Humboldt Grower Arrested in Pennsylvania Allegedly With Marijuana Pounds, Extract, and Firearms

Giovanni O BaassiriOn June 12, Giovanni Omar Baassiri, a man who is listed as the grower for Red Rock Farm, a cannabis business based out of the Garberville area, was arrested in Pennsylvania. [See crop of Instagram photo above.]

During a traffic stop, Baassiri was allegedly found with 38 pounds of marijuana, reports the Cranberry Eagle.

According to an article on TribLive, a subsequent search of two apartments he had allegedly yielded

…50 pounds of a concentrated marijuana extract known as “Shatter,” an AR-15 rifle and two .45-caliber pistols. They also confiscated about $4,000 in currency, Limani said.

Baassiri was arraigned in the ironically named Hempfield District on charges related to possession and manufacturing of a controlled substance as well as traffic infractions.

He was held on a $200,000 bail. But he is no longer listed as being in the jail.



  • groba dude osnt trustafarian


    Pretty great!

    Is two .45’s and an AR enough to protect one screw-head with 38 pounds?

    Doesn’t make you paranoid, huh?

    • Funny I thought guns were still legal here in the United States of America! Just more silly Reefer Madness nonsense!

  • Is this a California licensed grower?

  • The plant is blocking the satellite tv dish how is he going watch tv now ?

  • Is that Gio the Brazilian who has a bunch of grows in Honeydew? If so, good riddance!!!

  • And there’s the rub; any grower who wishes to remain in Humboldt will need to sell to a non-legalized interstate or international destination to turn a profit. Permits or not, as legalization spreads, we will fight for deminishing black markets, but will ultimately be no match for agribusiness. Given all the unchecked adverse environmental and societal impacts of the past 20 years of canabis boom-times, I recon it’s high time to move on anyway.

  • Absolutely no sympathy for this dumbass, arrogant jerks like this guy are part of the problem that we have been dealing with for the last 15 years in Humboldt County! give him what he deserves.

  • Some companies just can’t keep their nose clean. Not to best way to get positive reviews. Ghetto companies have ghetto people working with ghetto things happening to them. Alderpoint and murder mountian is the cannabis ghetto of Humboldt. No surprise the dude is from there.

  • Food for thought

    Transplants love to boast… Local growers are dieing because of the giovanis out there. I wonder how much he puts back into the community here after he’s done growing.

    • Nailed it

    • Probably puts a bunch of plants back in it.

    • He spent a ton of dough at daysies and sure plenty in town. You small brains keep talking about the local economy as if it would have made some big difference. The prices in town are a bit ridicilous and theres nothing smart about shopping in town buddy

      • Yeah, everyone else here is a “small brain”. Must be nice to be a genius. You’re right though, theres ridicilous prices at daysies buddy.

    • He has done absolutely nothing for the community. So glad he is gone.

  • How much butane would it take to make 50 pounds of shatter.?

    • To be fair, there are other options than butane for making shatter.

      • Sorta. Alcohol based shatter is not very common, and few other extraction methods yeild real “absolute” shatter (an extract with lipids, waxes, and teepees removed to produce a hard, glassy substance). “shatter” has become a vague term for many other kinds of extract of varying textures, though. Open blast? That’s like 80 gallons of butane. a decent closed loop? 5-10 gallons used over and over again.

    • murder mountain survivor

      2000 cans

  • Ha you wish that plant was that tall
    Clearly in a pot or raised up. Where have all the five pound monster growers gone? Oh that’s right, these could can only hack using 30000 worth if nutes to get yield. Ha. Laughable. That’s why all the legal growers sound so stupid cuz u know they and their people are still moving the weed underground, glutting the market. Try your new market you greedy fks

  • Boo hoo.😂😭🤣

  • this is every “farmer” with a permit, wether intentional or not at the prices now, and the way it’s set up, you can’t make enough money legally growing drugs to be economically viable here.

  • What in the world are you trying to say?

  • This’ll be the new normal until we legalize across the country. Legal in one state, dsitrubuted to another where it’s not. A smaller version of what happened for decades anyway.

  • He seems just a little bit addicted to Instagram…. LOL!

  • shatter~what in the heck is THAT?

  • Cannabis prohibition is just a waste of police and Court resources on something that is far safer to consume than tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

    9 states have fully legalized recreational cannabis including: Washington, Maine, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska plus Washington DC. 29 states and counting have legalized “medical” cannabis! Cannabis prohibition is a ridiculous waste of police and court resources that wrongfully persecutes and criminalizes cannabis consumers!

    Celebrate democracy at work with FREE states ending government corruption! Citizens demanding the return of their rights and their freedom!

    Data from the Center for Disease Control proves that cannabis is safer than alcoholic beverages and tobacco products which are completely legal. Based on that fact alone CANNABIS SHOULD BE COMPLETELY LEGAL.

    The Madness is over, Legalize Recreational Cannabis Nationwide!

    • Zero states have FULLY legalized.

      • Really? You sure about that? Because I’m pretty sure Wa, Or, Co and Ca are completely legal. In those states they have recreational dispensaries, anyone with a state ID 18 or over can legally purchase marijuana. That sounds like “fully” legal to me

        • Yes, I’m sure. Zero states have fully legalized it. The ones you listed have partially legalized. If you don’t believe it, stop by the nearest police station with a unit and find out for yourself.

