Hike Red Mountain in Piercy

Press release from the Institute of Sustainable Forestry:

Institute for Sustainable Forestry (ISF)As part of ISF’s “Circle Around the Sun” series of tours, all are invited to join the Institute for Sustainable Forestry (ISF) for a walking tour in the BLM Wilderness area of Red Mountain. We will be going to Piercy’s Red Mountain to see the 4,000 ft ultramafic peak that is dominated by pines, cedars and cypresses with a 4.5 foot manzanita closed canopy that is home to numerous endemics species.

We will meet at 9 AM, Saturday, June 9 at the Red Mountain BLM Access gate on Highway 271, east of Exit 625 off of US 101.

Bring sturdy hiking shoes, water and lunch. Car pools will be organized for the 15 mile drive to the BLM Wilderness, then we will hike up to 5 miles. We will be lead by Tim Bailey and Jeff Hedin of ISF and Sam Flannigan and Susan Nolan.

The trip is free to the public, but a donation to ISF of 25$ is requested. Please pre register. To register or for more information contact ISF at www.instituteforsustainableforestry.com, 707-244-4584 and email: contact.newforestry@gmail.com.

The Ultramafics Tour, Part Two, will be June 23 to the Lassics.

a float on the South Fork Eel River.The Institute of Sustainable Forestry’s last tour–a float on the South Fork Eel River. 




  • That’s an adventure thats noteworthy
    5 miles is doable, beautiful scenery

  • Planning Is Essential

    Sounds great! But way short notice….can’t do it…

  • Mendo Historian

    Red Mountain is amazing, the iron in yhe soil of this hill creates electromagnetic fields to rise which draw down lightening during thunder storms. The entire mountain has burned over routinely from these lightening strikes for millenia. If you google earth the mountain you will see a grid pattern of fire breaks. In the 1500’s explorers on Drake Ship saw this mountain on fire and mistook it for a volcano. There are also rare minerals and rocks on this mountain…..

    • The laterite soil contains low-grade nickel, and a Canadian mining company has the mining claim via the 1872 law. Hopefully they will never try to mine it, since mountaintop removal would be the method used. Some people say UFO’s are spotted there, too. BTW, there are two: Red Mountain, and Little Red Mountain.

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