Ferndale High School, Academy of the Redwoods Grads Receive Ferndale Rotary 2018 Scholarships

This is a press release from the Ferndale Rotary Club:

Congratulations Grads- you should be so very proud! We hope you understand how truly proud your schools; communities and especially your parents are of you all!

Rotary President- Laura Olson Congratulate and hand out Scholarship awards with the help of Secretary- Brenna Russ to the Ferndale Rotary 2018 Scholarship recipients:

1. Carson Short of The Academy of the Redwoods $2750.
2. Madelynn Cox of Academy of the Redwoods $2250.
3. Emily Machado of Ferndale High School $1500.
4. Darby McWaters of Ferndale High School $1500.
5. Andrew Richardson of Ferndale High School $1500.
6, Briana Latorre of Ferndale High School- Edgmon
Scholarship $1000. Ferndale Rotary $500.
7. Addie Williamson Ferndale High School- Pappa Joe
Alexandre Scholarship $2000.


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