Red Rental Rams Eel River Cafe

The red rental vehicle crashed into the Eel River Cafe.

The red rental vehicle crashed into the Eel River Cafe. [Photos by Shanda Centeno]

At approximately 7:15 a.m., a red rental vehicle reportedly spun out on Redwood Drive in Garberville and slammed into the front of the Eel River Cafe tossing newspaper boxes to either side.

According to Shanda Centeno, the occupants, “did their little brody and took out the Eel River Cafe.”

The tiny restaurant with its famous pancake flipping sign has been open since 1931.

Transmission fluid leaked onto the main street of town and County Roads has been asked to come out and clean it up.

Two men on phone in Garberville.

The occupants of the vehicle have to make new plans for the day.



  • Ya they need to pay for the damages, then get out of our town!

    • Why do they have to get out of town?

      • I heard the crash, it was cause they were speeding thru our tiny town where folks walk, including lil kids who walk to the bus stop for school. They hit the brakes so hard , its what woke me up, before the loud bang, which was them hitting Eel River. So yes, they should leave, if they dont care to drive safely thru a 2 block town!!!

        • On Sunday kids don’t walk to school. Just be reasonable while you are upset.

          • What are you talking about?! They don’t live here and crashed a rental car into a restaurant while doing 60mph?! Yes they get the fuck out, I can’t believe being angry about that, and not what they did, is unreasonable? Get priorities straight!

          • Oh, so its ok, they drove reckless in town, cause its not a school day! I’m very well aware of it being Sunday,[edit] its a good thing it wasn’t a weekday, when this happened. Yet its not like children don’t ride their bikes around here on the weekends either. So technically ANY day of the week is a bad idea to drive reckless in populated areas!!!!!!!

            Common sense, saves lives and is not unreasonable! [edit]

            Turns out, its wasn’t even from speeding! They were peeling out, doing doughnuts and lost control!

            Now a family lost a full day of income cause 2 dummies had to show off, they suck at doing tricks in their rental!

      • Oh the laughter!!!

        Doing “brodies” on a downtown street is not enough reason?

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        There are no ‘Vette rentals in Garberville. You’d have to go out of town to come back into a small town to fluff your ego. And then wreck it because you can’t drive for sh-t. That will be an expensive charge on the credit card used for the rental.

        • That is not a Corvette. Had it been even at lower speeds would have “exploded” as a ‘Vette is mostly fiberglass. I used to have one and I once did a very slow backup into a brick planter surrounding a tree and it almost totaled the car. If they are still basically bodies of fiberglass…there would be much more damage to their vehicle! Even if it were Carbon Fiber…Carbon fiber composites don’t rust or corrode the way metals do, and they don’t rot the way wood does. Although carbon fiber composites are, pound for pound, stronger and stiffer than any other material, they can be damaged, which can create cracks and delamination (where layers of composites separate from each other), leading to failure. I seriously doubt this car was either Glass Fiber or Carbon Fiber construction. Hey you auto officianadoes…Name the Make and Model of the car shown…please?

    • Sell them Bridgeville before they leave.

  • Hilarious 🤣

  • Wish there was a photo of the cafe. It doesn’t looked rammed in this photo.

  • Carless fukin dirtbags, no doubt not from the area and could give 2 shits about the community! If I witnessed it they wouldn’t be standing too happy!!! I hope the owners sue the shit out of them God knows hcso wont serve justice!

  • Runaway red rental renters rightly reminded of really reasonable rental insurance rates right ’round now.

  • Take Benny with you. D.B.s

  • Skinny jeans and a mushroom top hair cut explains it all. Those pants probably cut off circulation to his legs which caused him to lose control of the car.

    • Exactly! And obviously shows they don’t have much experience even with a mildly fast car. And secondly it also shows lack of taste by the choice of rental 😝

  • Smashed his red vette in a 25 zone. I am glad he never made it to the Briceland road, he would have killed someone.

  • You people are mean, they don’t look douche-y at all. The fine gents just look like guys here to spend their tourist dollars at $250 a pound…with the expected $200 trim job of course.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Magnetic attraction to buildings in SoHum needs investigation! What is it about Garberville that causes donuts to be executed, buildings to be assaulted? It can’t be the preponderance of attractive females hanging out in the streets at 0700, is it the general ambiance of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the lurid smell of Cannabis in the morning, the honeyed reek of homeless men urinating on the sidewalk, the general level of decay of the town, the fog of dope smoke that hangs over this general locale? Or is it some malicious and capricious Elven magic? Or is it Karma? Existential Angst? Boredom? Emotional ennui?

    I hope the building survives, the town manages to repair itself, the Millennial bros survive the “Garberville treatment”and, generally, I now pass the recommendation I assess each year:

    Put up the Orange Plastic Fence, Garberville! You are going to need it, and around the whole town this time! Your reputation, is plummeting with every vehicle vs building incident! To protect your silly town, put up a sign:

    “Town closed until November, due to general craziness, chronic intoxication and infestation with druggies, and intolerant locals! Please return 2nd week in November, cash only. Thanks”

    Garberville! You earned your reputation! Own it!