    • Get if off the Schedule 1 list and we may have a chance at legal interstate sales.

  • Black market will be separating from legal market soon

    This is only possible selling last year’s product. In the upcoming year, legal pot grows have to attach a bar code on each plant and enter it into ”track and trace” the software connected to permitted grows. You have to weigh it wet, then dry, then the plant matter separated from the stocks. This makes the grower check in many times throughout the cycle and they will be taxed on every bit possible.

  • Does anyone know if legal trouble like this puts state and/or local permits in jeopardy?

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    If he was really “from here” he would have known better.
    We all know about the trifecta that makes charges stick. Money. Drugs. Guns.

  • Surely Red Rock Farms, LLC will lose its Humboldt and California licenses now that they’re exposed as nothing but criminal traffickers.

  • Funny he is actually a good dude n he puts a lot of his cash he makes from Humboldt back into Humboldt. An jus cuz y’all are failing in our Industry don’t mean u got to be a bunch of haters. Grow up y’all get a life n leave your disgusting opinions to your damn self!!!

    • I’d say getting popped, interstat traffic, is a fail not win, or a move up the latterr. If he’s out soon, ya better hope your not 1 of 5 he rolls on.

      • There is no honor amongst criminals, especially once they get locked up. Bailed out. Every man for himself now. Was this guy part of the lanese crew?

  • On July 1 the temporary cannabis regs expire and the full law takes effect. That means that even without track and trace it is going to be really really hard to grow permitted weed and sell to the black market. The BOE is going to be watching all of your transactions and if you claim $200K on your state IRS and do not have legal product being tracked through the legal pipeline you will lose your permit and maybe your freedom. This guy could have grown this legally but getting busted selling to the black market means he will never get a legal job in the industry again.

    • what if someone claims $200k on the state income tax and has a legal pipeline that shows that the $200k is legit, whilst producing and selling way more than that on the black market?

      • We know growers with two grows each… one legal the other not. This could have been his “not.”

        • Yes. Everybody I know with 2 parcels where one can be permitted is trying that new strategy. Hedging their bets so to say! It’s a for real thing that people are doing.

  • PickelBarrelBandit

    He must have a good pickelbarrel full of hundos stashed in the woods if he was getting 4k a pound.
    Where in Red rock exactly is this farm?

    • Actually all of his properties have been for sale. He was getting out. Uh oh, his permits will be pulled and he won’t be able to sell them as having a “permit in process”.

      • Pretty sure the pool of suckers interested in “permit in process” property has all but dried up. Land values are tanking.

    • truehumconative

      right on top of the rock quarry you are able to see from the 101 we don’t need him here he is a smash and grab pos who came and trashed all the properties he had dogs ran wild and ravaged my land

  • meh! no loss! good for those who play by the rules!

  • People are in prison on Life sentences in other states and Federal prisons for this exact activity. People may want to spend an evening reading so they know the consequences of their actions before they throw their life away for a few bucks.

  • All these comments about how this is not criminal. Not this guy but We get a greenrush transplant growing 1500 plants on a property with stolen water, grading and building without a permit, using pestipesticides and rodecides that are banned in California, make $250,000 without paying taxes on it and yet they are not criminals. Hmmmmmmm.

  • He went wrong when you wear your hat backwards. Red neck cops profiled .plus he was probably speeding or didn’t come to complete stop at stop signs . Something stupid .,but he better lawyer way up .I marci kitchens former lawyer is available . Oh, and it’s Federal now ,for crossing state lines so they’ll wacked buy every state all the way from California to Pennsylvania will get a piece of it cuz they went through every state to get there whoopsie. Like I said it all went South with a hat turned around the wrong way like in his picture .

    • Or it could have been the smell.

    • Failure to use turn signals when changing lanes (ding) and following another vehicle too closely (ding). Two brilliant driving maneuvers when you’re holding heavy. Officer smells weed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle (ding). Profiling, or a heads-up Officer just doing his job? Young white dudes with AR15s and backward baseball hats are ubiquitous in western PA.

      Lawyer up? Why bother, dont waste the money and just use the public defender. The $200,000 straight monetary bond would suggest that the judge is not amused. The courts probably won’t accept rubber-banded cash. If he grew it and transported it he is totally ^%$#ed. Hard to make a rat deal when you’re so very vertically integrated.

      Safety first people – Always use your turn signals and always keep a safe distance between vehicles. Following too closely is one of the leading causes of accidents.

    • Just a California plate alone will get you stopped back east.

  • I use to live in Pa. My friend got 2 yr probation, 2 wks in prrison, yeah they don’t have jails there. This was for 2 joints last yr. Good luck…

  • Greed is not confined to the straight world. Two words about trying to distriubute the kind in Pennsylvania: FORGET IT!

    • hold off on you victory lap junior

      The greedy PA legislature will become addicted to the kind bud tax money and the war on pot will be just like Nam – You can win every battle , kill the enemy 10 times over, and still LOSE the war.

  • plead guilty in exchange for a two year deal. not too shabby.

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