HSU Police Say Arrest of Minor That Occurred Previous to Viral Videos Also Involved Battery on an Officer

This is a press release from the Humboldt State University Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Saturday, June 16, the Humboldt State University Police Department was working a multi-agency operation targeting alcohol violations. In conjunction with this operation, two arrests were made off campus at 9th and F streets in Arcata. The University is looking into circumstances surrounding these arrests, as well as videos that have been shared.

University Police officers made a traffic stop at 8:21 p.m., after seeing the passenger of a vehicle hanging dangerously out of the sunroof. That person, a juvenile, was arrested on suspicion of providing false identification to a peace officer, public intoxication, and battery on a peace officer.

Samantha Alonso Jackson

Samantha Alonso Luna [Photo used with permission from her Facebook page]

Following that arrest, another passenger in the vehicle, Samantha Alonso Luna, was arrested following an altercation with a UPD officer. Alonso Luna was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, public intoxication, and providing false identification to a police officer.HSU President Lisa Rossbacher and UPD Chief Donn Peterson are aware of the incident, and have reviewed video of the arrest. Peterson says that there was reasonable cause to conduct the initial stop and investigate the alcohol violations that were subsequently observed. All video relating the incident is being reviewed and there will be a transparent and independent review of the arrest as well as a full internal review.“We take underage drinking very seriously,” Peterson says. “The stop and what occurred afterwards will be thoroughly reviewed by the District Attorney.”“I have seen the video of this arrest, and I have confidence that Chief Peterson and our University Police will conduct a thorough review,” says Rossbacher. “The external review will give our University community the opportunity to understand this incident in a full and fair light.”Alonso Luna is not an HSU student. The name of the other arrestee is being withheld because the person is a minor.UPD regularly assists enforcement relating to underage drinking, as well as to keep vendors and establishments in compliance with laws that restrict providing alcohol to minors.

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  • Hope there is police car and/or body camera video of the entire incident and that it is released to the public.

    It’s impossible to know, but I suspect that if all in the car had behaved respectfully they would have been sent on their way without arrests.

    • However, being rude is not a legitimate basis for your arrest.

      • Nope, but being polite can sometimes help you skate even if you should be ticketed or arrested.

        Assaulting an officer, however, will get you arrested every time. You don’t need to be an attorney to know that. 😉

      • No, but giving a false name to a police officer is the start of a legitimate arrest. Or in this instance, when you start fumbling over your name. It all starts with a detainment, and the cop has a duty to investigate. And guess what? She obstructed by refusing a lawful order and then assaulting an officer.

        I see where you’re coming from though, being that she is a female who is not pasty pale white. *eye roll*

        Instead of trying to be the “tough girl” she is told to be by the media everyday nowadays, she should have just said nothing except “am I free to go?”. Nothing weak about that. Try it – it’s actually much tougher to do that when confronted by a person with a deadly weapon in full view.

        • Clearly the officer was the one fumbling over Samantha’s name. She asked for Samantha’s “last name” which she was given. “Legal surname?” OK, maybe they both would have understood that to mean the same thing, but maybe not. When there is a misunderstanding people often get defensive and cultural assumptions clearly play into that. Both people could have done better.

          Many people from non-English naming traditions have names that confuse those of us who make “majority culture” assumptions. Many of us with majority culture assumptions are offended when we are confronted with our confusion. “Why can’t Chinese people just put their surname last?” “Why do Icelanders keep the tradition of adding “son” or “dottir”?” Why do many Native American people change their names from time to time and address each other by familiar names that aren’t their legal names?” “Why do black parents name their children names that are obviously black?” “What’s with the hyphenated name; are there four names in the next generation?” I’ve seen a regular parade of “not racist” put downs by uncomfortable people (of various races and ethnicities) who need to regain their social footing in an unfamiliar situation.

          I can see this both ways– or neither. Officer in a jacked-up state from a previous related physical confrontation, escalates and threatens (legal) violence to save face and assert authority. Allegedly drunk smart girl trying to protect a friend fails, pushes on a stressed out peace officer and gets further disrespect. Both escalate the situation into physical violence.

          Who should have de-escalated the situation? The allegedly drunk twenty year old? The stressed out cop?

          • When asked for your name by a police officer you give them the name on your driver’s license. Do not play games which is what she did.

          • That’s alot of thought into someone’s name , way too much free time on your hands

          • Not true she didn’t give her full last name. Last name meaning your legal name as it appears on your license. The first girl tried that move and that didn’t work for her either. Poor kids have no game these days.

        • She gave her name multiple times, the cop accused her of lying, the cop was at fault…

        • [edit]she didn’t give a false name [edit] she clearly said her name and then what she went by. police just like to twist Shit up so they have people to assault and arrest. Regardless drunk or not she is OVER the drinking age so you can’t ride in the passenger seat and go home now? She said she wasn’t drunk but even if she was and there is no public intoxication allowed then 1 the cop should of stopped harassing her and let her go and 2 everybody at the beaches and everywhere else need to get arrested because they’re drunk too? But then again it’s probably because she’s Mexican and that’s why she was harassed. [edit]

          • In California, the drinking age is 21. Luna said her age was 20.

            • WhoAreThesePeople?

              The juvenile was arrested without incident. The female officer was very aggressive towards Samantha, even while handcuffing her friend. I saw it from the beginning; the juvenile was meek and compliant. There was no assault from either party. It was when the cop yanked Samantha that the violence began.

              • Have you seen a police report or video that the rest of us haven’t? I haven’t seen any video if the juvenile but according to police, she was intoxicated gave false information and also assaulted an officer

            • Luna is not charged with underage drinking, so her age is irrelevant.

      • You are just as confused as her. that stupid little girl was warned numerous times and now she’s in jail! Great Entertaining video though I love seeing big mouth stupid people get Trashed by the cops

        • Melly Arredondo

          Agreed! What an entitled piece of crap that Luna chick is. I mean how DARE the police pull her over and ask her name and ask about her fake ID and ask her why she’s drinking under the age of 21?! I mean how DARE they?! Those cops certainly deserved her bullshit childish angry temper tantrum. Just kidding, no they didn’t. [edit]

          • Police are trained to deal with situations like this and situations significantly worse, which is commonplace for a police officer. The officer has clearly shown she is not able to perform the duties of her job in a professional way. If her skin is so thin that she cannot handle a child sitting in a passenger seat asking what she did wrong, imagine how she would handle any other situation cops walk into regularly. She is an obvious liability for the department and for the public she serves.

            • Andrea Greenspan

              I personally put in a written complaint about Jackson to the HSU PD, in Oct. 2017. She harrassed me after pulling me over for supposedly jumping a stop sign. She is aggro as fk! Chief Peterson exonerated her for elder abuse saying she acted lawfully, lol

        • I love when people of color Sue and get enormous amounts of money from police departments because cops are dirty, emotional, scared, uneducated, racist pieces of shit 😂 To each, his own!

