EPD Issuing New Parking Citations

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

The Eureka Police Department began utilizing new parking citations [last] week as part of continued efforts to update our parking enforcement program. The small bright orange parking citations have been replaced by larger citations with a yellow face.

The new citation provides updated instructions regarding how to pay for citations received as well as how to contest citations if you believe they were issued in error. Eureka Police Records staff will also be able to sign off for license plate and registration tab violations on the parking citation after collecting required fees.

Payments for parking citations can be made online through www.paymycite.com/eureka, in person at Eureka Police Department weekdays from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm or by mailing the citation to the parking ticket processing center at the address on the citation.

Contact Records Manager, Amanda O’Neill with any questions aoneill@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Click the thumbnails below to see what the tickets look like.



  • Do they give them to people passed out along the road with their shopping carts?

    • Wish the Sheriff’s would write a few in Garberville / Redway. Folks always park outside the parking stall stripes in Garberville / Redway. They park blocking half of a crosswalk in Garb., in several locations which makes it very difficult to see pedestrians. In Redway they like to park blocking half the post office driveway. Usually some big ass local pickup. Maybe the word would get out. But then, some drivers just think they are so special. More like brain dead.

  • Does this mean they will also be issuing tickets for the 2 hour zones around the police department or will they continue citing around the courthouse and ignore the police department? I used to work at the courthouse and they showed up there first thing in the morning marking tires and I could go by the police department at lunch time and again after work and the same cars would be parked in the 2 hour spots and I never saw a ticket on any of them. Maybe someone should do a study on this!

    • You should have parked in their lot.

    • County/city worker parking permits and the Juror permits are exempt from the 2 hour parking limits around the court house. Thats part of the reason you don’t see them ticketed.

  • Casual Observer

    Why does Eureka pay a vendor in Santa Ana a fee to process these parking tickets? Can’t this job be done at home?

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