[UPDATE: Major Injury Accident] Rollover Crash in Richardson Grove; Southbound Lane Blocked But Traffic Moving

Pickup being loaded onto a tow truck.

Pickup being loaded onto a tow truck. [Photo by Joe Rial]

Around 5:14 this morning, a GMC pickup rolled over in Richardson Grove. It is blocking the southbound lane. However, traffic is able to move in both directions. An ambulance is at the scene where the driver is out of the vehicle but bleeding from the arm.

A dog that was in the vehicle is being taken care of by an officer.

UPDATE 12:07 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page is reporting this as a major injury accident.



  • Those sharp corners at such a high rate of speed are tricky, better cut down some trees so these expert drivers can make it through the grove safely.

    • If people are too stupid to slow down for the majestic trees then CalTrans should make a by-pass to go around the area or cut down the trees and make it a straight four lane highway through that area. Or we could just not let stupid people drive.

    • Well, that is the plan, just cut a few young trees so that there is a shoulder. It is a safety thing. I see RVs and trucks pulling trailers struggling all the time.

      • The over pass should be above reggae site all the way to bigfoot burl. Hippys then can live under overpass, win…win

        • The third, and best, win is that the river is shaded for that whole stretch instead of further warmed by removing more tree canopy in the road zone.

      • Can’t be done. There’s two huge Redwoods on either side of the road in front of the Gift shop, creating a ‘dog leg’. You could build a four laner and still have to slow down to make it through those guys. Dayley trips through there have shown me that if you just slow the fuck down, you should be OK!

      • Sam, it’s actually not a safety thing. The Richardson Grove widening project is meant to facilitate the passage of larger trucks. The places where people usually lose it will not be affected by the proposed widening.

    • That’ll be the day!

  • In this age where everybody gets a trophy for just showing up. we should cut down the trees so that the bad drivers and alcohol impaired drivers, and the cell phone drivers can be safe driving through these tall and big monster trees. Probably we should cut them all down every place so we wont have to talk about them anymore.
    [ this is sarcasm ]

    • Don’t forget the pill poppers, just because one has a prescription doesn’t make it legal to drive .

  • How in the hell are you going fast enough through the grove to actually roll your vehicle?

    • He was eating a burger while on the cell phone with a dvd playing and he was in a hurry to get to the next restroom which he thought was in Santa Rosa.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Yes, remove all pesky trees from Humboldt! Just bulldoze the whole place flat, so that it will be even easier to plant pot everywhere!

    Removing the forest will bring pot-growing economic advantages to everyone!

    OH, and make the road wider and install rubber bumpers so that the speeders and the people driving while high as shit or just plain drunk, and all the texters won’t hurt themselves when they drive faster than their abilities!

    Personal responsibility and sobriety in public have no place in the modern world. The government should be responsible for our safety, cradle to grave, and we should have an absolute right to do whatever we want, 100% of the time!

    And we should just let the rigs go as fast as they want, since we need load after load of garbage from Wal-Mart, plenty of taco shells and beer, and plenty of rubber dog shit to amuse ourselves…

    Road safety is not a personal responsibility, it is everyone else’s responsibility to look out for me and keep me safe, and get out of my way because it is time to water my plants!

    Yes indeed, I’m a little whiny Humboldt baby, and I want my way, every minute of every day! If I want to risk your safety and everyone else’s by driving my pickup like an asshole, why would that be a problem?

    And close those State and Federal parks! We don’t need all those damn tourists in their motor homes and hauling their travel trailers around the county. What good are visitors? Just more obstacles in my way!

    Until conditions are improved in Humboldt by making the roads straight and safe, and by telling those cops to leave us alone to do our drugs in peace, and until the clean-up crews make sure to be where I am going, in case I make an error while driving while AFU and need assistance, I am going to keep speeding and driving while intoxicated, and being a total jerk in public, just like god intended!

    And if you don’t like it, just leave!

    • For 8 in the morning you must brew one Grand Cup of Coffee . . . great overview of our basic entitlement society. Unfortunately, the definition of “sacrifice” in America has become what YOU do to make MY life better.

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        My coffee comes from Captain Cook Trading Company, in Kealekekua HI. Ground and brewed at 0400, generally!

        Yes, those old guys get wound up early!