      • Lol true fucking story

      • What a [edit]lawyering diversion. She was not arrested for being rude. The poster did not say so. The poster said that she screwed herself out of her chance to weasel out of something she did by being rude. Which has nothing to do with law and everything about human interactions. Just like your post has nothing to do with law and everything to do with abusing human reactions.

        When dealing with lawyers, everyone needs to remember that their principles are for hire. They will be outraged on cue for or against as they are paid. Don’t take them seriously and pray that you never have to bankrupt yourself by being forced to respond to every unprincipled action they can bring for their own profit. Like every illusionist, if they point to the right, you can be sure the real action is happening to the left.

      • Being rude isn’t, but behaving in a belligerent manner is. From what I saw, her behavior was escalating into belligerence, which is why it seems perfectly reasonable that she was arrested for public intoxication. Bottom line, she was intoxicated, underage and chose to engage in an argument with a police officer. At which point she was placed under arrest, and then assaulted multiple officers. Whether or not that police officer should’ve de-escalated the situation is irrelevant. The blame falls on this young woman. Her actions caused this… all of this, period.

        • You may feel differently (on the off chance that the officer actually gets to keep her job) if she starts pulling YOUR loved ones hair next time. She simply doesnt have the right temperment for the trade, this was NOT a high stress situation for a police officer and she lost it, resulting in a totally unnecessary escalation of the situation. She created an unsafe environment for her fellow officers and for the community she serves. This doesn’t make her a bad person, this does make her a bad police officer and an unnecessary liability to the department and the public she serves(served).

          • Luna was the one one pulling the officers hair. She refused to let go the whole time, which is why so many other officers intervened. They were trying to get her to release the officer’s hair and restrain her with as little force, like a taser or pepper spray, as possible.

      • Being rude is not a legitimate reason for arrest but public intoxication is as well as assault. Which the other part of the story that wasn’t really told is that these two women were also going around being obnoxious and rude and trying to start fights with the people at the Farmers Market. Had they just complied to what the officer had asked they probably would have only gotten a ticket. But they acted like idiots and got belligerent. The cops were only trying to do their job.

      • Pretty sure if you’re drunk in public, foul mouthed and calling the officer a “stupid bitch” AND THEN GRABBED the officers hair and refuse to LET GO, you’re going to get your ass handcuffed and taken to the pokey.
        What a spoiled little shit this girl is. Who the hell are her parents. She is an embarrassment to them.

    • I agree, “luna” was being beligerent and she was totally in the wrong. I think the officer had just had enough of her mouth. Never a good idea to resist when you re told to get out of a car by a cop. Yyou should comply and you can always file a complaint once you are at the police station with their superiors and with the Grand Jury.. Complaints are supposed to be reviewed by a third party. or the grand jury.

  • Thanks for the laugh Broseph.

  • sounds legit. a multi-agency operations for the biggest drinking event in Arcata only nets these two. hopefully their inter-agency memos coordinating this multi-agency event are dated before the 16th. its hard to fudge the dates on the server and hard drives. good luck with that.

  • Wow! These kids have no respect & have no idea what it’s like in the real world. Follow the rules or go to jail. I watched the videos and was completely shocked at her behavior! The police did NOTHING wrong!

    I hope the Humboldt County DA makes an example out of these girls.

    • Becides not be professional and de-ecalating a situation? And a lack of desire to understand she had a hyphenated last name?

    • You can’t de-escalate someone that WANTS to make a scene or be a problem. Someone interested in causing confrontation will do whatever they can to bring attention their fight. Right now police are the target and making them look bad is the game. This girl just wants to be in the limelight.

      • Agree 100%!!

      • I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! This girl was making it as hard as she could for the officer…..but then isn’t that what most smart ass young people enjoy doing? It is called rebelling against the establishment….everyone in the car should have been arrested…they were harboring an intoxicated juvenile….they had all apparently been drinking….who’s to say they aren’t the ones who got the juvenile drunk in the first place…..and besides…this Luna chick is also underage and had apparently been drinking…after all didn’t it say she was 20? and the last time I checked the legal age to drink was 21….which means she was breaking the underage drinking law herself…..She just wanted to play the TOUGH Hispanic and try to push her race into the officer’s face…..why else do you think she kept yelling for her friend to get it ALL ON VIDEO? If the DA is any kind of DA they will decide in favor of the officer and will insist that the underage drinkers go to classes as well as be on probation for at least a year…..MAYBE….if they are smart kids….they will learn from this incident and try very hard NOT TO MAKE A PUBLIC SPECTACLE of themselves and will also take pride in their heritage/race and try to help solve the RACIAL PROBLEMS in this country instead of trying to encourage the problem farther…..

        • I 100% agree, but if the DA keeps with Humboldt’s recent tradition, she will get a slap on the wrist with most charges dropped. She will end up not learning anything from this ridiculous drunk drama scene she created and continue on with her BS calling everyone a racist if they dare to disagree with her entitled self.

      • Sorry not sorry

        Yeeeeesssss!!!! 100% my thoughts. Thank you

    • The cop was wrong, now they will add bs to the paper work, and try to say the girl hit one, which she did not, sure she pulled hair, but there was good reason, she was trying to get at least ONE of the 5 off her

      • Where were the five cops? And as soon as Luna was out of the car she turned and hit the officer before she grabbed the officers hair. I only saw a second cop come to the aid of the first officer. Luna was being a loud, obnoxious, disrespectful “I’m all that” brat!

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    I saw the video this silly girl posted of her arrest. She argued and was a real smartmouth and disobeyed the first rule of contact with law enforcement over & over. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT & CO-OPERATE. When the officer was frustrated with her lack of co-operation and said “step out of the vehicle” this dumb girl said NO😆😃🤣, as if, at that point, she still had a choice. Then she resisted to the point the assisting officers had to CUT the arresting officers hair to release her from the dumb girl. She was still only charged with drunk in public. Should have (and maybe will be) been resisting & assault.
    The original stop was for someone standing in the car through an open sunroof. Dumbass kids.

    • Not only that but you can clearly see that she tried to punch the officer before pulling her hair.

    • The law does not require that you “keep your mouth shut and obey.”

      • It does when the order is a lawful one, as in this case.

      • She wasn’t arrested for being a loud mouth, although she was. She wasn’t arrested for being nasty, although she was. She wasn’t arrested for giving a false name or intruding on the officer’s performance of her duties, although she gave it her best shot.

        The car was stopped because another drunk minor was standing up through the sun roof. At that point, that minor refused to give her name. That minor being intoxicated gave the officer the right to check out the others in the car to find out how the minor got the alcohol.

        At that point, many, if not most officers, would have oficers would have allowed them to avoid even a ticket if convinced that they realized they had a problem and would make care of it since the driver was not intoxicated. However Ms. Luna chose, instead of acknowledging her own problem, kept pushing it to the next level. And the next. And the next until she put herself in jail.