    • 💩💩💩💯💯💯 lol

    • Rightously Self Flagellate Much?

      The Brodacious Ones were from out of town. Probably their first trip out West.

      Replace all the ‘Garberville’s in the diatribe with ‘Oakland’ then all the ‘Humboldt’s with ‘Alameda’. Garberville is the Eel River Cafe that got smashed!

    • Well then! Lol This has been one interesting thread of comments. Sounds like time for a revolution in Good Ol G-ville.

  • “Ballers” in a rental , fuckin hilarious. Surprised somebody didn’t whoop their ass .

  • Wow, wiped out in a 25mph zone. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Even if rental insurance was purchased I doubt it would cover reckless behavior. More than likely they will have to pay for the damage of the car. And if transmission fluid was leaking after the accident plus other damages…thousands of dollars.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Rental insurance doesn’t cover displays of speed or anything that happens as a result. It’s right in the contracts. They can say whatever they want to the police (hey man, a racoon jumped in front of us while we were doing 23 in a 25!) and all the insurance co has to do is pull the computers data box for review of what the car was really doing. And where.

  • As Jeremy Clarkson would say ” American cars can only go in a straight line”

  • Food for thought

    I’d give anything to see these two douchers ride in that car with any local guys arround here driving it 😂 …. Probly couldn’t even piss himself in those pants. 😂😂

  • This is clearly reckless driving. Why wasn’t the driver taken to jail, booked, and required to post bail? He apparently is not a local, so there needs to be leverage to hold him accountable.

    • Cop Had to see it happen

      Reckless Driving is a misdemeanor, and in all but a dozen or so specific crimes, an officer cannot arrest someone for a misdemeanor not committed in his/her presence (Penal Code §836.(a)(1). They can only submit their report to the DA in an application for a complaint against the driver.

      In such misdemeanors the law contains no exceptions for whether the suspect lives a block, a mile, or 500 miles away, just like with most traffic tickets.

  • Hey, whata ya got against newcomers?

  • A common occurrence back in the muscle car era of the 60’s and early 70’s.

  • YouTube Corvette Fails. It’ll explain what happened.

  • Make up for the lost wages and tips of the employees!

  • i can tell u what I don’t like about NEWCOMERS.
    They drive to fast have no respect for their neighbors, no respect for our community.
    Here only to extract and not give back.Have no respect for the land or water or salmon.Take years to learn how to get along and be respectful.I would love new family oriented folks who would drive and act respectfully.

    • This means at the busiest time of the year the Cafe will be closed thanks to these dumb fucks. Hopefully they have insurance otherwise the Cafe”s insurance has to pay. The majority of the population who come from out of the area are judgement proof. Being a small business owner I feel for the owners. Its not funny that a business that has been open for 87 years is significantly impacted because some idiot invited these guys here for likely a drug deal.

    • The whole “locals” thing is tired. Some people born and raised here are great, some aren’t. Same goes for newcomers.

      • I don’t see the point you’re trying to make. Who’s shitting in living rooms?

        I’d be upset if anyone, local or newcomer, took a dump in my living room. Would you be into it as long as it was a local? Possibly so, since you seem to be one of the locals who think their shit don’t stink.

        As I said before, some people born and raised here are great, some aren’t. Same goes for newcomers. The only arrogance I see here is in your “locals rock, newcomers suck” stance.

        Enjoy a beautiful Humboldt day, no matter where you were born. 🙂

        • Really, I have to type it out for you, sigh. No, I’m not born and raised, but can understand, ones born and raised attitude, [edit]

          These folks have to watch their towns be ripped apart, by arrogant statements from you and reckless treatment like these 2 dummies this morning. Its people like you and these 2 guys this morning, that are taking a dump in the middle of the living room. Are you really that oblivious?

          Its common sense & common respect!! That’s all the, born & raised, wish & want, [edit]

          They are being pushed to the edge of a cliff. What do folks do, when there’s no more room to walk backwards? They push back! So ya you may think, its just a born and raised jerk thang, but what have you done for the community lately? What have you done, to help try to improve the community, other than just further the divide between, the born and raised & newcomers?
          Doesn’t look like that much from here. Feel free to reply! So when your done just thinking about yourself, please feel free to reply!

          • As I said before, some people born and raised here are great, some aren’t. Same goes for newcomers.

            I’ll stick with that opinion. I’m pretty confident it’s true world wide.

            Anyone know where the guy who DUI crashed the camero the other day was born?

            • More, me me me opinion poop, I’m pretty confident you just don’t get it! There’s nothing wrong with a lil hometown pride, as for anywhere else. Why should they be pooped on for a lil pride, vs say like a Yankees fan is to their hometown? I’m also pretty confident, there’s no point in talking to a wall.

              • Everyone here is expressing his or her opinion. That is actually the main purpose for the comment section. Why shouldn’t I?

                Is it because I wasn’t born here? 😉

                Happy Fathers Day to all the good dads out there!

