South Fork Lady Cubs Win NCS Division VI Championship for the First Time

This is a press release from the South Fork High School Softball team:

[All photos provided by Crystal Salomon]

On May 29, The Division VI No. 4 South Fork Lady Cubs traveled to Geyserville for their first ever North Coast Section Championship matchup against second-seeded Geyserville Highschool Broncos.

A majority of the Lady Cubs players have quite a long history together, playing softball together since they were very young. This helped create a great bond and chemistry among the squad.

They started off the first inning with freshman Joslin Todd hitting a standup double, with junior Regina Salomon allowing Todd to score after taking off for first base on a dropped third strike, causing an overthrow from catcher to first baseman. Lady Cubs only score one, but it’s enough to be excited.

Broncos then take the plate with high hopes. They hit two singles, but the Lady Cubs impressive defense did not allow them to score, with help from a double play by Centerfield Junior Anjoiena Girard.

In the second inning, the Lady Cubs gained huge momentum with an 11-run rally.

Sophomore Kaylie Pogue hit a single, followed by a beautiful bunt by freshman Alani Christiansen. Followed by a a pair of doubles each with two RBI’s by sisters Joslin Todd and Junior Jasmine Todd. The team doesn’t let up with a single by Freshman Kaylee Valk, a double with two RBI’s by Senior Kylee Girard, a single by Senior Kamia Way with an RBI, two impressive triples each with an RBI by Christiansen and Savio. Joslin Todd squeezes in one more single with an RBI before the Broncos put a stop to the rally.

In the bottom of the second, the Broncos are swinging hard but end up with a three up, three down shut down by a great performance at the plate by Joslin Todd and an aggressive defense. Leaving the score 12-0.

In the third, the Lady Cubs fell a bit flat, with only Jasmine Todd taking a walk. The Broncos gaining momentum off the Cub’s no action inning manage to string together a series of singles and walks to score two runs. Bringing the score to 12-2.

Despite the Lady Cubs somewhat tough season, the team is no stranger to being ahead on the board, even against competitive teams like the Hoopa Valley Warriors. The Lady Cubs downfall has been not being able to keep a lead and losing from errors and falling flat late in the game. So despite their lead in the game, Head Coach Lisa Todd and Assistant Coach Kassie Humphrey know anything can happen, even this late in innings. So, they instruct the team to keep working hard and keep their heads in the game.

The Lady Cubs please their coaches by chipping away in the fourth to score three more runs, with a single by Christiansen, a single and RBI from Salomon, also a double with an RBI by Savio and Joslin Todd.

The Broncos are not ready to call it a game, they hit two singles and a double with an RBI to bring their score up to 3. The Lady Cubs can almost feel the championship medals being placed over their heads, but they tell themselves that this next inning is where they need to leave it all out on the field, hold nothing back, don’t leave the game feeling like you could have given more. Put the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

And the Lady Cubs did not disappoint.

Kaylie Pogue got on base with a single, Kamia Way hits a double to score Pogue. Freshman Sophia Studebaker hits a beautiful well practiced bunt to bring in Way. Savio hits a double to bring in Studebaker. Salomon, and Jasmine Todd get on base with a walk and Valk takes a HBP to get on.

Kylee Girard then takes the plate and slams a double to bring in all three runners. Leaving the score at 22-3.

Broncos take the plate in the bottom of the fifth and put up two more runs in an attempt to overcome their large deficit. However, a line drive is hit to shortstop Regina Salomon who puts an end to the Broncos two out rally, and ends the game.

The South Fork Lady Cubs Win the NCS Division VI championship game for the first time in South Fork history.



  • Congratulations. Your hard work and dedication is paying off. Keep it up!

  • Congratulations champions! Well done!

  • Awesome, great job. You make this South Fork HS Alumni proud.

  • Great job coaches and team and thanks you Kym and Oliver for giving us this coverage!

  • A grower gets busted and there are 100 comments. A tweaker gets nailed and there are 30 comments a black prtson gets pulled over by a white cop and there are 200 comments , but a group of small town girls who prevailed against incredible odds and wins a championship gets 4. I said 4 !!!!! Comments. That speaks for our community.

  • simone whipple

    Well done! Enjoy your success. You earned it!

  • Way to go Cubs ! Trophy will make a great addition to that new trophy case . Thank you for covering sports stories like these !

  • A dope grower gets busted and there are 100 comments, a treaker gets naliled and there are 50?comments, a black guy gets pulled over by a white cop and there are 200 comments, but a group of high school girls beat all odds and win a championship gets 4 – yes 4 comments. That speaks for our community.

  • Really coach!!!