        So, while she wasn’t arrested for all those things you keep posting she can’t be arrested for, the other folk are right to point out her behavior screwed her chances of convincing the officer that letting them go would not lead to escalating stupidity. She needed to shut up to get a break but instead opened her mouth and killed her chance. And then proceeded to a felony assault. Do all the lawyer tap dancing you want. She did it to herself.

        • Willow creek local

          Damn police think they can do whatever they want. Buncha cop lovers on here. Probably half of you are married to one. The rest of us are sick of this. Same old. They can do whatever they want and nobody to answer to. Good old boy racist bs

          • Spoken like a person who doesn’t like being prevented from doing whatever they wanted, especially those things that hurt others who can’tdefend themselves.

          • ‘To Willow creek local’ – I am Hispanic. I disagree. Ms. Alonso Luna’s CIVIC DUTY was to be polite, cooperate, and comply. Peace and Police Officers DO hold authority over civilians and we, as sane adults, are expected to cooperate and play nice. When we cannot, we are then taken into custody to protect society and ourselves from our inability to be rational, responsible adults. Like a child, we are put into the real-time, adult-world, time-out. Ms. Alonso Luna was, to say the least, belligerent. (Why do I have to even say it?) If I spoke that way to an officer, I would get the same. Depending on the city and state, maybe worse. Undeniably Ms. Alonso had the same choices available to her in her “big girl pants” tool kit that we all do – either given to us by our family or learned the hard way. Quick example for those still on the fence… Officer: “Get out of the car.” Ms Alonso Luna: “I’m sorry, Officer. I am scared, tired, and even a little (illegally) drunk. My name is Samantha Alonso Luna. Again, I mean no harm or disrespect. I was wrong. What can I do to make this right? ” Now, with that scenario played out hypothetically, the different outcome just appears like magic. Even with Ms. Alonso Luna’s response, there were no fists, guns, or tasers used against her. Let’s keep this in perspective, please. No accountability? True in decades past, but not. any. more. To summarize, “Congratulations, Ms. Alonso Luna, you now have learned and earned a few crucial skills for your “Big Girl Pants Tool Box”… respect for authority, cooperation in a team setting, discernment, and critical thinking skills. Oh, and if the skill of accurate self-assessment has not been picked up from this very incident, all of the other skills previously mentioned will be null and void. Who do you really want to be? The person you think you are or the person who challenges your own denial with courage? Best wishes to all concerned.

      • the misadventures of bujnee

        Surprised nobody has mentioned this PSA already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8

      • Wow Kirk, is that really your professional advice that you would give a client of yours?

  • Janelle Jackson, A highly decorated law enforcement officer for many years, was attacked carrying out her duties and I demand the Girl is charged to the fullest extent of the law..

    • Who served em? Arcata put on the event. Do they card when they serve, or is it still that wooden coin they used to give out? Sue Arcata, sue the department, get rich, be happy the incompetent cop didn’t shoot. Many have not been so lucky in our country, and it’s high time those of us who have the luxury not having to deal with this (generally white people) help those who do.

  • All Hispanic Americans should reconsider enrolling at Humboldt State…..your double last names will not be recognized

    When can we expect Kevin Hoover sitting up an interview with Fox News on this one?

    • The article states she is not a student at HSU

    • You sound confused here. HSU and APD have no problem whatsoever with double last names. So long as a person with a double last name is aware of their own name, and provides it to an LEO when being investigated for a crime. It is not legal for anyone in this situation to give only half of the last name.

      • Last name is the final name on your birth certificate regardless of how many names are on there. She gave her last name, her first name, and her dl# as requested. The officers incompetence is no fault of hers, although she did try to re-educate her on Hispanic last names, an education she had in the academy. Over 38% of California residents are Hispanic, the last name issue wasn’t unknown to the officer. Forgotten possibly?

      • Oh, come off it, nobody is trying to give a false name by leaving off a hyphen they probably never use. Can we maybe throw an ounce of common sense in here between the political posturing? Jeez…

    • You mean he hasn’t yet?

  • I don’t see any evidence Luna gave false identification to LEO. She gave her name, birthdate, and CDL #. What was false? Unless a person’s last name is hyphenated, the last name is the last name. I also don’t understand why she was placing her under arrest when she pulled her from the car. It appears because they argued about her last name and it made the officer angry that she got it wrong. It’s regretful that officers cannot act calmer in these situations and take what should be, business as usual, personally and engage in arguments that escalate and spiral down hill quickly.

    • Her videos were edited. The officer warned her repeatedly that if she didn’t be quiet she would be arrested. She kept yelling at the officer. When she was told to get out of the car she said no, fought with the officer and pulled her hair and would not let go.

      • Failing to be quiet is not a legitimate basis for arrest.

        • That seems so blatantly apparent to me it is so sad that it needs to be repeated so many times in a thread like this. The number of people who think that cops can just boss you around is frightening.

          • The number of people who will run at any red flag waved at them without regard to whether they hurt themselves or not is also amazing. I swear you would avocate for jumping off the roof of a skyscraper just because some policeman said don’t do it. Having a right is not an obligation to do something stupid just to prove you have the right.

            • Seems like walking into traffic because pedestrians have the right of way.

              • The people of Eureka love exercising that right. That ‘right’ supersedes all common sense with far too many of them.

            • It is not an obligation, but it certainly is a right that should be protected by those in law enforcement. I am not advocating for the way she acted, I was simply agreeing with E Kirk. I might advocate for jumping off a skyscraper under certain circumstances. I certainly wouldn’t stop anyone who had their mind made up that it is what they wanted to do.

        • No, but sometimes it’s what you say that is a basis for it. Like, giving a false name. Derp.

        • I dont think the DA is going to be useing he phone vidio for evidence i mean if they do its only going to make her stupid case weaker like i said if i was a cop i would of pulled all them kids out of that car run thar names for warrants smelled thar breath and checked them for being under the influence of narcotics acting lime they were driveing around with your head out of the roof i dont feel a bit sorry for her dumb ass do stupid stuff get stupid results

        • Hanging out of the sunroof of a moving car is enough to get pulled over. Resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer can result in an arrest. Underage drinking warrants questioning and can result in further arrests as providing alcohol to minors is an offense.

          • Why is ‘resisting’ a crime, when there is no basis for an arrest in the first place? I know it is illegal, but why? Why is it illegal to be rude to a cop that is screaming in your face? (It’s not) Most importantly, why is it LEGAL for a cop to beat your ass? (it’s not) And then charge YOU with the assault that the officer committed?

      • First amendment-duh…

    • You are not considering that this girl’s friend was already in the cop car at this point for attacking the same officer. Her calmness was gone with her friend and this tween’s attitude and disrespect. I feel the officer handled it as professionally as this situation deserved.

