Missing Woman’s Husband Asks for Help

Janet Egan

Janet Egan has been missing for over a month. [Photo provided by Mike Egan]

“I’m shattered,” Mike Egan said his voice shaking. “Janet is my best friend.”

On Monday, May 14, Janet Egan, his wife, drove him to Starbucks in Eureka and dropped him off and he hasn’t seen her since.

“She seemed okay,” he explained. “I didn’t think there was anything wrong.”

Egan headed to work. She later messaged him saying, “Will text you later. love you”.

“I got a call from her employer at nine asking me why she hadn’t showed up for work yet,” he said. Then he added hesitantly, “There was some issues at work.”

Egan left his job and went looking for his wife. He couldn’t find her anywhere. Later, he would learn that she withdrew $100 from their joint account. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department was able to use cell phone pings to find out that she was in McKinleyville. They learned she had stopped at a gas station in Trinidad. “She got gas,” Egan said, “two mattes, a gallon of water and a quart of oil.  By the time she was done, her phone was off and was no longer pinging.”

Over this last month, he’s learned some significant problems exist. She has a warrant for her arrest out of Washington from ten years ago (though she wouldn’t have been extradited for it), she was also in trouble at her work, and their personal monetary situation was troublesome.

Egan believes his wife left willingly. “I imagine she couldn’t or wouldn’t face telling me that stuff.”

Egan said his wife is a caregiver for a woman that lived with them and she takes care of a number of cats as well. “She was having some fairly significant menopause issues,” he explained. “She had been under a tremendous amount of pressure. I think she just snapped.”

His voice choked with tears, he said, “I’m very sad that she is gone. I want to find her. Regardless of the circumstances leading to her disappearance, I love her very much and I support her.”

Janet Egan

[Photo of Janet Egan provided by Mike Egan]

According to a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office,

Egan may be driving a 2003 silver Buick Rendezvous with a personalized California license plate reading “BOOK PR”.

Anyone with information on Egan’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.a 2003 silver Buick Rendezvousa 2003 silver Buick Rendezvous


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  • I dearly hope that you can speak to her soon. With such caring as expressed in this article, she has a place to seek refuge in need. May she take good care of herself until then.

  • Have you posted this on Facebook so it can be shared in other areas?

    • Yes, but anyone can post a story on Facebook. Just hold your finger on the url at the top. If you are on a mobile the option to COPY will appear. Click that. Then go to your Facebook page. In spot where you would normally post hold your finger down until the option to paste comes up. Add a few words about why the post is relevant and then touch Post.

  • Kym, I believe I saw that license plate yesterday sitting in traffic on Broadway. It caught my eye, unusual.

    • Please contact the HCSO with that information. Time, cross street, etc. If that’s the case that is the first sighting since she went missing.

      • Mike, I will call the tip line. I am confident I saw the plate but I did not take note of the car or driver.

    • No, not first sighting, because I was behind that car on Broadway the day she went missing. But that doesn’t help at all, so I never mentioned it. It caught my eye because the license said books & I thought maybe she worked at the library.

  • If you saw it after 8 AM that is useful information. If so, please get in touch with the HCSO.

  • any further news in this missing persons case?

  • From Carol Zanetti, Janet’s close friend in Nebraska: The only updates I know are: 1) A Felony Warrant for Embezzelment for Janet Egan was filed on July 20 by HCSO, as is listed on their Active Warrants list on their web site; and 2) There may have been a recent spotting of Janet’s license plate in Boise, Idaho, which has been reported to authorities but has not been confirmed.

  • Apparently found and arrested on her Humboldt County Warrant in Solano County. Has been bailed to appear in Oct. Perhaps you could do a follow up? I’ve seen no news except from the booking info.

  • Janet was found in the Bay Area and is no longer considered a missing person. We haven’t spoken, but I’m glad to know that she is (apparently) safe. I appreciate Kym covering this and the well wishes we received during a very difficult time.

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