Election Overview: A Shocker in Humboldt County’s Fifth District Keeps Voters on the Edge of Their Seats and More

vote Humboldt BannerWith late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots still to be counted, last night’s election is not finalized in all cases especially not in the hotly contested Humboldt County Fifth District where Steven Madrone pushed ahead at the last minute to end the night a mere 33 votes ahead of incumbent Ryan Sundberg.

Here are the results for statewide candidate races,

For Governor: it’s Democrat Gavin Newsom in the lead and Republican John Cox will be his challenger this fall.

For Lt. Governor: It’s too close to call with Democrat Eleni Kounalakis in the lead and Ed Democrat Ed Hernandez close behind but Republican Cole Harris is hanging in as a distant possibility.

For US Senate: It’s Democrat Dianne Feinstein in the lead but Republican James P. Bradley and Democrat Kevin de León are too close to call for who will be the challenger this fall.

For US House of Representatives, Second District: It’s Democrat Jared Huffman with a commanding lead and Southern Humboldt’s own Republican Candidate Dale Mensing as the challenger.

For Attorney General: It’s Democrat Xavier Becerra in the lead with Republican Steven Bailey as the challenger.

For Secretary of State: It’s Alex Padilla in the lead with Republican Mark Meuser as his challenger in the fall.

For Treasurer: It’s Democrat Fiona Ma in the lead but the race for challenger hasn’t been settled yet between Republican Greg Conlon Republican Jack Guerrero.

For Insurance Commissioner: It’s Steve Poizner (who won in 2006 as a Republican but changed to Independent) in the lead followed by Democrat Ricardo Lara.

For Superintendent of Public Instruction: It’s Marshall Tuck (supported by charter schools) followed closely by Tony Thurmond (supported by the teachers’ unions) who will be in the race this fall.

For State Controller: Democrat Betty Yee is in the lead with Republican Konstantinos Roditis as the challenger this fall.

State Senator: Incumbent Democrat Mike McGuire in the lead with Democrat Veronica Jacobi as the challenger.

State Assemblymember: Incumbent Democrat Jim Wood in the lead with Matt Heath Republican as the challenger this fall.


Here are the results for the Propositions:

Prop. 68– Parks and Water Bond passed

Prop. 69–Gas Tax Used for Transportation passed

Prop. 70–Requiring a supermajority to spend money failed

Prop. 71–Effective Date of Ballot Measures–passed

Prop. 72–No Rain Recycling Tax passed

Here are the results for the local candidate races:

For Fourth District Supervisor: Virginia Bass has a commanding lead over Dani Burkhart. Mary Ann Lyons though is only one vote behind Burkhart.

For Fifth District Supervisor: Too close to call Steve Madrone is a mere 33 votes ahead against incumbent Ryan Sundberg.

Superintendent of Schools: Christopher Hartley won handily with no candidate standing against him.

Judge of the Superior Court. Lawrence Killoran beat Lathe Gill.

Assessor: Mari Wilson won handily with no candidate standing against her.

Auditor-controller: Karen Paz Dominguez is ahead of Mike Lorig.

Clerk, Recorder: Kelly E. Sanders won handily with no candidate standing against her.

District Attorney: Maggie Fleming won handily with no candidate standing against her.

Sheriff: Billy Honsal won handily with no candidate standing against him.

Treasurer/tax collector: John Bartholomew won handily with no candidate standing against him.

Here are the results of the local measures:

Measure C Freshwater School Bond: 66.29% for and 33.71 against

Measure D Rio Dell School Bond: 65.88% for 34.12 against

Measure E Pacific Union School Bond: 65.95% for and 34.05% against

Measure F Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District: 73.72% for and 26.28$ against

Measure G Fortuna Elementary Bond: 55.49% for 44.51% against






  • Very interesting!


    Go Steve!

    If people want to maintain a filthy, nasty, badly operated backstreet hospital in a horrid town, should we let them?

    I call SHCHD a paradox, one which I just can’t stop poking with a verbal stick…

    • That’s just your opinion. 73.72℅ disagrees.

    • longtime local

      I guess when you have a medical emergency you’ll want to travel to Fortuna or Willits;
      or maybe you should seek medical care in a big city somewhere else.
      You’ll want to get as far as possible away from our horrid town.