      These girls & this generation need to learn that if you disrespect law enforcement, disrespect laws & rules, there will be consequences. Life is not a rap song where you say f#$% the police. If your disrespectful and abusive to the people in charge, there are consequences.

      Every action causes a reaction & this officer’s reaction was just.

    • Perfectly stated.. although it definitely escalated quickly.. the officer was acting like a Super Cop..

    • Finally someone said something that makes sense🙄

  • ConcernedCitizen

    HSU Police need training on Hispanic double last names.

    To all the commenters who blame the girl for raising her voice to the police officer in frustration over being accused of giving a false last name, please reconsider. I worked in emergency response for years and would never expect total submission, meekness, and humility. The girl didnt lie and the cop falsely accused her. What I see here is a cop expecting to be allowed absolute authority without questioning. I may be older than some and have been around the block a few times, as the saying goes. Giving that level of absolute authority to law enforcement is a very bad idea.

    BTW, once the first cop was dragging Ms Luna out of the car, all bets were off. Survival instinct kicked in. And no, Ms Luna obviously shouldnt have referred to the first cop as being unable to handle herself when she pulled her hair. Still, is that alone reason to justify dragging her out of the car after the fact? How well do you trust that every LEO will do the right thing? How much power should they have? Good topic for classroom discussion.

    • Thank you for your reasonable and respectable response.

    • The problem was SHE did not use the double name when the officer asked her while she did on her ID. She got her nickers in a knot when the officer asked for clarification as if she should know what the answer was when it simply was not clear. I’ll bet the officer did know about double names but not Ms. Luna’s arbitrary use. There is nothing that the police said she lied. She accused the police of saying she lied. That is not the same thing.

      Frankly I have the same trouble with Japanese or Chinese names given in this country. I ‘m never sure whether they have anglicized it to give their family name last or they giving me their first name as in their own culture. And as for Cambodians…

      As to “survival instincts”, that would be a lovely excuse to refuse every order by a cop. It is one favored by criminals who are always shy on their responsibilities and heavy on everyone else’s.

      • Guest, you exemplify my point: your discomfort about other people’s names is confused with an affront. I’ve done it myself — I hate French pronounced wrong but can’t pronounce it right to save my life or my dignity. I’m so relieved when my French Canadian friends Anglicize their pronunciation and spelling.
        And I flinch at certain ethnic naming traditions and hope that people I meet from those cultures will forgive my discomfort. I’m always a little resentful if I sense or imagine that they don’t.

      • WhoAreThesePeople?

        1. Wrong! The officer clearly said (shouted) that Samantha was lying about her name. My middle name is on my ID, but I am not required to provide it. For that matter, California is not a ‘stop and identify’ state- she is not at all required to surrender her ID to law enforcement.
        2. Your second paragraph just shows how ignorant and racist you are. The female cop showed these same attributes, plus arrogance and aggression.
        3. If I grab you by your head and yank you out of a car, will you not defend yourself? Most folks I know- even my pacifist hippy friends- would have fought back under those circumstances.

  • Punk kids getting drunk and getting rowdy and punk libs making excuses for said punk kids. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Arcata, where cops = bad and drunken Bernie-supporters = good.

  • I know she acted (and is acting) in reprehensible manner. One thing more disgusting than racism is attempting to use the race card to shirk you responsibility. But she is young and was intoxicated at the time. Hopefully she will alter her behavior, accept responsibility and apologies.

    • I didn’t see any evidence of intoxication. Do you have any evidence?

      • If she wasn’t, she was just naturally stupid. Luckily neither you or I have the authority or the knowledge to make a formal decision about that from video selections she posted herself and to demand such nonsense in the comments section is just silly. Commenters can assume what they want.

    • Have you seen her Twitter posts? She’s not sorry. She’s bragging & playing the victim card:

      “A video of me getting arrested by a WHITE FEMALE COP for no reason and then getting tackled by 4 grown men because she couldn’t handle herself when I had her by the hair.”

  • More makeup than most clowns.

  • Janelle Jackson is a professional, fair, and great police officer.
    This Luna girl is making an idiot out of herself. I hope she has to do time.

    • Wow! So you are saying because she is not in perfect physical shape, she can’t do her job professionally?! And is there now a “pre-menopausal” age limit to be an officer of the law?

    • Do time? You obviously have no idea what that means . This girl needs to be told there are better ways to plead your case and resist the police and she as wrong to fight. But to wish jail on some 20 year old for this is just mean. Why don’t you go citizen arrest some meth heads in eureka.

    • Bull I personally know someone she hog tied. This officer has pysch issues and the video demonstrates a lack of professional judgement!! I hope they do sue HSU and get her removed!

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      I can’t comment on Officer Jackson’s past. But what I saw (live, from 20 yards away) was a bully. Peterson and Rossbacher will protect her; that’s what they do. Arcata has always had problems with drunks, drugs, students, and bums. But HSU, UPD, and APD have stepped up their game in the last two years. They hired a bunch of GTF cops from San Jose and other cities to be their strongarms. They (APD and UPD) gun down a black man on the plaza, then release a police report that looks like a collaboration between Stephen King and James Patterson- a work of complete fiction. They (APD and UPD) botch the investigation into David Josiah Lawson’s murder so bad that it couldn’t be anything less than intentional. They (APD) run people out of town that are trying to stop the heroin dealers. They (HSU) dictate to the City Council what Arcata’s laws should be, and the Council complies. They (HSU) funnel money slated to faculty, staff, students, and services into (yet more) raises for the Administration. They (HSU) claim a budget deficit, and at the same time propose a multi-million dollar “village” on the west side of the freeway- again breaking their contract with the citizens of Arcata like they did when they bought the site of the former hospital on the south side of 14th. It’s time to close the University for good. It’s time to disband APD and start fresh with well-vetted officers. It’s time to stop the destruction of our community. If that means attending Council meetings, attend! If it means voting, vote! And if it means resisting, resist!

  • Sargeant Janelle Jackson I support you 100%.

  • This little girl odviously should not have been drinking at 20 years old she was not able to handle her alcohol. The bad part is the officers son who threatened her will now make his mother look like she did something wrong. This is 100% the fault of the occupants of the vehicle pulled over. Hopefully the aggressor Miss Alonso Luna should be held responsible for the stupid behavior!!

  • How about we all just have one last name and make things much simpler. Or if you have to be so special to have multiple last names maybe there should be some implied added burden on the person to make that known and clear in situations like this. I know it’s not her fault what was put on her birth certificate, but why not just one first name, one middle name, and one last name? I know this is a very small sample size, but I remember in school it seemed that every kid that had 2 last names came off as very entitled. I am glad I just have the one and it has worked just fine and dandy throughout my life.

    • Maybe it’s because she isn’t of European descent? That alone means she can’t be in the right, huh? Pardon me, but your hate is showing!

