[UPDATE 8:26 p.m.] New 100 Acre Fire Burning Between Hoopa and Callahan

Smoke from the Petersburg Fire as seen from the south.

Smoke from the Petersburg Fire as seen from the south. [Photo from a commenter]

Joining the rush of wildfires spreading over northern California is the Petersburg Fire. This blaze is reported to be over 100 acres and reportedly started around 2:45 p.m.

According to the ONCC, “Forest Service structures have been destroyed with a continued structure threat.”

The fire is moving east and has crossed Rush Creek.

According to InciWeb, “Evacuation Warning for Big Flat, Lakeview Ranch and Glacier View Ranch. Note this is not an order, only a warning. Folks in the warning area should be prepared to evacuate if the order to evacuate is given.”

The red marker gives a very rough indication of the general area of the Petersburg fire.

UPDATE 8:26 p.m.: ONCC reports that the Petersburg Fire is now “150 acres, timber and grass, 0% contained.The Fire has a moderate rate of spread with a continued structure threat. Evacuations are currently in progress for the areas of Glacier View Ranch to Lakeview Ranch then to Big Flat Campground.”



  • How are these fires starting?

    • Campfires, dragging chains, discarded smoking materials (stupidly common, because of stupid people), tree contact with power lines, sparks from dirtbikes/etc without spark arrestors, vehicle fires, arsonists, house fires, burn piles, burn barrels, lightning, slash burns, hot catalytic converters, fireworks, lawnmower blades hitting rocks, logging activities, wood stoves, homeless camps, hunting (they call it hot lead for a reason), flat tires,… and probably a whole lot more that I’m not thinking of.

      • Let’s be honest here. A lot of intentional starts. Along with DEW. Direct enegery weapons. Can’t say no one told you.

        • Let the ridiculousness of James Reed’s DEW comment end there.

          The plume has been looking less of a plume and now more resembles dispersing ash cloud…

          Let’s hope they squashed it.

        • Hunting season is closed I think

          • Trust me, hunting doesn’t have a season out there. 🙂

            • Ok. One thing hear I disagree with. Bullets don’t start fires. Lead n copper don’t produce a spark. These is why bullets with steel in them ( rare) are outlawed on public lands. Don’t knock hunters n shooters for starting fires!

              • Actually, lead is outlawed on certain federal lands because it poisons wildlife. Waterfowl must be hunted with steel shot.

            • Side Mountain Salmon season is open year round as well as Night Season!!!

        • I like the DEW. Where can I get one?

        • Lets be honest, this is the work of a sasquatch pyromancer.

      • You can tell this person has lived in the area for quite some time cuz I would have told you the same thing

  • Shoot we were going packing up there towards big flat next week. Should probably pick a new spot since they’ll probably let this one go

  • Sure looks bigger than 100 acres but I hope it stays that small.

    Fyi, trinity county; Flat Fire 40%contained

  • “Between hoopa and Callahan” “between eureka and Ukiah”
    “Between covelo and clear lake”
    “Between boonville and gualala”
    Between petrolia and fort Bragg”
    “Between garberville and zenia”
    “Between hayfork and Denny”
    “Between peanut & the sundial bridge”
    So many places, so many people,
    so much in between..

  • Saw air tankers taking off from Rohnerville heading north this afternoon…

  • From Trinity Lake this afternoon we could see multiple Cal-fire DC-10 jet tankers and helicopters headed to and from that smoke plume. Looks like they threw a lot of resources at it. Hope they knock it down quick.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    MODIS heat signature on Google Earth as of about 30 min ago.

  • “Forest Service structures have been destroyed”? Is this the Petersburg USFS station that burned? If so, that’s a year round, staffed Fire station..

  • I’ll take highly flammable kymtrayls for $1000, Alex

  • Tell me please why the state of California still allows selling fireworks during wildfire season. I just don’t get this thinking?

    • Tax money possibly??? Although I don’t see how they could collect enough taxes to offset the damage done by even “Legal” Fireworks!!!!

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