak english. go back to the country you came from

    • Google a translation. Not that it’s not perfectly clear without it. It’s just a spit fest to see who can out troll who. As I suppose the above is too. And maybe this comment too. A sea of uncertainty.

    • Can you speak Wyott, Wilaki, Hupa, Karuk…? Then, if we followed your logic, you’d go back to the country your ancestors came from. But after the native languages were spoken in California, then came Spanish speakers some French, some Russian and then some English speakers. If you have so much anger at people gathering without costing you anything, possibly America, the land of immigrants, isn’t the right place for you?

      • I would learn to speak any of those should they be the language of the majority of residents. A common language is how a diverse people can function together. Otherwise one is just a tourist and never at home.

        • Wouldn’t having a bilingual hike promote people learning to speak both languages? As a teacher, we learned the best way to teach something was by doing. People learned languages best while doing things they enjoyed.

          But to me, the main point is… Here’s this thing that someone is offering that costs nothing to the folks complaining but still they are angry. I think they need to look at whether their anger is in anyway justified.

          • I feel a bit of anger every time I have to tell some machine that I want to transact my business in English. I feel a bit irritated that a normal job position in the USA requires a bilinguage applicant. I suffer a bit of picque when I have two Spanish speakering employees shouting to each other over my head in a store and it takes a panicked minute to figure that they are not talking to me. Somehow I doubt this program intends it as a method for learning English. Quite the contrary. I expect it is to impose bilingualism which is always a destructive force whether in Canada, Belgium or Africa.

            This is a program by volunteers so is none of my business. I do not feel abused by having to struggle with the dozens of other languages people have in this country because none of the others make it incumbent on me to accommodate their language. They think that language problems are something we both have to work through. Only some Spanish speakers refuse to accommodate English as the common language and some of their advocates equate English with being racist. Too many times I have been jerked around trying to deal with Spanish speakers, thinking they have a problem with English, only to discover later that they spoke English very well when it suited. They intended making me cope with language problems that did not exist as a petty exercise in power. So yes. There is an issue with Spanish unlike Mandarin, Portuguese, Tagalog or any of the many other native languages that came here. It is not the inherent language issue but the using of language as tool to force compliance with actions not to my advantage.

            Do you remember the term “Ugly American?” It was given to those Americans travelling in foreign countries but expecting the natives to speak English and do everything in an American way. Does that ring a bell with this conversation?

            • Feeling irritated when our wants, culture etc aren’t the center of everyone else’s focus is normal. But, all those things you think are destructive could be positive forces for good.

              My mother describes picking fruit as a child with Mexican immigrants. She thought they had to stop and translate from English to Spanish before they spoke. It took her awhile to really grok that there were different ways of thinking.

              Bilingualism, something I did not manage to hold onto from my high school and college classes, is one of the best ways to understand that people think differently–Not just people who speak another language but all people.

              Language differences just help to bring home that point.

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