Trinidad Woman Arrested After Child Dies When Left in Vehicle for 10 Hours, Says Mendocino Sheriff Office

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Alexandrea Raven Mays

2017 booking photo.

On 06-20-2018 at approximately 1:38 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a reported coroners case involving an small child at Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits, California.

Deputies arrived and learned the child, identified as Chergery Teywoh Lew Mays (18 month old male) had been brought to the hospital by his mother, Alexandrea Raven Scott [age 23 of Trinidad].

Initial investigations indicated the child had been accidentally left inside a vehicle for several hours while Scott was at a residence in the 2600 block of Mitomkai Way in Willits, California.

Deputies summoned the assistance of Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives and further investigations were conducted.

Investigators learned the involved vehicle had been used by Scott’s friend to transport her and the child to the hospital but had returned to the Mitomkai Way residence while Scott remained at the hospital.

Investigators responded to the Mitomkai Way residence locating the vehicle and witnesses to the incident.

After investigating this incident, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives determined Scott, arrived at the Mitomkai Way residence around 3:00 AM on 06-20-2018.

Once there, Scott, who resides in Humboldt County, socialized with people while leaving her child in the back seat of her car which was parked in front of the residence with the windows rolled up. It is believed the child was left unattended in the back seat of the vehicle with the windows rolled up for about 10 hours.

Scott was subsequently arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail for willfully causing or permitting a child to suffer great bodily injury or death.

A Mendocino County Superior Court Judge was contacted about Scott’s bail and Scott is now being held without bail.

Any persons with information about Scott and her activities between 06-19-2018 and 06-20-2018 are encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office tip-line at 707-234-2100.



  • That is just the most heinous thing I think I’ve ever heard what is this world coming to throw the book at her leave her and jail to rot

  • Kind if of a long time to leave someone unnoticed specially your own kid must of been something real important going on to forget your kid or high on drugs and just spaced it out.

  • Meth head. Fn disgusting. Rip little one. She just made national news.

    • Lol there’s plenty of meth in Willits . It’s made there too ya know! I see more white people strung out than any other.

      • Willits truthfully isn’t as bad as your comment makes it seem. Not nearly as bad as some of the cities in the valley. Cough cough Redding

        Nonetheless every city has problems.

        Condolences to the rest of the family. Just became a new father so I can only imagine how ignorant this girl must’ve been.

        • Smh, some people, I swear.

          I Agree with you county grown. Willits is no where near Humboldt problem….and she is obviously FROM HUMBOLDT, as it says in the article, shes from Trinidad. Please, to the people of Humboldt eureka type areas, please stay away from willits and ukiah, with your crack, heroin needles nastiness, if you come here at least be CLEAN. I brought my daughter here to get her away from that, not to have it follow us here. Ugh. Thanks, from -Erin

          • Smh, some people, I swear.

            R.I.P little angel, my thoughts and prayers are with the family who just found out the mother left this poor child in a car for 10 hours. I cant feel bad that women….10 hours is ridiculous, leaving your kid in there or even doing that period and while it is 90 outside and car sits in the heat, as the sun beams down on the car and it will then become 130+ in the car, that’s is unacceptable, and forgetting is flat out the most bull crap thing I have ever heard out of someone. Smh. I feel horrible for the father and the family right now, not her.

          • Please don’t blanket statement all of us from Humboldt into a trash heap. There are many good people here. Many people who’s hearts ache from this tragedy. It is not okay to judge a person by his or her race and it is not ok to judge a person by his or her county either. We all deserve to be judged by the content of our own character. I work to help others. I don’t do these drugs you speak of. I have many colleges and friends who are amazing people. It is hard to keep the wind in our sails. Don’t be someone who sucks the wind out of sails. This is not a humboldt issue or a mendo issue or any other city issue. This is a symptom of a mental health crisis which is nation wide. Hate doesn’t ever help make anything better. The only thing that can help is if we address the issues head on for what they are. You can protect your child without condemning innocent people. Fight for right but don’t fight blind. When you fight blind you just cause hurt. Hurt won’t help heal a nation.