        Someday YOU will be retired….

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          My review of Captain Cook Trading from Yelp:

          Taurus B.
          Redway, CA

          5.0 star rating

          Businesses don’t run this way any more, so it is refreshing to meet a man so old school, so unconcerned with tech, and so grounded in customer service.

          Don’t look for a storefront, computers, or to pay with a debit card using Square… If you find the man, in his location, you will find other customers so friendly, a merchant so competent and engaging, and products delivering solid value at good prices. People literally come from the whole world to do business here.

          In an environment full of glitzy “coffee farms” where they want up to $70/lb for their beans, here is a guy selling coffee in several roasts and types, for less than $20/lb, and selling a lot of it…

          Also available, Macadamias in flavors and candied, very reasonable, and the proprietor will ship with an email order.

          Cash or checks only! Be ready to be impressed.


          I blend “Hippi Coffee” from CCTC with “Duomo” from Black Oak in Ukiah, 50/50 and grind daily. Use a Chemex or a French Press. Make it strong!

          No better blend I know of, except “Big Bean” from Heavenly Hawaiian, which I can’t afford anymore, mixed with Duomo.

          Dope growers should have an outlet like Captain Cook Trading Company, so end users can cut out the middleman and get fine local products at great prices.

          • thanks for the info buddy! placing my order today from both places! Cant wait to try it!
            keep up with the comments, your the best,love the comments!

    • hi sir, couldn’t help but look up captain cook trading co, is the coffee that good? for someone looking for a smooth taste and not the dark roast,any recommendations please?

  • Traffic laws and speed limits are set with the slowest, most dim-whitted in mind. Darwinism is a great thing. No need to cut or straighten anything. Just need to buy more tractors to help pull peoples heads out of their asses.

  • Last time I drove south through Richardson Grove just south of the park entrance a tourist had pulled over to take in the view. Their vehicle was partially blocking the southbound lane so the long line of cars I was in had to all bump into the northbound lane to get past it. If any vehicle, not to mention a big rig, had been coming north it would have been ugly. There was no pull out and in one of the narrow parts of the road. I thought besides more speed limit signs they need to post ‘No Stopping Ever’ signs along that stretch of road. I honked loud and long, (no one else seemed to) but I could not believe how that person was so clueless about the dangerous situation they created.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Damn those tourists!

      Always in the way! And damn that 30MPH sign!

      101, it’s not 5, the speed limit is not 70.

      Humboldt is crowded in the summer, so be careful! Slow down!

  • How did hundreds of thousands of loads of logs, lumber, chips & etc. make it through this terrible road? Not to mention lowbeds with D-8s, yarders, loading machines, oversize loads of mill machinery. This was during the heyday of logging and there never seemed to be a problem. Why is it suddenly a problem now?

    • smart phones. the safest thing you can do is have a dumb phone.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      There used to trains and boats.

      And people didn’t used to all drive Toyota Pickups, which obviously must handle better than Porsches, since they all get driven at top speed absolutely everywhere…

      And if you don’t like California drivers, just go up to Oregon, where it is a State Law that everybody must “wake and bake” and drive like idiots!

    • I believe its mostly because the attention span of the average American is now equal to that of a half-dead malformed mosquito. I gotta go check my Facebook now- its been 12 minutes!

    • Well, now there’s somewhere to complain.

  • They didn’t always make it through. I watched a lumber truck lose its load once going through there 30 years ago The top of the stacks started swaying, there was no place to pull over. He slowed and slowed but lost his load just before he reached a turn out.

    Log trucks also suffered from shifted loads when their load smashes the cab when the trucks needed to suddenly stop.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    If a rig “loses it’s load” the driver should be fired and banned from ever driving a rig again…

    Watched a speeding rig dump crushed cars in RG a couple years back… Nearly killed me!

    Driver blamed “a broken king pin”… Yeah, right!

  • You obviously have never driven a log truck and don’t know what you’re talking about. Check your facts before spouting nonsense. I usually like your comments but this one is def. from ‘No Clue’! Almost had a close family member die cuz of a load shift & possibly a front end issue.

    • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

      Rig was speeding, saw it as it happened.

      Driving carefully saves lives, and if there were careful maintenance, stuff would not fail.

      Rigs are dangerous, be careful around them and give space…

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