[UPDATE: Located] Fire Rescue Vehicle Stolen From Briceland

Stolen Fire Rescue Vehicle

  [Crop of a photo provided by Briceland Fire]

This morning probably a little after 1 a.m., a thief stole a 1992 Ford F-350 4×4 Fire Rescue vehicle from next door to the Briceland Fire Station.

The license plate number is 1009619 and the VIN number is 2FDHF38G2NCA93684. This is an earlier photo of the vehicle. It no longer has a light bar and the Identification Number on the driver’s side front bumper has been changed from A5446 to A5447.

If you have any information please call, the California Highway Patrol at (707) 268-2000.

Please keep a lookout and let the community know.

UPDATE Sunday: According to Aurora Studebaker from Briceland Fire, “[T]he truck was found in Garberville on Sunny Bank Ln. Sounds like the dash was torn apart but otherwise in ok condition.”



  • I really hope that the thief has his house burn down.

  • Dang! Will be hard to find that truck. Will blend right in! Lol!

  • You’ve got to be f#$&ing kidding me!! And during fire season too. What is wrong with people?!! Just because you are able to doesn’t mean u should…..

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Low. Just — low.

    The kinda people who’d take Tiny Tim’s crutch.

    Wait… scanner reports they HAVE stolen this crutch!

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian


    The citizens of SoHum have won a Nice Trophy to commemorate a NEW LOW in social behavior!

    Stealing a Fire Truck is the greatest example of antisocial behavior yet foisted upon the folks who live in this area! It’s right up there with burning abandoned vehicles, spinning doughnuts in Garberville, running 24/7/365 drug supermarkets in a motel room, and building diesel powered greenhouses for the cultivation of “deps” absolutely everywhere, and the operation of corrupt public agencies and “non-profits” by pirates who steal the proceeds…

    Once again, our heartiest and most sincere congratulations! Sohum once again has exceeded every standard for poor social behavior by folks in a “community”!

    Nice going, and what’s next for you, Humboldt?

    • Quite the generalization. People that like to bash Southern Humboldt always lump everyone together as if we’re all the same. Or are you just trolling?

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        There are no hidden messages, it’s your imagination…

        Own the beauty of your existence!

        Beyond that, lock up your fire trucks and expect the worst.

    • Not all is bad in SoHum. Don’t be so damned negative.

    • Congratulations SoHum, you played yourself.

    • Last of the Mohicans

      Right on, Bro.

    • The idea that there is a “community” here was your first error. This area is best characterised as “a bunch of people living in relative proximity who are only interested in their personal business with it’s affect on those around them being of no consequence”
      I’m sure someone will attempt to correct me, but the evidence is damning.

      • Dang, I sure thought I spent some time today with my community. Let see, pickup basketball game, school pizza woodfired oven fundraiser, hugging friends, four-year-old and his friend a fifth grader luring adults in to spend cash to get their fortune told by a Magic 8 ball, folks sharing the latest info and laughter…Isn’t that community?

      • Says the non-local who just came here for the gold rush and is not part of any community because they isolated them selves by disrespect everyone. Drive around like an asshole and dump your trash everywhere and you wonder why no one will let you in the community.

  • Kym , not related to the story of course, all morning I have had trouble accessing this site as it is constantly being timed out. No problem anywhere else, just here, including clicking on the individual articles once onsite.

  • “Sounds like the dash was torn apart but otherwise in ok condition.”
    Some tweeker just wanted to rewire the dash in the middle of the night to make the truck better. It is one of their specialties. Rewiring cars and trucks.

  • People: Keep your Shit Hooks off of what don’t belong to you. There could be a figure in the darkness that will take your hand off with a sword! You need to read the Bible and learn how to live. It tells of the Thief that will lose a hand, taking something that don’t belong to them. Now the person, or, persons that stole the truck: When you commit an act like this you have put your entire family at risk. GOD deals with this. Vengeance comes in all forms.

  • I now live in Wisconsin. I spent almost 10 yrs. Miranda, Myers Flat areas. My boys were born in Garberville.
    Never had as much carp then, 1985-1994, as their is NOW! !
    Due to family ER, I packed up my boys & any thing belonging to my boys & my self. THEIR dad would come home in a year or so.
    Hate to say this, leaving Humboldt at the middle of 1994 was the best thing for my boys & myself. Miss you all.
    WHY ARE STUPID PEOPLE, DOING STUPID SHIT? ?? Drugs? No weed. It’s the Meth, Heroin, etc….

    Thank you Kym, this site keeps me connected to the Happy life I had. Kids come first!

    • That’s funny…. I also left NorCal about 5 years ago and now reside in WI. Beautiful. I love it here but, also still follow the news from home.

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