Southern Humboldt’s ‘Small Business Summer Sale’ is This Friday

This is a press release from the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce:

Attention business owners! 

The Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce will be advertising and promoting for our local businesses for aSmall Business Summer Sale coming up on Friday, June 22nd, 2018!  

Participating merchants in Garberville, Redway and Evergreen Business Park will be having sales going on from10-6 pm!

If you are a merchant interested in joining in on this promotional sale, be sure toPRINTout the attached flyer and hang it in your window, visible for the public to see!

We will be promoting and advertising for this by flyer, in the paper, on social media as well as with the help of Kym Kemp to get the word out!

If you are a merchant located in other areas other than Garberville, Redway and Evergreen and would like to participate, print the attached flyer out and hang it in your window so we know!

Flyers can also be picked up at the Chamber office! 

Please join us for some HOT savings!



  • Well, in Redway and Garberville, commonly purchased items can be had for only about twice the going rate that you would pay in, say Redding or Yuba City.

    In Humboldt County, you should always leave before paying what they are asking, with the possible exceptions being at Target and Winco, where the prices are only about 20-30-% higher than in the Valley…

    Don’t want to leave? Well. Pay up.

    Shop Smart in Redway, and Rays in Garberville, have the highest prices I have seen anywhere. Ever.

    Keith’s Pharmacy, is a straight ripoff at up to 500% of what you will pay at Howard Pharmacy in Willits. Just don’t go there! Drive to Target!

    At Hemp Connection, hey, you can buy that stuff online. Hemp clothes at Dash Hemp Santa Cruz, are regularly sold for 25% off. Check it out.

    Radio Shack Garberville? Stay away!

    What else can you even buy in Garberville? Let’s see, 100 pounds of bud, beer, liquor, drugs, 5000 pounds of potting soil, guns, bullets… Check!

    Used clothing, maybe a book, some trash at Blue Moon, a sandwich? Hmmmmmmm….

    Garberville/Redway is not even a place to shop, as I understand it, but the Farmer’s Market is pretty good, though expensive!

    Hey, see a FNP at Jerold Phelps Hospital! Only $900!


  • Hey diesel what about the cost of the gas to drive to Redding or Yuba? I like to got to Chataqua and I like to go to Browns or Radio shack I like them being there you dont have to deal with traffic on 299 and the congestion driving in to Redding. Sure it costs it costs a little more, but they have to pay shipping I went to Mi Mochima in the Cove last night and had a great meal and didn’t have to drive to G’ville but thats my choice and I like where I live and shop.

  • Right, it’s the price of shipping that makes everything so expensive in Garberville and redway, that’s why I can have the same thing shipped directly to my house, or in my case since I’m out in the Hills to my PO box for generally around 60% less. After 38 years of getting hosed with high prices in town I have set a strict 15% rule, if it cost more than 15% in town as opposed to somewhere else, I buy it somewhere else. I think 15% is a reasonable markup to have something right now instead of 2 – 4 days later. With the exception of Parkinson’s,Home Town cooking, just rent it, Redway Liquors, Nielsen’s feed redway tire, Brown’s some times and maybe a couple others that I can’t think of right now that actually have reasonable prices or make up for it with really good customer service. The days of big money are over for Garberville and Redway, if the local businesses don’t start toning it down and tightening their belts, there’s going to be a lot more vacancies in town. Most of the businesses in town could do a true 40% off sale and still be making 20%. Some would still be making over a 100%

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