      A two thirds vote was needed to keep our clean, well run hospital open.
      Thank goodness almost three quarters of the voters in SoHum don’t agree with you.

      • Word!

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        Do not worry. I would never make the mistake of showing up in your ER.

        Most hospitals are about at a C- level, about 4 on a scale of 10. Yours is well into the range of 0.5 or less.

        Think “Animal House”: Blutarsky got a 0.0 GPA.

        It’s “Double Secret Probation” at SHCHD…

        The voters didn’t show up to defeat you, but the state and federal inspectors definitely will.

        Might want to have your Administrators think: “Adequate staff of trained, licensed, competent persons”…

        The deficiencies at JPH are pretty shocking, on a good day!

        • Lil Sore?

          • That’s 0.0.

            “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son” Dean Wormer.

            If you think the “fight to save the hospital” is over, well it is just beginning.

            Watch those cowboys you got in charge there, they don’t look too great.

            • Congrats So Hum ER!!!!

              I bet you laughed at the Mc Cain joke too!

              (“Who cares what he thinks, he’ll be dead soon anyways!”)

              Good thing their doors are staying open, you might need help soon [edit]! Just for that my young butt just might start attending meetings! Thanks for inspiring me!

              • Taurus Ballzhoff

                AA meetings? Pot smokers anon?

                McCain Joke?

                If you think you are clever, get delivered to the JPH ER, some night, by ambo. Get your eyes opened. Better yet, work there for a year.

                It will put you right off your love for the little hospital in the slums of Garberville…

                In fact, please write again when you know anything at all…


        • …is having a deficient budget supposed to fix those problems?

          • Elections over!
            Keep grabbing!
            Attend meeting if you feel things need changing!
            Volunteer your time and be the change you wish to create!

  • This is a joke, thanks a lot! The Southern Humboldt Hospital needs to be shut down. This is the biggest joke of a hospital i have ever seen. Now i will be stuck paying over 1.00 a day for a hospital that only exists to treat homeless people. I would rather have it shut down then have it be a service for vagrants and heroin addicts. This is why our community is bad, you have drug addicts running a hospital for other drug addicts.

    • Well clip some coupon’s to subsidize the difference, since you claim growing isn’t that profitable anymore. I guess 73.72℅ disagrees with your negative opinion. Get back to your plants.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      It is not a joke. It will cost you $125.00/year per parcel for taxes to support this totally screwed up hospital, and for 10 years…

      Apathy wins again, SoHum. If the folks who voted no on W had even bothered to cast a vote, we would have a different outcome!

      So, Jojo, try again in ten years. Remember, only about 10% of eligible voters even voted, so about 7% of the electorate passed this garbage…

      7% of the population is about how many care about and use SHCHD.

      • “If the folks who voted no, had voted!” Lol!

        And actually it’s 7 ℅ of people who care about and listened to the other hundreds of folks who use it also,unlike u.

    • Jojo – you might want to re-do your math on that “pay a $1.00 a day,” for SHCHD. @ $125/year it works out to less than 35 cents /day. Can’t pay much in USA for 35 cents anywhere these days.

    • Im a community member and the ER helped me in a kind professional way and everything was clean, i had no problems.

      Funny to complain about a facility and not want to help it get better.

      Please, if youre in a car accident near garberville tell them you dont wanna go to the hospital here, you can then see what its like to be injured and have to travel an hour at least in a bumpy ambulance ride that will cost you big bucks and maybe your life.

      The rhetoric is old, actually do something on the ground or stop flapping your chops. And c’mon folks pull some math skills together, its not that much money!

    • Open your own, then.

      It’s not the hospital’s fault that southern Humboldt is overrun with trimmigrants, vagrants, homeless people, and addicts. They’re not allowed to turn people away.