          • Seems like she went to willits at 3am to brobably buy some dope. I grew up in willits. I remember it being over run with tweekers. There are places in humboldt where i live now that are over run with tweekers. They are everywhere. Just dont associate with any tweekers. Very simple. We get plenty of willits dirtbags in our area as well. You wanna get away from drugs i suggest you leave california entirely.

      • Couldn’t possibly be the fact that willits is overwhelmingly white

      • And let’s not forget heroin. Sad this is happening in our own little town.

  • This is horrifying. How does one forget ones baby for 10 hours? Not a fit mother obviously. This hurts every molecule in my body to know how this baby was tortured by this horrific so called mom. I am beyond livid and so tearful to know the reality of this story.

    • This breaks my heart I don’t understand this at all and how come no one else noticed

    • Imagine how our neighborhood feels? That poor baby was in that car and most of us left to town or work or the store at least once during the day. And at any point she could have come out to get the baby but she didn’t because getting high was way more important 😡

    • You get raging drunk on whiskey at 3 am, then wake up at 1 wondering where you are and what happened. Then it dawns on you, oh yeah, my kid is in the car. Then you go out to find your child slow roasted in the back seat. So yes, you’re right, epitome of terrible and unfit mother.

  • Is there someplace people can leave their kids for free?

    • The fire station under the Safe Haven law is where she should have left him since she clearly was not capable of being a parent.

      So sad & heartbreaking! This poor child didn’t get a chance.

    • At three in the A.M. ??????

    • I did know one woman who used to call the police on herself to get her kids taken into protective custody when she wanted a vacation from them. Better than some other alternatives.

      • This is just sad. Where are the fathers, the families, the communities? We can do better for our single mothers.

        • What do you think should be done by the fathers, the families, the communities? Take the children out of her cusyody? Seperate her from her children involuntarily for treatment she resists because she is a drug addict? Force fathers to live with their children in hopes that they at least will take care of them?

        • She’s not a victim. Single mothers are the only ones making a choice these days. It’s time we start to shame them for their pathetic behavior

          • It generally takes two to create a baby. Fathers should not be given a free pass.

          • DroppinTruthJuice

            You’re saying being a single mother means one is incapable of being a good parent? Your way of thinking is quite flawed Sarah. I hope for your sake you don’t end up a single parent one day. The reality is, single or not, being a: good parent, role model and provider is a choice. This individual made the choice not to be. Don’t lump all single mothers into a group with this pathetic excuse of a “mother”..

        • She wasn’t a single mother. She’s a meth head that was living with the gang wannabe father who’s also a meth head. They had a drive by on their house a few months back. They hang out at a drug house in Mckinleyville. The baby should have been taken away like her other 2 kids. Father’s photo below.

      • Agreed but not by Mucking Fuch!!!! Disgusting appalling & or whatever other descriptors you can think of!!! [edit] I can’t think of enough names to hang on this woman to accurately describe the horror & revulsion I feel about this matter!!!!

    • At three AM?

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Dam it!!! How awful.

  • Maybe they will check her citizenship status too. If an illegal deport her immediately

  • How do you forget your child for 10 hours you ask? Well let’s see, your at a House well known for being a drug house, lots of traffic and scum of the earth kind of people,in and out of the place, constant violence and bs going on, maybe she was too busy getting high to worry about her baby? That’s only my opinion but it’s a fairly educated one seeing how this is in my neighborhood 😢 throw the book at her😡

  • First off my prayers to this little one may you be happy in heaven. I can’t even fathom on drugs or not how could she do this to her child. I truly hope your life out in this world is over and that you will be locked up forever. I feel everyone in that house should be charged as well

    • I fully agree! Can’t have someone at your home, have their child die and not be somewhat responsible since you they were probably doing Drugs together!

    • I agree as well. People in that house just as responsible as this mother.

  • Little guy sat there screaming in his soiled diaper dehydrating in the noontime sun, makes me sick to think about it.

  • Where is the chorus of addiction being a disease and addicts need to be respected? Of course if she was an addict at all because the article doesn’t say she was.

    She cared enough to take him to the hospital, even if her concern came to late for the child, so I suspect she will pay a price in guilt for this no matter what. Tragic.

    • When you find your baby dead in your car, taking him to the hospital doesn’t indicate any amount of caring.

  • Why do they say accidentally forgot? How the hell do you forget a child in the car? How do you forget you have a child?!? Ugh! Just makes me sick that people can do that to their babies

    • Report real news!

