Crash Sends Piercy Man to the Hospital With Minor Injuries

A CHP officer investigates the scene of a Traffic collision.

A CHP officer investigates the scene. [Photo by Talia Rose]

At about 9:08 a.m. today, a Jeep Cherokee overturned on State Route 271 just south of the Humboldt Mendocino County line.

The driver, Skyler Buckner, age 22, from Piercy was driving a 1996 Jeep Cherokee north on 271. For reasons still under investigation, he lost control of the vehicle he was driving, went off the road, hit a hillside, and overturned. The Cherokee landed on its roof partially blocking the roadway.

As a precaution, he was transported by City Ambulance to St. Joesph’s Hospital in Eureka where it was determined he had received minor injuries.




  • Veteran's friend

    Why was he not taken to the fabulous emergency room in Garberville for the valuable CT scan that has no operator?
    Just askin’

  • Now would be a good time to rotate the tires.

  • Reasons unknown, lol

  • Yokohama HWY rider

    I hate to speculate, but is it anywhere near the S curve ( the spot were people like to off-road onto the gravel)?

    Those two curves were engineered perfectly for a motorcyclist who likes a road with a good rhythm. But its not fun to get into a turn with gravel sprayed all over the road.

    The turn onto 271 (across from French’s Camp) also always seems to have gravel across the road. Dangerous and hard to see sometimes in the shade.

  • The steering wheel locked up on him this wasn’t anything stupid he is a good kid and I feel bad for him. He has been trying to get ahead and he didn’t deserve this I wish the best for him!

  • He’s a super good young man! He was on his way to one of his jobs! The steering wheel locked up! Nothing he could do but ride it out! Thanks the the Piercy Fire volunteers and everyone who helped him out!

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