  • Thank you Southern for Passing measure F. Like Kai Ostrow says, now it’s time to act to improve our healthcare. Urge you kids to go to nursing school. It’s an honest living that will allow your kids to live close to you. Consider medical school, physical therapy school. Run for the board. Work to make the world a better place. Today is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion and also the fiftieth anniversary of JFKs murder. Think about. I’m sure my friend, who’s father stormed the beaches of Normandy, will post a photo of his, then, eighteen year old father. Now my son is that same age now but the faded photo of my friend’s father looks younger, more vulnerable. Yesterday my son voted for the very first time. Together we can accomplish amazing things. Remember our ancestors. Build for our children.


      Exhorting Southern Humboldt to go to College, become Doctors and Nurses seems a bit over the top. Southern Humboldt can’t even seem to cast a ballot.

      Shame on a community which can’t muster 20% participation in the election!

      Yes indeed, go to college, get a job! Whenever you sober up….

      Enjoy paying your extra property tax.

      • Little sore, considering your resorting to a big legal word that doesn’t define the situation. It was put to a vote and you participated, & lost. That’s not extortion but you trying to paint your loss as something else than it really is. Nice try though.

        • Correcting folks english is one of my pet peeves. If you know what they meant to say, you know what they said. However, in this case she said EXHORT not EXTORT. So…. Your bad. Or, should I have said you’re bad.

      • Stop classifying us in one big clump. You have no clue what it is like to live here. No concept of the politics, the actions (or the lack of) of our BOSs and the Humboldt County Sheriffs. No concept of the retaliatory behavior. No concept of the how dangerous this area is and the lack of boundaries. Our area has been diluted with a population of people that can not function effectively in the real world. Thank our BOSs, sheriffs and our State Representatives for this!!!

    • the truth might upset sensitive hypocrites

      yeah erm good luck with that. only thing people want to do up here is grow weed.

    • How about hiring ethical competent staff. The reality when you have a group of people who live,work and operate in a community of outlaws significantly influence the hiring practices of a medical facility you will never have competent reputable healthcare. The drug culture n Southern Humboldt discourages education and intellectual enrichment. The CR campus is an excellent example of this. No forward thinking of the direction of where this region should economically head. No concept of upward mobility or what the real world is doing.
      Turning the CR campus into a hospital and not offering job retraining is an injustice to the entire population of this area!

    • Great ideas, but it’s RFK’s assassination anniversary.
      And I have had to go to the emergency room twice now, and I have had excellent and professional care there!
      I voted for Measure F! Having an emergency room here will only help us.
      Thank you everyone for voting for it!

  • So I can expect my dividend check when the hospital turns a profit right as apparently I’m still a shareholder?

  • The numbers aren’t “close” in the 5th District. I guarantee it upon a recount; which I’m already organizing for as I write this in case Sundberg “mysteriously” pulls ahead on some news blip in two weeks. His District rejected him well before the election. His own tribe refused to endorse him. He was publicly indicted for taking kickbacks on the Mercer Fraiser pot extraction deal right by the drinking water source for many in the District. The reports of his numbers ain’t adding up.

    Congratulations to Mr. Steve Madrone!! Our 5th District Supervisor! And to Ms. Paz, may she count and recount those numbers until they come clean.

    Two super cool victories for Humboldt. : )

  • I feel pretty good about Madrone’s chances. Late submitted mail-ins tend to mirror the same day vote more than the earlier ballots – lots of theories about that. But there are probably about 1000 more votes to be counted so who knows? But I would rather have the 33 votes than not!

    • Don’t you think the race is a bit too conveniently close for an incumbent so hotly rejected just before the election? I mean his own tribe turned their back on him. He was pandering to people wanting to pollute the Mad River right by the public water system.

      Not only do I feel good about Madrone’s chances, I’m declaring him the winner right here and now. Anyone who says different two weeks down the road in a news blip has a recount on their hands…

      • local observer

        here’s a fun fact: carbamates was the big buzz word upstream with his dog on center stage unfortunately and the list of analytes for HBWD annual water quality testing doesn’t even include carbamates or herbicides like 2,4-D. everything is always a complete joke.

  • And congratulations Sohum!

    • Corporate God worship.

      Same as it ever was . . .too busy grazing to notice the shiny tag stapled to their ear.

      Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. (Not a George Orwell quote).

  • Newsom will eat Cox for breakfast.

  • Are we really going to elect the mayor of San Francisco to be mayor of California, what the fuck?