  • If they’d all had their seatbelts fastened, as per California state law, there may not have been a traffic stop. But the driver was cited for seatbelt violation. Wear your seatbelts kids. Maybe you won’t get stopped. It’s their job.

    • Or how about we don’t let big insurance lobbies manipulate the government into making laws that restrict it’s citizens personal liberties. The seat belt law is the biggest load of crap dumped upon American drivers. There should be 100 tickets issued for texting and driving before one for not wearing a seat belt. Safety my ass!

      • Spontaneous combustion alert!

        • The only combustion I wish for is all you [edit] who can’t even be bothered to come up with a unique name to post under and instead use guest. Facepalm! You still ignoring my request to suggest some things that YOU think I should be focused on instead or are you too busy trolling my posts? [edit]

          • Although I owe you no explanation, I will give one. Once you post something that a few others, trolls, dislike, they stop bothering to read anything under that name and immediately leap to the attack based on what they think you would say, not what you said. And I kept having to repeat that I never said that and they just get more exited to attack. It got old. At least some will be enough confused enough to read if they are unsure whether you are the despised poster or not. There is much less chance of them derailing the conversation in their maniacal fixation on personal attacks.

            Then as to not responding- this is a best a hobby, not a profession. I do other things most if the day rather than camp here. It was not about you.

            Finally, about on what things I think you focus? I’m not in charge of you of course but I think you would be more effective, and help your own sanity, by focusing on issues that are doable and more clear cut. Things like getting public to see that creating laws will not solve a whole range of problems such as taxing is no substitute for thinking when faced with social problems or that laws that can’t or won’t be enforced only cause contempt for the law. Frankly the seat belt law does save lives. That this coincides with the insurance company’s modestly better bottom line because they pay out less for accidents is no reason to think that they can force laws to do something that is not in the people’s interest. If people did not wear seatbelts and the insurance companies had to pay more out, they would simply charge more and less people could afford insurance with all the complications that brings. Getting upset at that law just because they “make you” is never going anywhere because it is a law that works. Save your fire for the ones that don’t work. There’s a lifetime of opportunity there. The tax code alone or my current pet peeve, school bonds, abounds with opportunity. Think Prop 13 on everything rather than waste time trying to make everything go away. It won’t go away but it can be nudged to a better path.

            But if makes you happier to pound your head against every wall, then it’s really not my place to demand you stop. I just think it’s better your health but in the end it’s just an opinion.

      • You’re right a law mandating people to wear a seatbelt should not have had to be made, because anyone dumb enough to drive 65 miles an hour down a freeway in a tin can surrounded by other tin cans going just as fast while not wearing their safety belts deserves what they get.

  • The sad part about this whole scenario is had she simply gave her her full name it would have never escalated. I’m not saying that the officer handled The situation appropriately! But hey teach your kids to answer only what is asked of you respectfully when dealing with the law.

    • The saddest part is that a person can get tackled by 4 huge men carrying guns, sitting on her, and somehow people think an intoxicated 20-year-old is supposed to have more control of the situation than multiple trained professionals.

      Somehow, everyone thinks its the drunk girl who is entirely in charge of how armed professionals behave and react–that the officers have no options for deescalation or friendliness or patience, unless the arrestee is perfectly submissive and well-behaved. That is psychopathic.

      If the University Police’s motto is “you behave perfectly, or we go batshit, what else can you expect?” may I suggest some other methods, like conflict resolution, deescalation, mediation, martial arts holds (their ‘sit on her till she suffocates and stops resisting’ tactic was straight-up weird, and much less effective than a good arm bar, which can be used by one person using a friendly voice .

      • And while you are being endlessly engaged in dialog with those who have little demand on their own time, the rest of what needs doing doesn’t get done. Beside you read here- there are people who will argue for hours. That works up to a point with some but you can talk til you’re blue in the face and find yourself exactly where you started out the minute you go back to the original point of disagreement. They still won’t want to.

        • y’all no that some bullshit and for the cops to say she was drinking how so we know they did a alcohol test on her they could of put any down on that fucking paper to show the judge/ court some false information I seen that done so many Damn times were the system is all corrupted in fucked up on the inside…

          • Did the police say she was drinking? Once she was in close company with an intoxicated minor, then the police were obligated to inquire about who provided the alcohol.

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          Yeah, she wasted so much of their time! They were so busy with other things that they still had 5 cruisers blocking F st 15 minutes after they let the driver go!

  • I understand that the LEO’s should be trying to de-escalate situations like this… but at what point is this young woman held to a similar standard regarding her conduct? Officers can’t always be backing down when confronted with people who behave this way. I keep seeing people comment on the officers not trying to diffuse the situation, but she shares a lot of fault for aggravating the situation, and being very confrontational as well.

    • She does not share fault with the police. She is responsible for her own actions and their legal consequences. She is not responsible for behaving to a ‘similar standard’ as the cops. Police are trained professionals, working on a job, armed with deadly weapons, with full knowledge (one hopes) of laws.

      They are working for taxpayers, as public servants, to uphold public safety. Anyone charged with carrying a deadly weapon needs a set of skills, and a temperament, to assess dangerous and difficult situations.

      These officers did not exhibit that judgement, skill or temperament, in a situation that frankly, a lot of parents of teenagers would find familiar, irritating, but certainly not necessitating the use of force by several armed adults.

      • Once she laid hands on the officer, she created the ugliness that happened. Being arrested does not give permission to engage in street fights. No police are require to be stand there for physical abuse. Being professional does not mean becoming an inhuman robot tolerating anything. Everyone can be pushed too far and this woman apparently worked pretty hard at it.

        If you want police to meet your standards of being endlessly patient, then you are going to have to hire a lot more of them because meeting Monday morning quaterbacking standards of dealing with idiots will take say more time than they have now.

        • The whole confrontation is a result of her actions and bad attitude. Had she not been acting like an entitled snot, she likely wouldn’t have been dragged out of the car and arrested. She was arrested for public intoxication, and from what I can see in the videos, her exchange with the officer was escalating into belligerent status, and to arrest her for public intoxication would be totally understandable. I don’t think it needed to go as far as it did, but she absolutely was the cause of the situation. I don’t know how anyone who sees these videos can claim that’s not the case. We’re raising a whole generation of these entitled brats that don’t think they need to answer to any type of authority figure, and want to turn everything into a protest. It’s only going to get worse.

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          She “laid hands on the officer” AFTER the officer physically attacked her. The officer’s verbal assault began as she was exiting the police vehicle. There was nothing about her demeanor that suggested any desire for peaceful outcome. No citizen is required to let a bully beat his/her ass.

      • Your absolutely correct. No excuse for the way this was handled.

    • Samantha was having a *gasp* tantrum. Plain and simple.

  • I like how the cops [edit] kids [edit] pretended they come from the kind of “family that you dont wanna mess with”…. give me a break. Your mom is a cop! You wont bust a grape in a food fight. Then probably after mommy told you to apologize, you backed off. Mama is gonna be getting you outta trouble your whole life.

