[UPDATE: Found] Needing Nova

black dogEight-year-old Nova has been missing since last week. She’s a black minilab/cocker spaniel mix with a spot of white on her chest and slight graying around her face. She has a small white patch on her front paw.

She was last seen in the Blue Rock Road area on Thursday or Friday.

“She’s very friendly and would probably go with most anyone,” according to her owner. “We think her collar is blue, but [are]not certain if her tag is on it.”

If you have any information, please call Chloe at (707) 498-5501 or Troy at (707) 223-4747.

UPDATE 8:44 p.m.: Nova has been found!



  • Since I don’t know Blue Rock Rd, I don’t suppose she is near me. I hope you find her soon.

  • sharanam ganaesha

    Hey has anyone seen my pet rat? His life is as valuable to me as a redwood tree. Which by the way, Ive seen a bunch of those are now missing from the Eureka/Cutten area. Mostly right around where I’ve seen anti-abortionist stand with their signs promoting the births of more people. Hey dogs are trees too right? Wait no er, I meant, dogs are people too.

    • Those first two sentences made me laugh. Glad Nova is safely home. Thanks Kym for helping us with our lost loved ones. It’s one of the best things you do.

  • Good deal chloe ,and kym Kemp thank you, for helping my friends find nova .now that she is on red headed black belt she will be found soon when mopar was lost 4 hrs after kym put him on her sight he was found ,and I haD him the next day .thank you again kym for saving my mopar.

  • I’ll keep an eye out for her. Hope she makes it home safely soon. You might want to call the Benbow KOA & ask if they’ve seen her. The neighborhood dogs seem to venture down there.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Great to hear that she has been reunited with her human. Thanks for the update Kym.

  • She has a cute little puppy face. Glad she has been found. What a relief.

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