Two Properties Searched, Fresno Man Arrested, When Warrant Served Near Hyampom

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

VangOn June 13, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served two search warrants to investigate the illegal cultivation of marijuana in the area of U.S. Forest Service Route 1 near Hyampom. The following agencies assisted the DEU: wardens and environmental scientists with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, specialists from the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, inspectors from the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and CAL Fire law enforcement officers and personnel.
Two parcels were investigated during the service of the search warrants. Neither parcels possessed or were in the process of obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt. During the service of the warrants, DEU deputies located five greenhouses and eight outdoor marijuana cultivation gardens. Deputies eradicated a total of 5,387 marijuana plants and seized three firearms.

On both properties, assisting agencies also located several water diversion violations (up to $8,000 per day fine), stream pollution violations (up to $20,000 per day fine), multiple grading violations (up to $10,000 per day fine) and improper disposal of garbage. Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.
Nou Kia Vang, 35, of Fresno, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of unauthorized cultivation of marijuana, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle, streambed alteration without a permit and water pollution.
Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    Wake up dumby you got no title!
    Here we got another example of what 90 percent of humboldt grows look like!
    I know growers that are permitted that have the same trash laying around so theres no real difference but one paying his extorters!

    • Based on your comment, the dummy may be you. Glass houses.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      90%? Now I know what they mean by “fake news”.

    • If you’re really Bulgarian then you have absolutely no room to talk! [edit], cartels, Asians and tweakers are almost always the worst violators, not regular local folks!

    • I want a law that says the growers must physically help load their trash, do manual labor, and clean up their mess back to natural. And, when they are done with theirs, they can help with the others too. The taxpayer should not be paying for people to clean up another’s mess. Put them out in that hot sun and make them restore our earth they have terrorized. How many of them have let dogs loose to kill fawns and other wildlife? Make them restore habitat too. Make them study the results of their poison and plastic trash pollution. Then ban them from the Triangle, for life. They came here knowing they will destroy the land, they can never come back.

      • I like that idea!!!! Growers…I see y’all pass by with fuel containers lined up, going in for fuel or food. TAKE your DAMN TRASH in and stop being lazy about it! You work so hard on the product…how can you live like that. Plus with the wind this past 3 weeks, trash is blowing every where, CLEAN up your trash!!!

        • I always feel like the right amount to grow is the amount you can manage all by yourself. Keeps it real. “The more you know, the less you need”

  • He looks pretty smug in the mugshot.

    Lots of extremely bare ground, especially in the first photo. Wonder how much Roundup they sprayed.

    • No round up necessary on top the mountain.. looks like in the middle of a forest fire burn zone. Not much can grow in the native soil on top the ridges round here. Hence the pots. And hence the cheap land preferred by growers. Soon to be even cheaper!! Lol!

      • To be clear, lots does grow on our mountain tops Here!

        Take a walk in the woods to find out; tons of grasses and shrubs, lilacs, lillies, Iris’, herbs, wild ginger, orchids, ferns, berries, nuts, trees and tons more. Literally enough to satiate the needs of endless deer and bears and more. It’s frikin awesome.

        If your permitted or unpermitted grow scene looks like this one above, shame on you. Clean it up, start now.

        Also. Kym and Trinity Co residents: a good article following up on last weeks TC sheriff raid on County Cannabis permitting office was in most recent Trinity Journal. Link below if you have online access:

        • Thank you for the link. Can’t read it without subscribing though.

        • he has a silt fence for sediment run off as shown in the photo. right now GD is clearcutting the entire 2nd growth ridge above McKinleyville along Murray. Do you think GD setup a serveral mile long silt fence? if you would like to see massive damage to an ecosystem, feel free to investigate. this area shown above was burned as you can see and the footprint of the grow is what a couple acres. half the properties abutting GD property on the east side of McKinleyville are garbage heaps that resemble junk yards and its not hard to wonder where all the hazmats from the junk vehicles go. perspective is rather important.