  • Ummmm Nooooooo!

    Normally, I would have someone’s back over racial discrimination, hell I’m 3rd generation Mexican myself.

    I don’t believe in separating families at the border, its completely unnecessary.

    I believe Trevon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman & was unnecessary.

    I believe Philando Castile was killed & covered up by the police & was unnecessary.

    I believe Tamir Rice was shot & killed by police & unnecessary.

    I believe Antonio Zambrano-Montes was killed by the police and unnecessary.

    I believe Pedro Villanueva was killed by police and unnecessary.

    I DO NOT believe Samantha Alonso Luna was racially discriminated against!

    It looks more like someone’s more happy than upset to be viral, “I always wanted to go viral, but not for something like this!”

    For real chica, that’s what you said?
    I would have expected you to focus on the supposed discrimination than your approved selfie pic exposure first. No pic of you at home with your family, something to make you look more human? Something to back up that maybe your a good lady, that was really treated unfair.

    All I see is a young woman, whos mad at being questioned. People give out false names here all the time, so I understand the officer needing to verify that info, besides it is the law to give your full name, hyphenated or not & has been for a long time. She got herself into trouble and her story will not hold up in court. I just referenced the lawyer in our Mexican family and he just watched it and said, nope!

    So stop ruining, The Cause, with your tantrum, that got you in trouble lil girl! There’s real discrimination going on and all your doing is giving those who really need help, less of a chance against real discrimination, cause of bs like yours. Your giving those you fear discrimination from, more fuel for their discriminating fire.

    • I get the points that you’re raising, but an officer’s job is to defuse rather than inflame. Making a threat to arrest because someone is being rude is much more likely to inflame. The video becomes much more complex after that, the intimidation, or attempts thereof, almost never defuses.

      So the questions to be asked here:

      1. Who was the grown up?
      2. Who had the training, authority, and responsibility?
      3. What was her strategy to defuse?

      It all ramped up after the threat. I haven’t rendered a legal opinion as to whom is the most liable under the law, but what I saw in the officer was not professionalism.

      • Maybe she could have let the other guy step in, but the officer made the choice her attitude was enough, especially after she was warned multiple times. Miss Luna escalated it if you ask me.

        Once, I was pulled over in the middle of the night, on my way to work. I was pissed they pulled me over cause I know, I had not done anything wrong, to be pulled over for. He questioned my story bout going to work, he thought I was lying!! How dare he think I was lying!!

        My adrenaline started pumping and when he was questioning me, I became even more pissed, especially when he asked me if I was on any drugs. I spit all sorts of attitude after that and next thing I knew, I was asked to get out and do a bunch of sobriety tests. When he took my pulse, he asked “Why is your heart pumping so fast?” my reply, “Cause you f-ing pulled me over for nothing! In the meantime, the real perps are driving by, while you waste my time & your time with me, in the freezing f-ing cold!” His reply, “Its not cause your HIGH?” His reply, “Its not Meth making your heart pump?” Oooooo & it still pisses me off today recollecting it, typing it out today.

        Anyways, he put me thru over half a dozen tests, touch your nose, count back wards, abc’s! I passed them all and asked “If I should do The Charleston next?” He was pissed, for sure by my replies. He could have let his partner take over and deescalate it then, but he didn’t. He went to get the breathalyzer determined, he was gonna get something on me, especially after all my attitude.

        That’s when the lil angel on my shoulder decided to talk & reason with the lil devil on my other shoulder, “Hey shut the F up dummy. Do you really want to go to jail tonight, over a pissing contest with this cop?” the lil devils reply, “No!”

        I proceeded to shut my trap & took a few long deep breathes. The officer came back over, still determined to get me. I passed the breathe test. Annoyed I was passing with flying color,s he proceeded to try to provoke my anger again & again, hoping for anything to take me. I now answered him calmly, several times, cause I realized if I just let him finish his job, then i’ll be over with this faster & get to work and not lose pay. Heck, he doesn’t know I don’t do drugs, maybe my adrenaline and attitude was giving him that impression & excuse to take it further, ya think?

        He took my pulse again, I now had a normal pulse. He now realized, maybe I was telling the truth and just going to work. He said I can go now & apologized. He said before he left, “I’m sorry if we inconvenienced you, I hope it doesn’t hurt your job, but we were just doing ours. I hope you understand, we just want to keep the streets safe!”

        So, I could have been taken down for my attitude first too. I could have gone to jail that night, but I decided to not give him anything more to escalate it, than I already had. Reason and rationality can help you overcome many unnecessary outcomes, as long as you keep your head on straight. I’m not downplaying any actual discrimination situations, but theres a distinct difference between this and other actual REAL situations that have occurred. She’s just giving, The Movement, a bad name, all in pursuit of selfie fame. That’s pretty lame, if you ask me!


        • Wow, it sounds like you must have been significantly older (wiser) when it happened to you than Luna was when it happened to her. Good job finding your head.

          I’ve never gotten a ticket, though I’ve been pulled over a decent number of times over my driving career. Just be nice. Everything smooths over with nice.

          You just glide through life being nice.

          My favorite quote: “It’s all about sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

      • Take a step back

        Mr Kirk , What you seem to forget and a lot of other people is this video does not show the beginning of this incident and it has been heavily edited. Maybe it would be best to not form an opinion until other video is observed. I can’t believe the nasty terrible things posted by people who weren’t there and don’t know the whole story. What a society we live in here.

      • So you say but then you have the flexible view point of lawyers. No, it is not the duty of police to “defuse” a situation. It is to ensure public safety by enforcing the law. “Defusing” a situation can sometimes be helpful in accomplishing that goal. Sometimes attempts to do that make it worse. No police can risk allowing a bully to get their way.

        You might try a little defusing yourself, as a professional, instead of constantly poke your little attorney stick at other posters. Whose the grown up yourself…

        • “No police can risk allowing a bully to get their way.”

          No society can risk having bullies as their cops.

    • Well said “Wow!”!! Great points and a great post! Agree 100%.

  • Does anyone else see the alarming trend of whats happening in Arcata?
    HSU decided to recruit primarily from southern California and brings logs of urban ethnic kids up here.
    They follow the culture of Los Angeles where you act like a dumb gangster, fight with the cops and generally create big problems over small situations. We wouldn’t have this type of behavior is we were recruiting students from better neighborhoods. The whole Josiah and many other local crimes in Arcata are because out of the area people are coming here and tearing up our neighborhoods acting like they are in LA.

    • Ms. Luna went to Eureka High and is attending College of the Redwoods.

    • Priceless.

    • So if you weren’t from a “better neighborhood” you don’t deserve to live in Arcata and attend HSU?! Define a “better neighborhood”. I am being serious about wanting to know what you mean by better neighborhood.

