Doe and Wobbly Twin Lick Newborn Fawn Clean

A trembling newborn fawn stares wide-eyed from East Branch Road in Benbow as a car drives up in this video sent by a Southern Humboldt reader, Sugee Page.

The mama urges her baby to get up. Then she begins kissing it clean…and the fawn’s twin wobbles out onto the road and begins kissing the little one clean, too.

Nature at its most adorable.




  • Thats beyond adorable!!! So amazing to witness the first hour of a young mammals life!!
    Thank you to the ladies for stopping, im sure the lil one was drawn to the warmth of the roadway.

    Pleeease tell everyone nows the time to slow down and just expect a deer to jump out so drive carefully.
    Remember fawns are left alone while mom forages so if you come upon one or twins, keep your dog away and leave it alone. Theyre often hard to see as theyre designed to blend into the tall grass 🙂

  • I loved the commentary by these ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Kym & the ladies who shot the video for sharing!! It’s so nice to see positivity & the beauty of nature. So heartwarming!

  • That was amazing and beautiful. Thanks to the ladies for sharing that and had the blessing of getting to witness that and send in the video clip. Thanks Kim for being you and posting things like this in your site. Makes us remember sometimes to just stop and smell the roses. Your the best journalist in Humboldt by far in my opinion.

  • Great video. Lucky that a caring person came upon this first. Hope they were able to stay until the fawns were off the road. Good job Ladies!!!

  • Why don’t we do it in the road?

  • I wonder what the city folks are doing today?

  • Oh lucky you for capturing that. If you were late for work just show your boss the video. Even they couldn’t get mad. I know I feel like putting fawn season signs out.

  • Saw it first hand on my way home.

  • So adorable!

  • Very sweet! I am glad for this post so I can share a very unusual fawn birth experience that happened last friday. I was watering my veggies inside my curtilage and heard a commotion in a bush near my fence line. I went onto my deck, heard a loud fawn bleat, and observed it being carried off into the forest by the neck scruff in the mouth of a deer who wasn’t the mother. I am sure that it wasn’t a predator as it was being carried high off the ground, and I heard it bleat again from the forest- the profile of a deer was clear). Going inside my house I looked out my window and saw the mother right there, caul still attached, casually roaming around my sideyard. She would return to what was obviously the birthzone and smell it, and eventually cleaned herself up and ate the birthing material where the fawn must have been born. At one point she heard two bleats from the forest and went off that direction, but came back without reaching the fawn. She hung around the yard for about an hour, and I have seen her twice since, but haven’t seen the fawn….yet. A number of experts have chimed in, but no one has heard of a fawn being carried like this by another deer…usually the little ‘uns can hobble after mom to get away from the smell of the birthzone. I thought that I would share this to see if anyone else had ever heard or seen such a thing! ?

  • Adorable as well

  • So sweet. Thanks for sharing. Nature at its best; and, something positive in Humboldt, for once!

  • Today I saw baby turkeys and baby quail. Both were super cute. 🙂

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