          • The fact that worse places exist does not make this one acceptable.

            • it not about worse, its about the fraud going on and the propaganda that you have been convinced of. the largest grow on the top of Rancho was restored by the grower not too long ago, its the one that had (40) 100 foot hoops. it was restored to a park like setting per the agencies demands. it is the biggest grow restoration project to date in Humboldt County and IMO will have no benefit to anything or anybody, as it was only 3 acres on a mountain that was thoroughly destroyed by old logging practices historically. I don’t know how much it cost, but probably in the mid 6 figures. I figure it will take about 10-15 years for all of these grow site to return to nature without any assistance upon being abandon in the near future.

              • The parts of Rancho not cleared for grows are covered in mature tan oaks. It wasn’t destroyed by logging.

                • if they had 2,4-d at the time those trees would not be there. those trees took advantage of Succession which is what will happen to all the grows after abandonment. go on Google earth and search for large brown areas in Sohum logging land. that’s what 2,4-d does to the land and the majority of it runs right off the surface of the silt into the drainages and into the eel. it is already documented. silt, sediment, and bark (believe it or not) is currently the only proven discharge from a grow to a drainage to date. the info on the Trinity Co. trespass grow that most of us read was hypothetical, they never did the proper sampling to link it.

                • With that reasoning, all the empty containers must simply magically float away into never-neverland where they can not hurt anyone. At least on pot grows. Everywhere else they deviously wend their way into the ocean.

            • Agreed, but to those of you who think this looks like a bad operation havnt seen many operations. This is actually a pretty clean op for its size even today. Squeaky clean for yesteryear!

          • “Silt fence for sediment runoff” ????

            Are you kidding me!!!

            How about another hmong privacy fence. All over trinity Co since years ago planners said gardens have to be private and out of public eye.

            Silt runoff fence! Haaa! Oh man, good one.

            And the trash is just shading his recent planting of native species seedlings, he will pick it up once they sprout.

            • a 3 foot privacy fence with pre-attached stakes? do they sell those at the grow supply store? do you think that maybe the contractor that did the grading work may have installed it?

              • It’s 6 feet tall. And a Hmong fence is generally stakes, plastic, staples and tape.

                They also fall in the first sounds of wind, as this one obviously has.
                Notice the 45 degree angled portion of his “Silt fence”? Do you think that’s for engineering purposes or engineering faults?

                Buddy, you’re wrong.

                • its for slope, silt fences come in a roll and they are straight, so when there is a slope you have to correct the angle. have you ever installed a silt fence? whats a Hmong fence? it seems these little plants give some scale to the fence. i’m not a grower, but based on the planter size I would expect that if these plants were aloud to grow to maturity they will be 3 times the height of the fabric. so would that be actually providing any privacy?

                • That fence is very Hmong. 6ft tall and falling down. That’s how they do it.

                • Local observer, please, drive through hayfork and watch the hmong build their fences.

                  Furthermore, why would he give a flying F about silt when looking at how he maintains this property.

                  Furthermore, silt fences are 2 to 3 feet tall, with stakes inserted in the fabric so you can’t see wood. This fence is on 2×4 posts and it is 6 feet tall, and you can see the wood to be sure.

        • 👍 yes, clean up your shit; permitted or not.

        • Not after a forest fire and a bunch of them ripped all over that area just a few years ago. Well yes things will regrow but not in 3 years

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Lol, very stupid!

  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    Im wondering about the grow that caused the landslide in redway at the north end.
    Did the lady illegally growing ever get a citation or fine for the illegal grading that caused the slide? Or was it bullshit again

    • it wasn’t the grow, it was the septic for the house. the flat was graded a long time ago, vacant for a while, then a house, then a while later the greenhouse. did you look at any aerial photos before your bowel movement?

