Citizen Complaints Lead to Lots of Blue Pills and More

drug paraphernalia Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Responding to a number of citizen complaints regarding unusual vehicle and foot traffic, this week Garberville deputies conducted a probation search at a residence on River Road in Miranda. One subject fled from the residence before he could be identified, two others were detained on scene. During the search deputies located a large number of pills, Methamphetamine, loaded hypodermic syringes, pipes, a scale with drug residue, marijuana, and various other items used for illegal purposes. Several items require further identification. No arrests were made during this search, but the investigation is ongoing with future arrests anticipated.

Thank you for continuing to send in crime tips and observations from your neighborhoods. These tips are extremely helpful and allow us to better address crime in our community.

UPDATE June 22: Community Complaints Lead to Arrest of Miranda Woman on Child Endangerment Charges



  • What are those blue pills?

  • Veteran's friend


  • They take a hard line on blue pills these days

  • The blue pills draw you out of the Matrix and into reality. Choose the red pill!

  • Isnt this where your gonna move Paul?
    Good luck with that!

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      When I move, it will not be to somewhere where I will have to tithe SHCHD… New job starts in another neighborhood of Broken County…

      I love Humboldt but they gotta do something about the whack-jobs with the attitude problems!

      Hey, another drug supermarket marginally disrupted, at least for a minute!

      You folks have fun, now, in your lovely little hospital… New group coming to take over in 5…4…3…2… OH and Miranda beats heck out of Garberville/Redway, which I am officially not allowed to give pet names to on RHBB… Let’s just call it, “not a nice place”…

      I think the blue pills are probably Ecstasy, and there’s exactly 487 of them in the jar!

      What do I win?

      • local observer

        do you think these tweakers that keep stems in a bag for ??? have 20K in X laying around? its legal speed for ADHD.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          That’s why they call it the “drug trade”. You trade the “stupidity weed” that you get almost for free, for other drugs, which then get traded for OTHER drugs.

          As Hunter S. Thompson would say, “once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as possible”, which explains all those whippits…

          So, who the hell knows WHAT the pills are?

          I don’t think Adderall comes in a mason jar.

      • Why in hell would you give 10% of your income to SHCHD?? That’s kind of stupid.

        • What job only pays, $1,250 a year?

          • Taurus Ballzhoff

            What Mr Guest is referring to, is “tithing”, which in the Mormon Church is equivalent to 10%, or more, of your income.

            Women, of course, are expected to donate their entire childbearing existence to being pregnant, not just 10%…

            Mormons control SHCHD, a supposed public agency. There’s the connection for you.

            Try to keep up!

            I wouldn’t give SHCHD any more of my money, attention, or time, much less 10%…

            • Wait…wait…wait…

              What the eternal heck are you alleging? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a controlling interest in our little hospital?

              Can you give any evidence of your allegations?

              • Taurus Ballzhoff

                Goodness, Kym, I didn’t say that! Members, not the church itself!

                How do they do this? Well, by hiring each other.


                Catholics control St Josephs, Adventists control AH, Mormons control many hospitals, including Fairchild, in Yreka, and, SHCHD.

                Not uncommon at all.

                • How many members of the church are employed at SHCHD?

                • Taurus Ballzhoff

                  Elemental theory tells us that all elements are distributed throughout the universe equally. This means that everywhere there is mass, there are elements, and always the same percentage amounts of each element.

                  So, are we interested in how much Gold on Mars, or how much gold in our backyard?

                  In theory, the percentage of all elements in your backyard, should be the same as the percentage present in the total mass of Mars.

                  It is entirely possible that one specimen of matter, could contain more than the usual amount of any one element. This explains Placer County, Nevada County, Yuba County having more Gold than other places. Taken as a whole, the Earth has a constant amount of gold, but it’s possibly unevenly distributed.

                  Google tells us that Mormons comprise about 2% of the population of our country. With regard to SHCHD, I believe I said “controlled by” and not “employs many”.

