Medevac for Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Hwy 36

Reach helicopter by Dottie Simmons

Stock photo of Reach Air Ambulance [Photo used with permission from Southern Trinity Area Rescue]

Around 7:35 p.m., a vehicle struck a woman in her twenties not far from Dinsmore on Hwy 36.

By 8:13 p.m., the CHP and Southern Trinity Rescue were both at the scene.

At 8:31, the dispatcher reported that the passenger was going to be medevacked from the Triumphant Life Camp.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • TLC as Triumphant Life Camp is called by locals, for obvious reasons, has plenty of open space to land the helo safely, for the Medevac!!!

  • That’s a shame. Highway 36, dont enjoy driving it would NEVER walk along it or bike for that matter.

  • I just love the share the road with bicycles on Hwy 36. Really!?!!!? How?

  • Dawnice Robinson

    Does anyone know if it was on the mad river side or bridgeville side?

    • From Loco’s Scanner feed… CHP: Traffic Collision, Ambulance En Route at 4230 Highway 36 I think that would be on the Mad River side!!!

    • Mad river side

    • Peoplearerudetillithappenstothem

      I think someone said around mile marker 36.5 so that would be about a mile before burr valley road which is mile marker 37.76

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Just after larabee valley, right before burr valley. Not smart to walk on the 36. Just don’t do it, there is no room! If you do you really are putting your life in the hands of other people

  • The incident was toward the west end of the construction west of Dinsmore. When completed the new stretch will have 4’ shoulders (yay! Dog walking space!). Any medical requiring medivac east of Dinsmore flies out of Dinsmore airport.

  • We were some of the first people to pull up on the scene (3 cars loaded with young children headed out to camp) her leg was tore up pretty bad, she was walking in the middle of the road screaming at our vehicles and the 2 in front of us for help. She was pointing at the man she was walking with saying he hit her with a boat. There was a Cadillac Escalade with a trailer and boat parked at the end of the dinsmore store, just passed the gas pumps. We pulled over into the gas station, we were all pretty shocked and confused as to what was going on. As soon as I went to get out of my vehicle to help her tie off her leg and apply pressure to control bleeding she jumped in another suv with the man she said hit her and sped off. There were some younger guys (late teens, early twenties-ish) that took off behind them to follow and make sure she was safe. Seemed like a possible domestic violence situation, it was quite confusing to say the least. Kym, I would love to hear more information on this if your able to find any! Hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

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