      Have you ever forgotten your child in the car? In hot weather it does not take long. Read the article stop jumping to conclusions. The article says nothing about drugs and its says BELIEVED to be.

  • That’s so sad 😭 people just aren’t using their full potential i know it’s hard to not immediately want to become angry but some people literally were born had to learn survival on their own never being taught an ounce of common sense or responsibility I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

    These are the types of ignorance passed down from generations usually
    Although there is many times parents do a fantastic job and their children still seem to have Neanderthal brain happening * but I’m pretty sure even a Neanderthal could remember it had a very small dependent child

    • In a family with such a parent, children can grow up wanting very hard never to be what their parents were. They have learned the awful effect of drugs and extreme selfishness through their own experience.

      But they also have to find much more of their own way to living a better life because they won’t have learned more positive ways from their parents. Society can help by showing them it values sobriety, caring and responsibility. It can provide demonstrations of respect for those who have those values instead of public adoration of the flawed life that simply looks like fun.

  • Not to mention, in the first place, it is illegal in the state of California to leave your child unattended in a vehicle at any time. Even to “just run in and pick up your WIC vouchers” as I have seen done time and again. That discussion has been in RHBB more than once.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Ugh…sigh…poor wee one. No words can express the profoundness of this tragedy. No need for our children to be uncared for like this. I bet a grandmother or auntie or older cousin would have watched the boy if they knew she was driving at what 10pm ish to Willits. Damn. If you see a mama being ridiculous like this stand up for that baby if you can please. And the folks at the house she was at are culpable too. If they knew that baby was there with her what the heck! Sigh…

    • Trinidad neighbor

      She has two other daughters who her family has been parenting for a while now.. I don’t think she’s had custody of them in years.

      • Yeah it’s nice that she keeps pumping out children. Really helpful. She should get the death sentence. Tortured and killed her baby. But she will get out and pump out yet more babies. Because we are so “compassionate” and “caring”.

        • You don’t know what compassion is. Compassion doesn’t set the guilty free. Compassion doesn’t allow for further atrocities to occur to children. It would be compassion that would stop this cycle. Compassion is not doing more wrong when a wrong is done.

    • Nice cannabis garden. Cannabis- the medicinal herb of peace and such. ha ha ha ha ha

    • Cannabis, bringing shit bags to Northern California since 1996!

      • so explain the meth monsters of McKinleyville in the early to mid 80s. you know the ones that did horrible things that still haunt many. hell one even made his own dungeon of hell. who brought those shitbags here?

  • i am sorry this world
    could not keep you safe
    may your journey home
    be a soft and peaceful one

    -rupi kaur

    • Thank you for this. I also pray for all young mothers, that our communities will hold them with loving support so that they have the resources to be responsible mothers and the support to turn away from addictions. This is just so heartbreaking all around.

      • How can you wrap each and every person in care 24/7 throughout their life? In the end most people need to take care of themselves in order for there to be someone left over to take care of those who really can’t take care of themselves.

  • Oh my God!!! Who in God’s name would leave a child for 10 hours in a car!!! What is wrong with people. Babies are out gifts from God and should ALWAYS come 1st. If the parent wants to go and party or what ever, take that baby to a friend or family member. This is completely UNEXCUSABLE!!! Poor baby… Rest in peace and fly high with the angels sweet boy!!!

  • Sleepy Alligator

    This is heartbreaking. Hopefully the jail gives her a long bed sheet and she knows how to tie a knot.

  • One less menace hanging out in Mckinleyville. She’s a POS meth head. She hangs out with excessive meth addicts. The guy she’s with is a wannabe gang member. He recruits juveniles & convinces them he this big bad gang member from LA. Glad she’s in custody. Horribly sad & wrong it had to come at the lost of an innocent life. RIP baby boy.

  • Report real news!

    You do realize when reporting non real news you are creating a whole lot of unnecessary drama which hurts the family who is already hurting when your news is not even real/true. If they new this was real and true would they be asking for a tip? They dont know that is why they are asking for a tip. This is an awful situation with a whole lot of hurting family and community members over it. Reporter, you want to become popular at the expense of misleading people with false news and hurting people in the process. If you are going to report why dont you report real true news.

