Fire by Redway Dump

A small fire possibly started by downed power lines is reportedly burning on the road to the Redway Dump. It is reportedly 10×10.

Redway Fire and Garberville Fire are responding.



  • Thanks to all the firefighters!!&their families!!

  • In my 1911 I trust

    Damn PG and E! I thought they just flew all these lines and checked them. They have been responsible for starting a lot of devastating fires. They need to face serious fines and consequences. Maybe jail for the top executives in control of this. Thank you fire fighters for all that you do!

  • I’m seeing a very large new smoke plume in the far north. Could be Trinity Co or Sisky….

    • Where are you seeing the plume from? I’m in Elk river and mightbe able to see it?

      • It’s is North East of the Trinity Alps and it is looking gnarly.

        I drove for a better view and I’m pretty sure it’s out of Trinity and in Sisky…

        I assume we will hear something soon, it’s big.

  • Cal fire didn’t respond?

  • New fire, far north.

    The sky was all blue 2 hours ago…

    • Brian, Thank you. This is called the Petersburg Fire. I assume it is okay to use the photo? Who should I credit?

      • Thanks kym, you do all ofus a great service in your reporting. Is there any additional info on either fires? Redway or Petersburg incidents?

        • I have not heard a peep on the Redway fire. But I think that is good news. I know Garberville Fire was sent home. GIve me five minutes and I’ll have the Petersburg Fire up.

  • Anything I post you can use.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    I love the Dedway Rump.

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