                Oh, and even though I’m a relative newcomer, I’ve got plenty of local pride. I love AP! It’s a spot that gets beaten up pretty good in these comments. Sometimes the bad comments are on point, but often they aren’t. Good & bad, locals & newcomers, just like everywhere.

                I love AP & Sohum warts and all! Do not hate! APPRECIATE!

                Peace and love to all 🙂

    • You’re not wrong, but for crying out loud MOST of the worst ‘people’ we have around here
      are also born & raised here. Idiots like these two are everywhere.

    • Hey, I was a newcomer in 93 and I resent your blind views. I didn’t do any of the drivel you described! Don’t lump all newcomers the same or I’ll have to lump all the commenters as vile, careless, heartless idiots. For those who think they are so perfect…let me see you walk on water!

  • That haircut is whack yo

    • The guy with the strange looking haircut must have been inspired by Marvel’s new show, on Freeform channel, formerly Family Channel, formerly ABC’s Family Channel, Cloak & Dagger!!! Cloak, the Black kid has a haircut very similar to this Moron’s!!!

  • Wonder if M.T. has bells on his toes? Looks like he’s got rings on his fingers. Nominated for stupid human tricks award. 🥇

  • i c enough bling on that hand 2 pay 4 all the damage

  • Look at those shoes! Frighteningly urbane flat bottom soles! their socks would be plugged up with burs if they ever stepped off the asphalt!
    Looks like Spain is missing a couple of its brightest buisinessmen

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Not much traction except for skateboards. Surely not out in the hill dirt, and apparently not brake pedals either.

  • Clowns 4 sure !

  • shady dude on the right calling his dealer “uhhh we gonna be late” what a bunch of assholes

  • Teen age stunt. Deserve the “Aunt Jamyma treatment “.

  • It did make me want pancakes for breakfast!

  • Magpie from mendo

    Epic fail! Lol definitely not from around here!! How do you explain this to the insurance agency 😬🤣🤣🤣 trying to be cool and ended up embarrassed 😳 like Garberville has enough eyesores already! Sad!

  • How do you spin out in a 25 mph zone i suppose he hit a pan cake

  • Isn’t that a Firebird badge on the rear end?

  • If you enlarge it enough to be seen it certainly appears that way!!!

  • Obviously they swerved to miss a deer 😂

  • …the dude with the phone to his ear…hey mom, dad, I have a little problem, a cafe jumped out in front of me while I was making a u-turn and totaled my rental car, what should I do now..?

  • It looks like they slipped on Magilla the Grow Gorrilla’s banana peel in busy town. 🍌 🙉🙈🙊

  • Film Professional

    Am guessing this is the result of young men watching movies like ‘Fast & Furious’ and thinking they can easily replicate those car tricks.
    Hello BOYS! Those on screen car tricks are a product of professionally trained drivers, in specially equipped and weighted cars, CGI, and editing that makes them look ‘soooooo cool!’ (Oh. And what you don’t see are the ‘picture cars’ that are smashed /damaged in the course of filming).
    Leave it to the professionals!

    • How do you think the professionals got started? Not like this haha

      • Film Professional

        There is one Film Industry Dept that is populated with (mostly) guys who started learning their trade early, doing crazy shit pranks, they are in Special Effects, the people who who rig and manage the BIG explosions you see on screen. Many of them were the guys blowing up mailboxes in high school! Lol.


  • Clean up Redway

    I bet if the car had been searched, something would reveal the lone pine stay and lack of respect for our town.
    Cops aren’t all detectives, probably 6 pounds of heroine. Never know huh.
    No ballers there, rental car. Just stupid rich boys slanging drugs.

  • I walked pass there this morning around 10:30am the front door was boarded up already. Hope it gets fixed by the guys who didn’t know how to control their fun car.
    Glad no one was hurt.

  • Now that you all have had your say, I heard they were backing up and the accelerator petal stuck causing the car to whip around and damaging the rear of the car then they pulled forward and parked in front after the madness,we will all see when it comes out in the wash.after all I don’t think they were arrested.

    • LOL. Ya right! That’s sounds like BS, they feed to cops and insurance company, to give them the benefit of the doubt & get out of trouble. Cant bull**** a bull*******! If the cops or insurance company, talked to witness’s working, down the street at the coffee shops, they’d learn a completely different story. They were showing off to their friends, who took off in 2 different pick up trucks, right after it happened! If you just look at the peel out marks, it doesn’t match to your story. He was pushing the peddle to the meddle yo, no doubt about that!
      I think someones afraid, they’re gonna get a big bill! I’m sure measurements were taken and it’ll be ruled their fault, no matter what they say. They just got out of getting in trouble with the cops, but insurance fraud, now that’s another thing!

    • The accelerator stuck. Honest! That’s what I would say too.

    • Nice try, Plenty of people saw what happened and it wasn’t that!

  • things you hear

    “hold my spliff, watch this!”

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    What idiot would rent a 500 horsepower automobile to bros, anyway?

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