[UPDATE!] Suspects Attempting to Flee Traffic Stop Captured at Gunpoint by EPD

Officers have their guns drawn and are focused on the white vehicle occupied by the suspects. [Crop of a photo by Mark McKenna]

Officers have their guns drawn and are focused on the white vehicle occupied by the suspects. [Crop of a photo by Mark McKenna]

Just before 4 p.m., a call went over the scanner from a Eureka Police Officer requesting backup as he attempted a traffic stop. According to another Eureka Police officer speaking to our photographer Mark McKenna a short while later, the first officer was patrolling in the area of Wabash Avenue and A Street when he observed a vehicle making a series of quick turns.

Then the officer said he saw the vehicle commit a traffic violation. He then began to make a traffic stop but thought he could tell that the occupants, one female driver, and two male passengers, were preparing to flee the car on foot. He called for backup.

According to the second officer, the suspects were trying to flee the car even before it came to a stop. However, a number of other officers were quickly on the scene and no one escaped.

The vehicle is being towed for evidence and the three suspects have been detained. At this point, we haven’t learned why the suspects were so eager to flee.

UPDATE 6:02 p.m.

According to Chief Steve Watson,

An alert Eureka Police Department officer on patrol this afternoon, Bram Jansen, conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle occupied by several subjects. A high risk traffic stop was conducted near Wabash and B Streets. Several detained and a pound of methamphetamine seized. Further to follow via a forthcoming press release. Well done Officer Jansen and team! — with Bram Jansen.

An alert Eureka Police Officer Bram Jansen.

A Eureka Police Officer Bram Jansen initiated the traffic stop. [Photo provided by EPD]

Below are more photos of the incident from our photographer, Mark McKenna.

UPDATE With photos of two of the suspects: 



  • Great part of town these days, the old Stop and Rob…

  • Looks like the perp in the picture is wearing black gloves. It also looks to me like he has abnormally large hands. Anyone else seeing this?? Zoom in on the picture

    • WOW! They FINALLY caught E.T.! What a great disguise…

    • @kym – what happened to the only picture that was there before the update? That picture made the guy look like he had hands that spanned like 18 inches

      • Agreed, inquiring minds or in my case what little is left, minds, want to know!!!

      • I replaced the phone photo Mark sent me from the scene with a better quality image he sent me later. But here it is below. Zoom in. You’ll see the hands aren’t big.

        • Maybe, it’s just my eyes or the way I’m looking at the pic, but his hands, to me at least still seem a bit on the overly large side!!!!

    • What does that suggest to you “That Sauce”?

  • if the glove don’t fit, you must aquit!

  • I am simply amazed st the amount of crime and scumbags surfacing in this area. Seriously! What happened to this county? Every day something new and exciting. Makes me ill.

    • Curiouser and curiouser

      These people have always been here EPD is finally done with it and doing an ass kicking job catching them !!

  • Cartoon characters, other than the usual Meth Heads running loose in YouTweeka, whoda thunk it???

  • They are out already on bail or own recognizance

  • thank you epd for getting that crap off the streets and probably saving some lives to boot

  • chocolate is my drug

    This sounds naive, how quickly can LE know that a white powder is meth? Does it need to go to a lab? If so, how long would that take? Is there a distinctive smell?

    • How do you know chocolate is chocolate?

    • Yes actually, at least when I was familiar with it, it had a very strong odor of Ether, as in the Anesthetic not what Ghosts are made up of!!! Not only that, I think there is a field tester now as well!!!

  • Excellent work Eureka PD!!!

  • A simple Field Kit along with experience will detect the presence of meth in any substance. It doesn’t seem to make sense for the department to send out faceshots of its officers holding up the loot they stole. I am sure the Kartel who supplied this meth aleady have the deputies picture up and could probably actively search him out to exact their revenge, it is not like he is out of the cartels reach just because he is in a uniform and has a badge. what a foolish security error on the part of the police department. Who is in charge of this no brain Police Department, I would not want my photo up if I just stole a pound of meth from a criminal street gang.

    • Bad Choices….i could not agree with you more…i have never seen a photo like that, especially involving the specific officer….very bad judgement on epd’s part!

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