California Bureau of Cannabis Control Office Opens in Eureka

California Bureau of Cannabis controlPress release from Senator Mike McGuire:

North Coast legislators Assemblymember Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire are pleased the North Coast Regional Office of the Bureau of Cannabis Control is open for business starting today, providing a one-stop shop for local residents to do business with the state.

Wood and McGuire successfully fought for the North Coast Regional Office to be included in last year’s budget.

“The cannabis industry is a big part of the North Coast’s economy and sending licensed farmers on a five hour drive to pay their taxes is simply not acceptable and not a good way to do business,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “This office will provide Northern California residents with the cannabis tax and licensing services they need all in one place, close to home. I’ve been grateful to work with Assemblymember Wood to get this office open and serving the public.”

The temporary office, located within the Humboldt County Courthouse, will provide residents with a one-stop shop to apply for state licenses, pay fees and ask questions.

“Humboldt has always been the heart of this industry and I am pleased that the new Eureka office will be there to support them,” said Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa). “The bureau needs to understand the sometimes unique issues and challenges of the North Coast cannabis industry and I look forward to them providing valuable guidance.”

The temporary office is currently located within the Humboldt County Courthouse (825 Fifth Street, Room 130, Eureka, CA) until the Bureau of Cannabis Control opens a permanent office later this year. The office will be open Mondays: Noon to 5 p.m.; Tuesday through Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Fridays: 8 a.m. to Noon.



  • I would like to personally welcome our bureaucratic overlords.

  • The master lets us pay our taxes local. All hail the master!


    Couldn’t control it before…

  • Like most cannabis funded businesses up here… open 3 days a week and some half days! Hey guys, you don’t need to launder that tax money.


      Sure they do.
      Anyone selling a permit or taking drug money is still a federal criminal.

      • It’s 2018, things have changed, old man. No one cares about your drug war anymore.
        How fitting that you’re named after a 2008 tv character..


          I can embrace change.
          Who is this years idolized drug dealer? Lol.

          Still fed crime,whichever state you’re in. I don’t care either way. Feds might one day.
          Humans will do what they want,legal or not.

    • Trinity County planning dept office hours:

      Mon- Thur


      6 hours a day (lunch?), 4 days a week

      And they make pllllllleeeenty.

    • Launder what money?

  • I like stars too!

    There is so little actual control here.

    Somebody wants a full time high paid Goverment job!

    Who is it?

    McGuire for Commisar of Cannabis!

  • Native Humboldt

    They should post a sign on the front saying “Yout local drug taxes hard at work” I would guess that there staffed with a minimum of twenty hard working government employees. It’s good to know that our local economy can support another government agency.

  • That’s nice. They will be able to close this office down in like 5 years. They are only here to oversee the migration of cannabis agriculture to better locations- better for Big Ag and corporate concerns. I hope the loss of billions of dollars to the local economy works out well for everybody! Pat yourselves on the back for helping install this corporate-friendly form of “legalization”. Keep telling yourselves that small un-permitted family grows are the bad guys and rally around their extermination. Yay! We are free!! (That’s what they told me)

  • Let me tell you how it will be…

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Let’s hope that whoever heads it doesn’t quit and take off on some crusade 7 months later.

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