(Listen) Beach Exorcism Mom: Psych Lecturer Has Rationale on Related Incidents; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 87

  • Beach Exorcism Mom: Psych Lecturer Has Rationale on Related Incidents (5:34)

The mom from Ferndale was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the attempted murder and exorcism of her daughter at a local beach. HSU lecturer Kevin Matlock provides stats and rationale on just how rare incidents like these are and the infrequency of people like this offending again.

  • Testy Oysterfest Arrest Gets Attention Outside Humboldt
  • Local Mom Released From Immigration Detention Center After Seven Months, Out on Bail
  • Madrone Likely Winner in Supervisor Race; A Nice Email About an Attempt at Wholesomeness
  • Trinidad Mom Arrested After Death of Baby Boy
  • Possible Natural, Gross, Reason for Bacteria in Clam Beach Water
  • Sara Bareilles Working on First Pop Album Since 2013
  • Other Top Stories

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  • Pshhh , lock her up

  • Abuse statistically increases over time and this asshole is a flat out liar. It’s liberal BS like that is why this POS coward is back on the streets. Since the legal system is infected with enabling bleeding heart morons posing as judges and attorney’s the child’s extended family should deal with her. It is liberal professional scum who help criminals continue evading enforcing the maximum penalties for these creatures is why the problem perpetually goes on. The judges and attorneys are are also the real child abusers and exploiters here.

  • Drugs are bad, mhhkay.

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