[UPDATE Sunday] Fire Burning on Island Mountain

vegetation fire iconA fire is burning on the northeast side of Island Mountain, according to traffic on the scanner. When first seen by air attack, the 1 1/2 acre fire was burning in oak woodlands and grass at a slow rate of spread off Lauffer Road which in turn is off Island Mountain Road. There are some structures in the area.

Palo Verde, Island Mountain, and Garberville volunteer fire departments, as well as Cal Fire, are responding to the scene.

According to scanner reports, a water tender belonging to the Palo Verde Department caught on fire near the Chemise Mountain Creek bridge but this is unconfirmed.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 5:48 p.m.: According to Laura Coleman of Cal Fire, “[A]ircraft was able to access earlier and dropped retardant and water on the incident slowing the fire. A water tender from Palo Verde responding to the incident caught fire in the engine compartment so resources were diverted to the new incident within the incident. We started additional resources when the [watertender] was taken out of service. The [watertender] driver was safe and the fire mitigated.

She said, “CAL FIRE, Palo Verde, Garberville Fire, Redway Fire, Alderpoint Fire, BLM, Forest Service” are responding to the fire.

Cal Fire tweeted, “The “Island” Incident in the Palo Verde area from yesterday is contained and in check status!! A job well done by all Local Government amd CAL FIRE responders!”

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Dammit..I had a bad feeling today’s wind and heat..please let this be put out and everyone be safe for the next few months..fire sucks

  • The water tender did catch on fire. It is blocking the road. The fire is out. CHP has called for a heavy tow. This is an incident within an incident.
    Air resources are supporting the ground crews.
    There is extended time on handcrews to respond. There are multiple incidents occurring in Tehama Glenn and Shasta Counties that have called out CalFire resources from our area yesterday and today.
    Scanner traffic reports there is a line around the fire at about 1745.

  • I thought chemise mt was on the coast south of shelter cove

  • Covelo or busted

    Caught you w/ yore pants down ahhh pv?Too much peartee im thimnkin

  • It is called ‘Chamise Creek’ , on Palo Verde Ranch Subdivision, about an hour east (by road) of Garberville. Not to be confused with Chemise Mountain which is west of Garberville .

  • lots of fires clearlake to red bluff and east
    im getting ash from fire in spring valley NE of clearlake

  • That kind of wildfire ( grass prairie) can usually be rolled up with a mobile attack which most of the volunteers practice. As far as Chemise’s location goes your both right there is a Chemise Peak east of Shelter Cove and a Chemise Creek and Mountain south east of Palo Verde.

  • Great job fire crews!!!!! Get some rest now before the next one.

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