      Ethnicity has nothing to do with how people act! Its disgusting that you would actually say that. Color and ethnicity has nothing to do with what happened to this girl. Her actions, attitude and complete disrespect for the law is what caused this situation.

    • That’s not racist at all…

    • So what you are saying is that only Native Americans should be allowed to go to school up here and all the murdering, raping, land stealing whites should go back to Europe.

      • Hell yeah! Send ’em back to Europe (or wherever they came from…maybe not Europe)! It’ll be better for the majority of us non-murdering, non-raping, non-land stealing whites left behind. That would be the super majority of us, btw.

        Oh, and ship all the other criminal POC back to their ancestral lands, too. Because the world is now PC and fair like that, right?

    • the majority of crimes are committed by local white people on meth. its a fact. kyle and his (3) time arrested mom for meth are from Concord so there is the exception.

    • You grew up on a weed farm run by a retired logger, huh?

  • The majority of us have no reason to respect the police. Just before writing this I saw the Eureka Police go the wrong way down a one-way to skip some traffic. Last week I saw a CHP going way to fast in the safety corridor, aggressively tailgating people and creating a dangerous situation. Fairly regularly the Sheriff barrel down the gravel kicking up a ton of dust and contributing the potholes the county does nothing to fix, my neighbor has deaf children, and I hope nothing bad happens. None of these times have there been lights or sirens.The CHP shot my friend’s german shepard puppy dead.
    I have absolutely no reason to respect the police, but it’s easy to recall the reasons why I hold them in contempt.
    The police demand respect, just because they have power, this girl wasn’t arrest for being drunk in public, but because she disrespected the police. The police haven’t done a damn thing to earn our respect.

  • I watched all the videos out of curiosity and tried to set aside any preconceived notions (I know my own tendencies to question authority and to view LEO’s with mistrust). That said, the first thing I noticed was that Ms. Alonso Luna seems impaired, her speech pattern and cadence indicate that (imho), additionally she seems to be purposefully projecting a bad attitude towards Officer Jackson and purposefully being difficult (again my opinion). Being a drunk minor is against the law, having a bad attitude is not (but considering you are already a drunk minor, it’s probably not an idea that will win you any awards at Stanford). Moving on, Officer Jackson a seasoned veteran and a professional could have done a better job of deescalating the situation and I would like to think that if she watched the videos she would be mature enough to see that, but who knows. Also, working for APD, I would expect her to be a little bit better at dealing with a drunk entitled teenager that obviously can’t handle her liquor or herself. Now apart from being a bit curt with Ms. Alonso Luna it seemed like she was on the verge of giving the drunken kid a break and letting her off, had it not been for Alonso Luna’ s continued childish behavior, I’m certain that’s what would’ve happened. The ” your 2 seconds away from being arrested”
    Was Alonso Luna’s golden moment of clarity or lack thereof.. unfortunately she chose the latter.. that was a very poor decision which is followed by several more poor decisions….
    Ok, I tried to be PC and impartial …
    I can’t do it.. that looked like a spoiled, entitled little brat spun like a top off of her first beer acting like a total jackass disrespecting a cop… and a cop that had probably dealt with her limit of spoiled, entitled, drunk teeny boppers that day.. I’ll say this.. if we as a society hadnt decided natural selection wasn’t fair or OK, that girl wouldn’t have survived to see 18yrs old.. jeez, what an idiot.. now let’s post this so everyone can see what a moron I am..SMH…
    I’m just proud that I can say without a fraction of a doubt that my children would never behave in this manner. Not because they don’t question authority and not because I demand they bow down to jackbooted LE thugs…
    They’re just not that dumb..
    I hope she reads these comments because it seems like 80% or more of the non troll posts agree with me.
    Now put that Pre-Stanford, pre-law mind to work and compose a nice, well thought out, public apology letter to the officers and everyone else out here that wasted our time with your childish nonsense…(that kind of maturity and willingness to admit ones own mistakes would impress me far more than being trilingual)

    • Well I was gonna write something eloquent and pin the tail. Darn it Ann D! Ya beat me to it. Well said 100%. Good job APD you guys rock! Sorry you have to deal with so much stupidity and entitlement day in and day out.

    • Is it Ms. Luna’s fault that Officer Jackson had to deal with other drunks before they met? A cop with a cool head can go from a murder scene to a domestic dispute call without escalating violence.

  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in a car or to be intoxicated in a car if your under 21; because it’s dangerous. Anybody suspected of being drunk in that car should have been questioned for the safety of the community.

    What if the juvenile arrested for intoxication had grabbed the wheel or something?

    • Why did the driver have an intoxicated jeuvenile passenger.

      Underage intoxication is only alowed if their parents are present; however underage intoxication is not alowed in a car, even with parental consent.

      • Go to the link at the bottom of the article. It has a great deal more information.

        • What do you think Luna should have done, Kyme?

          • Honestly, from the perfect calm spot at my desk, and the limited information I have, I don’t know. And that means that both Sgt. Jackson and Luna were in even worse positions to make decisions. I change my mind almost constantly.

            That said, knowing that our family has the resources to fight things out in court later, I showed my 16-year-old son the video and told him to always treat an officer with respect even if you think they are wrong. Do exactly what they say and keep your voice calm and your words to a minimum. First, because it is respectful. They have a hard job that I wouldn’t want to do. Second, because the power is on their side. Things can go very wrong when you make someone angry–even a very good person.

            • Take a step back

              Excellent example of what not to do. Wise words to your son. Words I have stated to my own children.

            • awww your a good mommy

            • In another situation Luna would have been fired upon the moment she lunged back into the car seemingly grabbing for something after already resisting the cop. Make sure your kids never do that sort of move. She is lucky she is a she.

            • Hallelujah. I do think that Ms. Luna was in a position to make better decisions. But if people are conditioned to look at police as always the enemy, then they are not ever going to see their own part in the problems. Then the times there are real problems are indistinguishable from ones that are only self fulfilling prophecy.

              I remember hearing a story by a black actor about the time he and three of his young friends got a lift from someone they knew was a drug dealer. They soon got pulled over by police and he was quietly sitting there thinking he had just ruined his life by taking the lift. They were four black young men. He knew he was about to get arrested and he knew the man had drugs in the car.

              But the drug dealer driver just listened to what the police had to say, which was about non functioning brake lights, then thanked the officer for letting him know. He said he would fix it right away. The officer was fine with that and let him go.

              Obviously this incident made a great impression on him. And his telling made a great impression on me. Story telling can be powerful.

      • Al, Underage intoxication is NOT allowed when parents are present. Where did you get that idea? Parents can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor or get a CWS referral for that.

    • All these “what ifs”… What if she was stopped by EPD’s Officer Linfoot? She might’ve been shot. What if she was white? She might’ve had only one surname. What if she was 21? Oh! then it would’ve been LEGAL for her to be drunk and in the passenger seat of the car! But… But… But… What if she was 21, and drunk, and grabbed the wheel?

