Carson Mansion: Eureka-Humboldt Visitors Bureau Shows Off ‘America’s Most Photographed Victorian’

Richard Stenger of the Eureka-Humboldt Visitors Bureau posted a video of the Carson Mansion on the Redwood Coaster YouTube page recently. Stenger said:

It was my brainchild awhile back. Just posted because we had a breather among all the things going on. It was just something fun to do, as a way to highlight how neat and frequently photographed the Carson Mansion is, and a way for people to engage and share on social media.

Click this link to check out more of the bureau’s videos of Humboldt.



  • How disappointing that after traveling halfway around the world these tourists can only photograph it from the street and not go inside to tour the structure.

    • Agreed

      • membership is down, the food gives you the runs, its just a matter of time until they can’t afford it. I see the league of the redwoods or state parks owning it in the not so distant future.

        • It has to be a money pit. I know I wouldn’t want to try to maintain that place. The scraping and painting alone must be a huge amount of work. Sure is pretty to look at though.

  • I agree that a partial tour of the facility should be done to make money for its upkeep. I take guests there all the time and try to remember the facts I heard on a private tour once.

  • Well the carson mansion is a classic time peace to be admired by many any one wishing to go inside must call in advance I frankly agree with there policy wholely no dropping all scheduling must be done in advance all advance registers will be handled accordantly as long as you prepare register preorder tours are very limited according to the knowlaye at hand

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