  • Thank you Kym for the much awaited early morning election report.

    I am more of a student of human nature than than a student of politics and it never ceases to amaze me the passion that people can muster at complete opposite ends of any political spectrum. I like to try to only deal with hard facts, which sometimes defies my own passions. So, I have a tendency to agree with people like Kai Ostro. We need to focus on making things better. Like the old saw that says ” when Life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I prefer lemon meringue pie myself, but I sure that many would disagree.

    Let’s try to fix things that are broken, and help politicians understand our points of view. It is much easier to work within the system than without, and, much more productive.

    The major issue in Southern Humboldt was “Save The Hospital” (Measure “F”). It appears that approximately 73.72% of the people that vote want to provide the hospital district with tax funding. We all agree that the hospital has cost people their lives, but has also has saved many lives, and has successfully treated many illnesses and injuries, and in the long run has been a benefit to the community.

    The new CT scanner will be a major improvement in medical care and will help the hospital attract Doctors willing to work there. Let’s please focus on moving forward in positive directions, I know it will be difficult, but we have come this far. Let’s make it work!

    • local observer

      you guys should feel grateful, in NoHum I pay twice that for a developer and his finance buddy to make bank on an inadequate school structure. I still view it as criminal but hell this is Humboldt where top hats imported criminals in the early 1900s to do their dirty work.

  • Proud to say it wasn’t even close. Thanks to all the folks who worked hard to pass Measure F and to all the folks who voted. Its reassuring that in these uncertain times we can still step up to bat and secure a better future for our little community.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      If you are proud of your community, remember:

      10% of the eligible voters actually voted.

      This means that 90% of the folks, lets call them “potential voters” even care enough to vote to fund the hospital, much less care enough to vote against a tax.

      Like I said before, Dave, practically no one uses it, and apparently 90% of SoHum residents don’t care about it at all.

      So congratulations, you must have done this before…

      My advice: Run your dirty little hospital better, before someone sues it out of existence.

      • Sour grapes. Get over it.

      • Actually Humboldt County came out in bigger numbers than the state average.

      • Paul Riley/ Taurus Ballzoff,…,

        Measure F won. The election is over. I don’t even know you. But it’s easy to see you are all one person. And a disgruntled exemployee of the SHCHCD with a vendetta and a lot of spare time to post all hours of the day. You also repeatedly make it clear that you have no current information. We have all read your endless diatribe for weeks. You had fair access to the comment section to express your disrespectful slanderous opinions. The election is over. Please stop!
        To the rest of you, I am so greatful that the electorial process works. Thanks for voting! Let’s support all of our local healthcare & improve it.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          The “electoral process” works when people vote.

          SoHum does not vote. Or care about SHCHD.

          I was surprised that Measure W failed, but this one was no surprise!

          It’s still a very poor quality hospital, and I doubt it will change.

          Surprise Valley Hospital is being sold to pirates. SHCHD is going to continue to be operated by the worst gang of incompetent, corrupt, and unqualified folks in a medical facility, almost anywhere at all.


  • What i would like to see Pronto is for all the Plastic “Vote Yes on F” signs picked up and find a way to re-use those placards. I hate the trash of ANY election.

  • Didn’t see many young people at the polls. They must be frustrated with the system —

    • And I’d just like to thank Ernie Branscomb, Dave Kirby, Eric Kirk, Kym Kemp, and other citizen-commentators who use their actual names! Are the rest of you folks so embarrassed about making your opinions public that you need to hide who you really are? For shame!

  • Well it’s a good thing important decisions are made by voting and not by arguing in comment threads, huh?

  • Correction on Lt Gov. “ED Democrat” i think kym.

  • Darren tomasini

    First time ever commenting and I’m using my real name!! I have been to emergency room twice in last 4 years and found it clean -professional- caring -and fast- it actually was the best experience I have ever had at a hospital- I don’t live in the district so I couldn’t vote but thank you to everyone who did!!

  • I can’t wait for the next mega bucks vote to pay for the hospital building & equipping it! The passing of F is just more incentive for me to move out of CA & leave the big spenders who never seem to run out of ways to spend money. Every business tat pushed for this won’t be a place I spend my money,ever.

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