  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    Why didnt this asian fool burn the trash? Little bit of stank and smoke but the shitpile be gone. Or dig a pit and fill it up before covering it back up. Theres plenty people lived on the hill 40 years and not once went to the dump. Do like them! Keep shit clean! Just bury it before these clowns pop you!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Man your logic is all distorted. You frown upon the piles of garbage and the solution you’re promoting is for people to burn or bury all the garbage like you’re acquaintances have done for 40 years. Maybe the 40 years of smoldering plastic is affecting your brain. Burying garbage is one solution but not everyone owns a tractor. Burning garbage is a horrible idea and also a crime (for good reason). Taking ones garbage to a refuse disposal facility (the dump), on the other hand, is a great solution for many reasons. It’s convenient, it’s reasonably priced, it’s regulated, it’s concentrated, anything recyclable usually is recycled, etc etc. There’s no reason for people to have piles of garbage on their property other than laziness or the fact that their just disgusting humans.

      • I agree with most of your comment but for many of us the dump is neither convenient nor reasonably priced. It’s $10 to drop a bag at the AP transfer station. I’d like to see it cheaper so people might stop dumping illegally. Sucks to have to clean up someone else’s illegal dumping, haul it, and pay to get rid of it.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          When garbage is taken to the dump on a regular basis (say once a month) it is both convenient and inexpensive, probably $20-$30. When the garbage is accumulated until there’s a mountain of it then sure it’s going to be inconvenient and expensive. Anyone who can afford to buy hundreds of fabric pots and all the gear for this size grow can certainly afford $20-$30 a month. Fact is people like this are just disgusting themselves and they sure don’t care about the environment.

        • $12 a bag on the 96, of course noone uses it

      • Agreed. I burn papers only, and burying garbage on every parcel is a horrible solution if you have grand children’s grand children in mind.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          I agree about the burying. It’s a bad idea. I just meant that it’s better than burning everything. Personally I have always burned my paper garbage, recycled the aluminum and plastic bottles , and taken the rest to the dump once I have a truck load. Iv never felt inconvenienced and I’ve never gone broke because of it. It’s actually a very easy task to deal with.

  • As a resident of Hyampom, thank you Humboldt County!

  • Looks like they just planted!

  • In my 1911 I trust

    No chipper, no plants pulled. Dude already bailed out. LEO’s probably left the plants in the ground so he could go back and finish his season to pay the environmental fines.

    • Article states, “5,387 marijuana plants pulled and seized three firearms.”

    • They took the plants, but someone went up there in a uhaul last night at 10:30 pm, can’t say what was in there or if it was him driving but…..If it was for cleanup or pickup why wait until after dark?

  • This looks like that same Hmong place they busted last year around this time. It’s been.on the market for awhile, no one’s buying maybe he rented it out

  • We need many more busts on places like this. Every day. Far-flung places like this should be busted by a crew who stays overnight to cut down on travel time from Eureka- stay overnight and continue busting the next morning. Bust the neighboring places that suck- there are definitely way more in that same area! The lax attitude from the sheriff and positive statements about growers from the community have only encouraged many to blow up ugly scenes like this. Our good old mom and pops are going extinct while operations like this proliferate. That’s the environment we have created. Bust them, chip them, arrest them. They laugh at your fines.

  • I like comparing the greenhouses in these raid articles.

    Thanks kym for getting pics

  • I’ve picked up the mess on hills for a decade. Every season there’s trash. Every hill is the same. Never seen one that didn’t have massive trash or damage to clean. It always takes about a day to clean. And this is supposed to be a big deal?

  • Alt Right For Life

    Why marijuana growers have to live in such filth and destroy nature boggles the mind.

    They must be so addicted to drugs that giant trash piles look like happy rabbits or something.

    Disgusting what marijuana does to the planet and people.

  • Wonder if he’s related to the other Vang klan bud miners in the area

  • I can’t believe the garbage that is piled or strewn about at these raids. It must stink! Gross!!

