A Call to Do More Than Vote From a Volunteer Firefighter

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Kai Ostrow as a member of Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue working to clean up a dump.

Kai Ostrow as a member of Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue working to clean up a dump. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

By all means, GO VOTE TODAY.

Just please don’t let that be the extent of your civic duty.

Support your local businesses and organizations. Grill some salmon for Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, answer phones for KMUD or CLMP, lend a hand with the Eel River Cleanup Crew. Glutton for volunteer punishment? Consider joining your local VFD and the Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team. Learn to look for and recognize injustice, and when you do; be loud, fight for change. Do something to make this world what you want it to be. Your vision of what that looks like may be very different than mine, but I guarantee they have more in common with each other than the dystopian future the moneyed and powerful are working towards.

America needs the hands of her citizens on the tiller.

Kai Ostrow



  • Very, well said sir!!!

  • Nothing but respect for you, Kai.

  • Tech rescue kicks ass! This portion of humboldt should be very blessed to have this team. They are volunteers from other fire depts who put in a LARGE amount of time on training and real life rescues. No, they are not paid.

  • 💙

  • Right on, Kai. A riff on what Dave Brower said: an activist can be an uncomfortable neighbor but is a great ancestor. Everybody who has the presence of mind and the courage to be unpopular can make a difference.

  • Thanks Kai

    If it is true that serving your fellow man is the price you pay for the life you get, Southern Humboldt’s First Responders deserve a great life. What would we do without these folks?

    Not everyone can qualify to be a first responder, but if you are inclined to be one please give it a try. I can truly say that it was the best gig of my life, and I miss it greatly.

    Support your local first responders!

  • Kai, I respect what you said & what you do.

  • Been seeing a lot about Bobby Kennedy here on the anniversary of his assasination . He spoke so elegantly about service to your country and community. Kai , you’re in good company.

  • Thanks for doing what you do and caring to do it well. I also know you are in good company.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Please also recognize the service of those working in your hospitals, police departments, sheriff deputies and everyone else who devotes their lives to caring for others.

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