    • This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department….

      • Gee Kym, I might begin to have some sympathy for you.

        Dear Report Real News- are you saying the child did not die as a result of being left unattended in the car? Or that, if they did, it is nobody’s business but those directly involved?

  • Report real news!

    Kym kemp,

    Ah ha….looks like I’m right you only post the posts which create the most drama. You are a liar as you dont let all post be known. You are controlling the drama you are creating. Karma Karma is all I can say. Everyone is responsible for what they do. You meddle with many peoples lives breeding chaos on lies and stretching a story to create more drama. Are you proud of promoting lies and creating all this chaos?

    • What part of the report isn’t real news? Did the child not die? Did his mother not leave him in the car for 10 hours? You think the reporter is the one who will be affected by karma in this case? She’s not promoting chaos, if anything she attempts subdue it by deleting people who go to far (myself included). You appear to be close to this so I’m sure that you are very upset but as Kym pointed out it’s a press release from the sheriffs and them asking for a tip is standard procedure and basically means they are looking for more witnesses to come forward not that she is innocent.

    • the mom is a hard drug addict that hangs out with the punk squad in MCK. this is a results of hard drug use, just like rolling over on your baby in bed while taking too much heroin and suffocating it.

      • Out of the population, about 10% will become dependent on any drug tried. The only way to keep any of this 10% from the inevitable downward to ever more dangerous drugs is to not start at all. On anything.

        Just because one person feels they are in control of their drug use, frequently a delusion anyway, it is as selfish to tout any drug as it is to build cars where 10% of the people buying can’t steer them.

        • your logic is why 50% of McK is on hard drugs. its better to provide education on each drug. none are the same. I had a toxicology professor deviate from the syllabus and teach us about how a few types of hard drugs affect the body and how they get you high, it was very interesting. that information helped me make better decisions when it came to hard drug use.

          • Yes but then people who choose a drug are often pretty deluded about it. Irrationality can be seen in postings that are illogical.

            • that’s why the underlying factor is education. the nation wide drug epidemic primary effects one group. you should dump emotion and pride when thinking, science is clearer that way. meth is toxic, it eventually kills you from its toxic compounds with cancer.

              • I usually pass by such comments as a lost cause most of the time as anyone so committed to spiteful personal remarks is usually not redeemable by discussion and charity means that being frank about it would be cruel. Their blindness and arrogance lead them to defend their errors and usually by insulting rather than logic.

                Assuming that anyone speaking contrary to the commenter’s beliefs is uneducated and unscientific should be a clue for the self aware that, since there is zero data about educational levels here, science does not form a basis for such accusations. Rather emotional spewing is occurring. Waving the word “science” like a magic wand does not mean it is actually scientific. Or even represents understanding. Of such are what scientist wannabes are made.

    • If there was EVER a case for mandatory sterilization this woman is a poster child!!!

    • Dear sir or madam, you are naive to the point of absurdity. This article is everywhere. I found the same reports from 5 different news sources in less that 5 minutes and they all say the same thing. Your accusations are unfounded. Your opinion unsupported. I recommend you do not read LCO and then you will be free from this discomfort you express.

      • Cough…this is Redheaded Blackbelt not LCO…(How do I differentiate myself? You aren’t the only one making that mistake.)

        • The confusion is because in their insecurity, lack of imagination and confidence in their own abilities it appears the LOCO IT crew have coded and tagged the URL for LOCO in such a way to pop up high-ranking (typically ABOVE your own blog) upon Google search of terms like Kym Kemp, rhbb, red headed… Etcetc .
          To differentiate u may want to try to boosting your own tags/search results strength or just laugh, because you got it going on.

          This story is beyond sickening and disturbing.. Not sure how you wake up everyday ready to present and strain the fallout from stories like this that come up day,after day. I couldn’t.

          • I get pretty tired sometimes. But I overall, I really love my job. I live in a great place with great people and this is a way to give back for a very blessed life.