  • This fool should be forced to live in a tent in the middle of a large garbage dump since he obviously loves garbage.

  • We live in a county where law enforcement is stretched thin to say the least. Violent crime robery and theft are totally out of controll all over the triangle. These police are disgracing themselves and abandoning any victims of real crime in our community every time they spin there wheels on these cases and fail to do real police work. The investigating officer on a case like this could be investigating a real crime with a real victim. There are people that truly need to be protected and served in our community. These LEO’s are justs following orders as shit rolles down from above

    • If you live down stream, or what should be down steam if the water was not all taken, you might think differently. Anyway such bootleggers contribute to many other crimnal activities. Such high rates of crime might just disappear if they too disappear.

  • High rates of crime “might” disappear. That is a very optimistic view. The eradication of deep mountain grows might make our streets and towns safer? Is hyampom safer today with this criminal grower off the hill? Is this realy the best we can do at allocating our police resorses to best serve the comunity. We might all be a little safer if our police were trained to work a real criminal investigation. Five law enforcement agencies and countless officers to arrest one non violent offender. They will never cut more than a fraction of these grows at the rate they are going. If camp couldn’t do it these clowns have no chance of making anything “disappear” .They are police not magicians

    • The owner of this property rented it out for the grow. He owns other properties. Check those out. I bet he’s doing the same thing on those. Really just the most basic investigation would yield more criminal activity. Why doesn’t our sheriff do the most basic of investigation work? The property owner has made tons of money on weed and he is immune to any charges and so he is laughing at you all. Because no respect is due- when no respect is earned.

  • The County will end up with these parcels for fines. They can sell them to pay for law enforcement costs and sell them to people that don’t want to live like pigs.

  • This is private timberland. Look in the background and see the burned trees. This used to be dark forest just 40 years ago and now look at what it’s become. First they logged the Sugar Pine, then the Doug Fir and then creamed the white and red firs leaving the dregs which opened up the canopy that encouraged new growth and brush. This burn is from 2015.

  • I have NO respect for these dumb fucks that are too lazy to make a DUMP RUN!
    The trash laying everywhere is a crime in itself.
    If your property looks like the dump exploded….you suck!

  • Real Criminals Wear Badges

    It’s entertaining propaganda, the deputiesserving these warrants always tear through the garbage piles trewing trash everywhere searching for evidence then use their own mess the deputies made while conducting their search and claim there was illegal dumoing of trash, they will also dump your diesel tanks into streams and onto the ground and claim environmental damage, these same deputies will cut your water lines and spill your water down steep gulches and claim environmental damage. If there are piles of money, only half gets turned in, same with evidence, they sell that on the black market to their friends…….. been happening on the North coast since the 1970’s, deputies do whatever they want with nobody to answer too…. a “culture of corruption”….. meanwhile missing persons cases and murders go unsolved and pedophiles walk the streets freely and logging companies cut and bulldoze 2500 acre plots of land……

    • I have witnessed the garbage bags being ripped opened once before picture taking, don’t know about the rest of your statement,but have seen time and time again through pictures that the bags are either pulled open or ripped open. This wouldn’t make sense for the grower to do, why waste money on bags if your not gonna close em?

      • Many Growers do leave bags of trash outside, and animals rip it open.

        The group of photos above has an obviously not-ripped-open bag in the foreground, with tons of other loose trash in the background.

        I would day the LEO didn’t need to spend much time staging these photos. This grower did a good enough job of living in squalor.

        Incidentally, the other arrest article shows virtually no trash.

    • These sort of comments are like a kid, when caught doing something wrong, points to another kid, saying that they did something bad too. It’s reflective of a mind set that constantly seeks to minimize the consequences of their own actions and framing anyone else’s actions in terms only of causing them problems. It’s not necessarily that they are lying about what happens but that their interpretations are not to be believed in their eagerness to shift blamed elsewhere.

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