                  My theory is that the SHCHD Administration and Board contains a disproportionate amount of persons identifying as “Mormon”, compared to the general population of the country.

                  So, in the end, I would have to ask, but I am out of town today, so I will have to get back to you.

                  I would not expect a high confidence level in the results of a poll, due to the small number of individuals in the sample, and due to their possibly hostile attitude towards the poll itself.

                  Sorry for the confusion. Have a beautiful afternoon!

  • Boil those suspects, test the soil in the yard and test sewer nail them for contaminating the environment and the community.

  • Bastion of Faith

    No arrests! “We had no idea all that stuff was under our bed, officer! Really!” Or, “What guy that just ran out? We just got here and are squatting in this house and have never seen that stuff before.”

  • I’ve called multiple times as well. They fight up and down the street at all hours. I sincerely feel for the children that called that slum home.

  • Cannabis is medicine for sick people and everybody with cannabis is a wonderful and magical herbal warrior of peace and enchantment!! Oh- and compliance is way cool! Oh- and we are Farmers, not growers!!

    • I’m just trying to understand. Is this like saying everyone who has chocolate when arrested has been corrupted by the chocolate?

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        I know I have been corrupted by chocolate!

        I see the chocolate bottom coming up at me!

        I admit, I am powerless over chocolate!

      • yes kym! our marijuana champion.

      • That is a fake comparison. When was the last time you saw someone arrested for driving under the influence of chocolate? Or a student sleeping off a chocolate bar in class? That is a superficial flicking off of a serious idea. Humboldt Co is in love with its pot. Look around and ask if there just might be a connection between that and what is so ugly here.

        • My butt says chocolate isn’t so great for you.

          But that really wasn’t my point. My point was that correlation isn’t cause.

          • Taurus Ballzhoff

            Chocolate is good for you!

            Chocolate makes you happy!

            Life is too short to not eat chocolate!

            Take a walk every day, for your bottom, bring some chocolate!

            Eat less of something else.

            Chocolate, mmmmmmmm…

  • If and when they arrest them, will they read them their Miranda rights?

  • What kinds uh pills is they?

  • they don’t get read their Miranda rights any more,,,they usually get either the Phillipsville or the G-ville rights read to them,,,,Nobody goes to Miranda anymore.

  • Speaking of chocolate

    Beware of chocolate! It shrinks your clothes.

  • Oh Miranda!

  • Obviously, red pills are too expensive. Obviously.

  • They are oxycodone 30mg probably fake ones the go for $30ea

  • No arrests?! Are you effing kidding?! What else do they need to find?! Holy crap!!!! #smh

  • How do u get away with all that shit and not go to jail.i smell a rat.

  • Obviously they found a whole bunch of shit that they can’t identify, and aren’t sure if they are illegal or not. So until the lab results come back on the mysterious “Blue Pills”, the heroin-like substance in the green slick container, probably on residue inside the syringes, and the residue on the scale (if its other than weed), the Sheriffs don’t have much of a case. At best, a simple possession charge for meth. The neighbors obviously assumed there were narcotics being sold at the property, and called it in as such. As we can see now, looks like drug-users, not drug dealers….

  • “Dope on the Table”

    That’s a Class A Press Release there. Wonderful. Progress has been proven, check is in the mail.

    The spoon really ties the table together.

  • Damn that’s almost a weekends worth of viagra

  • If you think your neighbors are criminals and you want to rat them out remember the cops probably won’t arrest and even if they do the prisoner will be OR’ed in a few short hours. This leaves you living next to criminals that you narked on. Let’s hope for the rat that they are not brazen violent criminals.
    I’m sure most tweakers are kind gentle souls that wouldn’t dream of exacting revenge.

    • This comment section is plenty of evidence that not only will the person involved seek to cause trouble for you but also their friends,relatives and customers. And the worse these people are, the more irrationally they pursue. Knowing that, best better have a plan.

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