Injured Dog on Lost Coast Hike Rescued by Southern Humboldt Tech Rescue and Locals

Lost Coast by Kai Ostrow

Image captured as the sun was setting on the rescue. [Screen grab of a panorama by Kai Ostrow of Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue]

A volunteer firefighter’s job really never ends…Yesterday, June 30, two members of Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue who also work with Briceland Fire came back from fighting the Pawnee Fire in Lake County, only to learn that a hiker had an injured dog on the Lost Coast Trail.

“Aurora [Studebaker] and I got home about an hour before the call came in,” explained Kai Ostrow. The two geared back up and with a third member of their team headed out to rescue the hiker and the dog.

The pads on the feet of a 90-pound Malamute had been worn out by the hike, explained Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Public Information Officer Thomas Norris.

The hiker had attempted to carry out his large canine but soon realized that it couldn’t be accomplished and called for help.

After hiking for hours, the Tech Rescue team reached the injured dog and its owners right about dark, Ostrow said.

“With the help of locals in the area, we transported the malamute and its owners to safety,” said Kai Ostrow.





  • I hope the hiker makes an approprate donation😊
    And treats the poor doggie better in the future too🐕

  • CLAUDIA Johnson

    So glad all are safe What would we do with out people like them who just got done with a fire and went out again To save a man and his dog A firefighter off duty saved us on 299 The man was driving down to Eureka We lost are are motor on a turn could not move could have been killed at any time he turned around and towed us off road He was from the Willow Creek Fire Dept

  • Christine Rogers

    We have taken our dogs to Black Sands Beach….not realizing the black sand is sharp and incredibly hot. If you go there take off your shoes and check it out. Once our dog walked back to the truck with our socks tied up on her feet. There should be a warning sign on the beach and be put in the prep guide for hikers taking their dogs.

  • Kudos to Kai & Aurora!!!

  • Think About It

    Should blm allow dogs in the backcountry to shit all over the pristine trails. NOT.

    • Because the bears don’t shit in the woods ? Or all the other critters for that matter! . Maybe you should run around out there with a bunch of little plastic bags and clean up bear shit. [edit]

      • The Ostrich Hunter

        TAI’s comment was kind of snippy, but there is some truth to it. Dogs, unlike animals that live in the wild, eat mostly man-made garbage (read: non-biodegradable).

        Headwaters trail is always littered with dog droppings. I’ve seen people let their dog do it’s business in the middle of the trail and just keep on walking. A sin made even worse by the fact that the trail offers poopbags at convenient intervals.

    • Are you joking??? Dog shit in the woods? I take it your not a dog person? Just wondering (I’m doing a survey) did you vote for #45???

    • You are so silly🐕🐗🐿🐾🦅🐀🐐🐻

    • Maybe they should outlaw elk poop also? Seriously just take a bag and realize their is no poop fairy.

  • Good job rescue team.

    Terrible job dog owner.

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