    • [edit] A infant child is dead because the POS Mother ( only by accident of having given birth) left her child in the vehicle, with the windows rolled up, on a blistering HOT day!!! The child DIED as a result!!! So what part of that is sensationalism, pray tell???!!! [edit]

  • It was very hot in Willits yesterday. I imagine she cooked that baby to death in that sweltering car. Torture and kill. She should be given the death penalty. The guy who drove her down knew the baby was in there. He should be put down also- yes, Kym after being found guilty in a court of law is what I mean. We need to take firm stands with these people who choose drugs and destroy our communities while killing children. No mercy for these disgusting wastes of flesh.

    • Yes mercy for them too. But mercy does not include condoning their path of self destruction. Mercy should mean respect for what they can be, not what they are when it includes drugged oblivion. And never permit them to live uncontested in the fantasy of drug use being acceptable. That is not respect but indulgence.

      • nope, too much compassion and freedom for the wrong person caused a child to lose his life, no mercy for her choices, where’s the mercy for the dead child?

        • Mercy is not condoning what she did. It is recognizing that she might just be worth salvaging if she can find a better path. Compassion does not mean giving freedom to act in destructive ways.

          That tendency is something I have never understood. So many people think it’s all black and white; either the person is always loved for what they are, no matter how destructive, or always hated for what they are. There is unlimited compassion in the world. It is not a quality used up by bad behavior if it is recognized that bad behavior can be changed, leaving a better person behind. But that does not mean hands off on condemning behavior.

          So condemning bad behavior such as drug addiction is not equivalent to hate. It is more like love for the possibility of what a person can become if they choose. If that had been a community value, it might have saved the child through honoring any mother who does not go down that path. And condemning choosing drug use from the start when it seems more benign. Now that the boy can no longer be saved, the next best is to save the mother while not allowing her to hurt others.

          • Or to have ANY MORE children to murder!!! If ever there was a case for forced sterilization cases such as this one surely qualify!!!

          • She was an entitled brat who used money to control people. There is nothing redeeming about this junkie. She killed her baby over heroin. She deserves the death penalty. She will not turn her life around. She lives off her tribal money and is selfish and greedy

  • who was this p o s that drove her down there? there is lots of attention on the mother and there should be, but the fact is the driver was aware that the baby was not taken inside with them, so who the hell is this driver who sits in a drug house for ten hours smoking meth while a baby slow cooks in the car?
    how about the coward admit who he is and explain your actions?
    inquiring minds want to know… i think we will be hearing more about you very soon

    • I for one at least certainly hope so!!! I agree he is equally responsible for this tragic, unneeded, DISGUSTING death of an innocent infant!!!! Both of these “Fine Individuals” should be prosecuted to the absolutely MAX the law allows!!!

  • “A stark reminder about the dangers of heat: a toddler died yesterday after being left in a vehicle in Willits, CA.”

    This is part of a post NOAA did about the heat. it should read

    “A stark reminder about the dangers of inbred, iunkies having children.”

  • “Socializing”? For TEN hours?

  • A poster mentioned her other child was taken away,
    social services should have emphasized they could get the baby if she wanted
    a vacation.

    Maybe the other child should have help going into hiding.

    • The other child has competent family caring for her. They are unable to control the behavior of the mother. If you think they are uncaring, you are mistaken.
      When I first saw this story I was unaware of the identity of the child. I have since learned that I am connected by friendship with a grandparent. The sadness is overwhelming.

  • her prior on 11-10-17:
    1203.2 – Revocation Of Probation
    273A(B) – Cruelty To Child By Inflicting Injury
    14601.1(A) – Drive While License Suspended

  • Mendocino Mamma

    I will say quite honestly I don’t think this was the first time she left him in the car for a long period of time. But it was definitely the last time. May she never have more children and rest in peace little one I’m sorry your time was so short and sad. I know that a lot of moms leave their little kids sleeping in the car. Ridiculous 10 min or 10 hours!

  • What’s sad is even if it wasn’t too hot leaving an 18 month old child unattended for that long is so dangerous. They don’t have the fat reserves to go that long without food or water. Awful mom wasn’t even concerned for the child in any way. I can’t believe a mom would go through the whole pregnancy, birth, and newborn stage just to neglect the child to death now.

