Surfrider Foundation’s ‘Sign the Surfboard’ Project Shows Opposition to Offshore Drilling

Press release by Humboldt Made:

Signed surfboard.

Signed surfboard. [All photos provided by Humboldt Made]

Activists and business leaders are joining together along the West Coast to promote clean water, healthy beaches, and a thriving coastal economy by saying “yes” to renewable energy and “no” to new offshore oil drilling. Surfrider Foundation’s “Sign the Surfboard” project will highlight Humboldt County’s role in these efforts over the next few weeks starting in Eureka at this week’s Friday Night Market and Saturday Arts Alive!.Several of Humboldt’s business leaders will gather at the Eureka Visitor Center, 240 E St., on Friday, June 1 at 6 p.m. to show their opposition to the federal government’s attempts to open up nearly all U.S. waters to new offshore drilling by adding their names to a surfboard donated by Firewire Surfboards. The surfboard left San Diego in March and has been traveling up the West Coast collecting hundreds of signatures in local communities along the way. Later this year, the surfboard will be presented to the White House and the U.S. Department of the Interior as a symbol of opposition to the Draft Proposed Program for Oil and Gas Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program, which threatens California’s precious marine environment.

“History shows that drilling means spilling, which results in massive harm to sea creatures, destroys recreational opportunities and puts our entire economy at risk,” said Jennifer Savage, Surfrider Foundation’s California policy manager and long-time Humboldt County resident. “California’s coastal economy employs millions of people and generates $44 billion dollars annually. Our communities deserve to be protected from this attempt to drag our country backward.”

“This is an opportunity for local businesses that depend upon the health and beauty of the coast to speak up on this critical issue,” said Alanna Powell, executive director of Humboldt Made. “New offshore drilling will clearly threaten Humboldt County’s economic success.”

In addition to the Sign the Surfboard project, West Coast business leaders founded the Business Alliance to Protect the Pacific Coast (BAPPAC), which represents more than 1,000 businesses so far. Membership in the alliance sends a message to state and federal representatives that a healthy coast is vital to the bottom line, as well as the lifestyles of their customers and staff.

Musician Eddie Vedder signed the surfboard.



  • There is simply too much risk on the west coast to drill ever.

    • Actually, we are drilling and fracking right now. We are pumping oil and refining right here in Calif. Electric cars pollute so much more, from when they are made, while they are functioning and using so much energy, and then trying to dispose of the highly toxic battery. Charging one of these creepy things takes the same energy as a number of household electrical use power for each charge. Wind generators kill 4500 raptors a year. How clean is that? And if you notice, they are not even moving some of the time, producing nothing but an eyesore. Same with solar farms. No power produced at night, or on dark cloudy winter days. If you want to live in the stone age and eat raw food, go ahead. As for the majority of regular folks, death before Prius.

  • Absolutely No Oil Drilling off the North Coast California shore the fish and Abolne are in big trouble as it already is with out pollution from oil drilling. Theadore Roseavelt should have made off shore a conservation area as well.

  • NO, NO, NO!!!😡

  • Every bit of this tree huggin-granola eating fern shitting enviro bullcrap is just fine,seriously,and I’ve helped save every tree and owl including several gay baby whales and a few mud ducks along the way in the last 30 years on the north coast,but. All of this to be presented to a white house and Dept. of the Interior who could give a shit less what any of this stands for or symbolizes and will use it to start a fire at camp David or Mar Lago at best. Cute story though.

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