      None of these “what ifs” are true, none are pertinent to the incident, so why put them out there?

  • You have the right to remain silent. Everyone should know that before they incriminate themselves.

  • O officer i need to know how to get my friend out of jail all thoue im studing law i have no idea how to go about doing this — By the way whats your name girl–Da i think i will only give her half my name to be cool and then tell the cop shes being rude you cant be serious how stupid some people must be – Step out of the car- O no im not doing that just going to disobey a officers orders -O record this record this im being stupid and dumb record this record me being stupid and dumb what a joke this girl needs her cell phone put wher the sun dont shine then take a pitcher and show that to the jury then they might get the pitcher

  • Nobody on this blog knows Samatha as I do. I saw her grow up from 8 year old very polite and beautiful little girl into a blossoming teenager. For those who curse her on an open platform and make accusatory and derogatory remarks about her is utterly shameful. I observed the video and I can clearly see that female officer and her collegues who should be serving and protecting the public yank Samantha’s hair and physically pull her out of the car. Samantha is a bright teenager who may have exhibited a bit of teenage attitude but no one should be arrested or manhandled the way she was. In High School she was an honor Student. Samantha is definitely not unruly teenager some people seem to perceive her as. Samantha has been known to those who know her to be an honest, loving and compassionate young lady. If anyone needs proper etigett, they are those who degrade her for her actions on that unfortunate day.

    • Nope! Watch it in slow mo…I’m sorry to say, but your beautiful lil girl, turns and yanks the officers hair first.

    • Well, how did she go so sour? The video clearly shows her baiting the police officer, refusing to answer a reasonable question and then attacking the police officer as she is removed from the car. I suspect it was the older people around Samantha who failed her. people just like you who told her how perfect she was and how bad and racist all the cops are. Some cops are. Some cops suck. But…not all of them. And you just filled up Samantha with your hate and disrespect. Now you will see her do time for assaulting a police officer. But still you will blame “the system” or “the pigs”, never reflecting on your own blanket judgements and your ill indoctrination of the children around you. Shame on you! the videos are still out there w/ over a million views. Most comments on there condemn your perfect little Samantha so at least that is good to see. Again…Shame on you! Shame on the family!

  • The amount of attention of one incident baffles me. Why are we putting so much wasted time/energy into this? 🙄

  • “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, Andy Warhol. circa 1968.

    What Andy did not tell us was that most of them will become famous for doing something stupid and posting it on the internet looking for empathy.

  • Oh please, don’t use my mug shot. Use this awesome picture of me from my awesome Facebook page.

    • The conversation went more like this. It’s Sunday. There is no mugshot available and I won’t be able to get one before I publish this article. May I use your profile photo? (When I ask to use someone’s photo, I almost always ask for their profile picture because it is one they usually are comfortable sharing. (Sometimes if it is a flower or is not helpful for some other reason then I will ask for another.)

  • Why this is on the news and being covered so much is beyond me. She got her 15 minutes of fame. Let’s move on. Geesh.

  • Do the HSU police answer locally to the community as do the local Arcata police,
    the eureka police and the local sheriff’s department?

    If they are familiar with you (in a good way), it tends to go better; seems like the HSU police are a little harder to get to know?

  • Does anyone know if there is police car and/or body camera video of this incident?

  • So many comments here follow the line of thinking ‘If you’d just do what he says, he’d stop hitting you. He has a hard job. He’s stressed. Just be polite, make things pleasant and he won’t get so angry. He hit you? What did you do to start it? Don’t argue, just let him have his way. What do you expect when you give him attitude?’

    We don’t accept corporal punishment in schools, child abuse in homes, domestic violence, but the thinking pattern, the one that normalizes abuse by blaming the victim for making it happen, is still there when it comes to cops.

    • 1)Most folks know, hanging out your sunroof, while drunk on the Plaza, you are definitely asking to get in trouble.

      2)Its the Universities responsibility, to keep its thousands of students safe. Driving around drunk and hanging out your car, only endangered all her fellow peers and residents! Were they just suppose to say, “Sure go right ahead and do what you want, without regard to others safety! Do what ever you want!”

      3)Has no one here ever been stopped in college, when you were doing something you weren’t suppose to do, drinking underage? Ever watch Campus PD? There’s folks who been taken down worse, by their campus security and on tv, for a matter of fact. There’s several of kids with attitude, warned and taken down & I haven’t ever heard of any of them in jail, for taking down those minor, who were drinking. Ms Luna is just really lucky the officers didn’t pull their guns when she reached for the inside of the car. If I recall threre is all sorts of folks shot dead for pulling out just their license.

      4)I’m 3rd generation Mexican-American and I believe this was not about race or over abuse of power. She’s just playing the race card, instead of being accountable for her actions, as a minor drinking and misbehaving on the plaza.

      5)It’s really a shame cause , there really is a time and place, to play the race card, but that’s when actual discrimination goes down, not because you didn’t get your way, tisk, tisk. She just gives, The Movement, a bad name & just gives the WH cult, more fuel for the fire, & more support for immoral policies!

  • Criminal!! she should have spoken with respect to the officer! ! who the f*ck she thinks she is?? stupid drunk! and assaulting a police officer! go to jail you little scum!!

  • Fire the Officer

    The entire incident is as appaling as watching men and women with guns attack and rape a young college student dressed for a nice summer day.
    . So many comments here follow the line of thinking ‘If you’d just do what he says, he’d stop hitting you. He has a hard job. He’s stressed. Just be polite, make things pleasant and he won’t get so angry. He hit you? What did you do to start it? Don’t argue, just let him have his way. What do you expect when you give him attitude…. When it comes down to it, cops always lie and cover up for eachother just like in this disgusting video. Fire all 4 officers

  • Take her gun away from the officer before she kills or gets someone killed……She simply doesnt have the right temperment for the trade, this was NOT a high stress situation for a police officer and she lost it, resulting in a totally unnecessary escalation of the situation. She created an unsafe environment for her fellow officers and for the community she serves. This doesn’t make her a bad person, this does make her a bad police officer and an unnecessary liability to the department and the public she serves(served).

  • Do what cop say or die

    Cops are always right. They should have shot herbto teach respect. What do people think, this is the USA or something, just do everything Trump and the government and police say, the law is the lawand we are the laws sheep.

  • these kids arent a problem or a threat to anyone, female cop sucks, abused her power to prove a point, sack her ass

  • Even Marin kids aren’t this ignorant

    All of these entitled idiots these days. The cop literally was going to let you get away with breaking the law, and you felt above the law. There is a time to talk and a time to shut the front door. Hopefully miss bossy learns a valuable lesson.


    • Smart girl shouldn’t post her own bad behavior for the Colleges to see and make part of their decision on acceptance!!!

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