    • I remember being at an accident where the person driving simply missed a turn. And when I say missed, I mean the road curved and she kept going straight and into a tree. A toddler was killed and a somewhat older child injured. The driver mostly followed directions given by people who stopped.
      without any self motivation. Eventually, she did ask after the child when they all had been helped to exit when the car caught in fire. She asked me where her daughter was. I made a poor attempt to not say the child was dead by saying we had her on the other side of some cars, she said “Oh” and I watched the concern fade from her face and she turned away. This woman was incapable of holding onto a train of thought, even about something as important at this.

      I heard she became hysterical when she was finally told several hours later. But until she sobered enough, her actions were unconnected to her thoughts. Not lethargic, just disconnected. No one thinks that they are exercising poor judgement when the are under the influence. There is only the time before taking a drug to make good decisions.

  • If ignorance was painful….you’d ALL be screaming right now….look how divided we all are… bickering and arguing with strangers?!?!? No wonder people get hooked on drugs ……it’s HARD to live in a world full of selfish, conceited, arrogant, and low level consciousness… no means am I being sympathetic to this chick who killed her baby…..but God damnit …it’s just insane that we live in a country of morons…. this incident has NOTHING to do with a geographic location….go travel around and look for yourselves…idiocracy is spreading like wildfire

    • It’s only hard if you define yourself in terms of other people’s opinions. If you listen to them when they actually say something, you can learn. About people, their worries, fears and motivations. And yes, their foolishness. And best, learn about yourself too. Even when they aren’t meaning to expose themselves.

      Why would anyone post here about being superior to people who post here?

  • I don’t think it was drugs. Article didn’t say anything about drugs. People forget things. I once forgot to pick up my groceries from the car after a few hours.

  • James Marmon MSW

    Addiction Among Native Americans

    “National survey results indicate that substance abuse rates are consistently higher among American Indian/Alaska Natives than other racial groups. The 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that 12.3 percent of American Indians were current users of illicit drugs, compared with 9.5 percent of whites, 8.8 percent of Hispanics, and 10.5 percent of African Americans. The rate of binge drinking among American Indians was 23.5 percent, and the rate of tobacco use was 40.1 percent.”

    James Marmon MSW
    Former Child Welfare Social Worker
    Del Norte and Mendocino Counties.

    • Why do I think this is going to go very wrong? A non native public form is not the place for this. The Tribes know what is going on and their sovereignty is more important than out side comments. Citing stats is not all there is to the issue.

      • James Marmon MSW

        American Indian child ‘welfare’ law under fire

        “A child-welfare law passed by Congress nearly four decades ago specifically to protect Native American children and preserve their cultural heritage is under attack from critics who claim the law is putting children in potentially dangerous situations that have led to abuse — and even death.”

        “Children have become pawns in a political game,” said Timothy Sandefur, lead attorney at the Goldwater Institute, one of the groups challenging the law. Sandefur, who has two ongoing ICWA-related cases, claims the law overrules the standard of what’s in “the best interest of the child.”

        • It can of course do that. But non Indian interference has a history of bad results too. In fact the current situation might said to be a result of that sort of interference “for their own good.” Just as an individual must be able to respect themself in order to act in their own best interest, so a culture, race, religion, etc must respect itself to thrive. Not as a hostile reaction to outsiders, but a deep certainty of its own value.

          The Indian culture has yet to recover from the damage of the previous years. There are only two options- it either learns to navigate a new course itself or it remains mired in dysfunctional dependence. Independence is never successfully handed to anyone. And it is always a stuggle to throw off dependence with its attractive ease. It creates a horrible legacy of self doubt that outside interference only makes worse.

          • Where did she learn /witness the alcohol & drug lifestyle she chooses to live? Did anyone at anytime ever hold her accountable for her teenage and adult actions? How does she afford food, clothing, rent, and transportation and also drugs and alcohol? A good job? Someone is ENABLING her to continue to live this lifestyle by meeting her needs freely .This has allowed her grow into a an child neglecting, heroin addict monster of a mother. Good job “you know who” Nice new house you all gave her so she could never work to improve her life. There is already a trashed wrecked car in the front yard. Hope that little baby boy wasn’t in that wreck! She was a spoiled, arrogant, allowed, enabled, Native girl given everything and never had to work for anything. Just party party party. Heartbreaking any children who had her as a mom!

  • Anonymous is right. She was an entitled brat who never worked for anything and threw money around like she was somebody. She’s nobody!! And she killed her baby! She’s a junkie and worthless

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