    Well let’s start off, very well played lady’s it was awesome to watch you lady’s play a great game it started off spectacular until a lot of us parents started relizing that the pitcher who helped you lady’s get there didn’t even get to pitch or bat but as well as a few other lady’s on our team just got benched while we were winning by a long mile, but still our coach just sat there and played favortism do to part of of some last name’s as you read above. So our coach couldn’t even realize it was just making our sportsmanship of our school look horribly bad but it made some of us parents not even enjoy the game, it just made us disappointed on Lisa’s coaching and made us parents feel bad for the lady’s who helped these lady get to the Championship, Just get benched or thrown out field!!! But great ball playing lady cubs⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Nothing but positive energy to our new champions

      Probably not an appropriate forum to discuss your frustration. This article was written to celebrate the girls success. Congratulations to the lady cubs for your huge win! And thanks coach for putting in 20 years of coaching for SouthFork.

    • To the cowardly people that hide behind fake names on these posts, shame on you. Do you even realize how much time and dedication it takes to coach a team? Do you want to coach? As far as I know this job is open every year, all you have to do is apply. So let me tell you what it’s like. At least 5 days a week for 4 months we have dedicated our time, energy, and money to do anything we could to help our team be successful. We have put in HOURS of hard work on the field, at practice and games, and what do we get in return? Bashed on a positive post. Lisa has dedicated more time and energy to South Fork Athletics than anyone I know. She literally lead our team to make South Fork history this season. But all you see is her “favoritism.” You had plenty of opportunity to talk to her in person about this issue since you were at the game that you’re posting about, so why wouldn’t you? Because nowadays it’s easier to hide behind fake names on social media and bash good people. Grow up people, don’t be cowards.
      -Thank you Lisa for being an incredible coach for so many years. Judging by EVERY picture posted on Facebook, all of our players were happy with the win. Nobody seemed sad or worried about your so-called favoritism.
      -Kassie Humphrey (assistant coach)

  • @Really coach,
    Coaches don’t always make all the perfect decisions, sometimes they just do what they think is best for the team and it’s nothing personal. Sports are competitive and that’s just how it goes. Aside from the pitcher who was played in center field, one of the girls on the bench was sick, and the other girl did not go to the semi final game she went on a trip instead, so yeah she was benched. Have you ever coached? It’s not an easy job. I think you are entitled to your opinion and maybe you know a benched player personally, however on this positive article highlighting the teams great success is probably not the most appropriate place for a negative comment.

  • Nice job. Something they will remember forever. Well played ladies.

  • Veteran's friend

    Great team, great win, great coverage. Thank you all. Cub Pride

  • Wow, nice job Lady Cubs.

  • Go cubs..boys baseball is next..Friday 5oclock..would be so sweet if they win too..cubs rule

  • @ guest
    No it’s not about the competitive favortism and as for a coach she should of made all the girls who helped these lady’s get to the championships play and enjoy the game but guest how can you talk anything when you weren’t there unless ur the coach trying to make an excuse for the lack of crappy favortism on the fact of not realizing the lady’s had the game but she still decided to play with the lack of sportsmanship towards her own team, witch if you were there guest or really supported the lady’s you would get bothered as well!!!

  • How cool to see a former little Leaguer I coached go on to be high school coach and take her team to and win the championship !! Way to go Lisa !! You’ve made me proud !!!! To the other coach and all team members as well as their families , congratulations !!!!

  • This is the coach and no I didn’t write the one above I wouldn’t hide behind a fake name if I had something to say, so please if your going to write on here have some facts no one was Benched at all I had 2 subs and one that comes and dresses down for fun that doesn’t practice so I let her be part of the team…so for my other 2 subs one was having heatstroke so I guess she should of started and played on the 90 degree heat and maybe hauled off in an ambulance would that of been up to your great coaching standards? the other one had been sick and one asked to come out cause she didn’t feel good that leaves everyone getting to play I am very open with my players of why they are in certain positions Kids don’t always relay that to the parents so you could of asked me!!! Yes Joslin is my niece and she did pitch for the last 2 games she has more pitch selection and accurate she only struck out 2 and gave up 11 hits so guess what defense played too!! it took the whole team to win that game she didn’t touch home 25 times the whole line up hit so if you want to take away their smiles and ribbons for making South Fork history in softball you go for it and this job is open every year if you want to apply and do better they ALL played and played as a team!!!! Not one was left out on the bench

  • Can I kindly request that if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all??? As a player on this team I can say that no, our coach doesn’t display favoritism. Yes, not everyone gets played equally one hundred percent of the time, but not everyone is equally skilled. More experienced players sometimes get played over newer girls, and sometimes certain positions are competitive. Sometimes we don’t feel well and it’s up to the coach to pull us out if we’re not fit to play. All this bickering in the comments does nothing more than cause unnecessary drama and negativity. Please show maturity. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • No. Negative comments are fair. However if its fake news its wrong. If your facts are shewd its wrong. But coaches know you cant please everyone and undortunately sometimes mistakes are made. Lisa is very fair. And that comment is not fake news. Want more playing tim? Improve.

  • This South Fork softball team (as well as our South Fork baseball team) also each won a scholastic pennant this year. That is given to teams with a very high average g.p.a and the last time a South Fork team got one was the girls track team back in 2008. Both the softball girls and baseball boys (and coaches, assistants, parents, and teachers) really took care of business this year. Gratz to all the great kids on these teams and the people who make the games possible.

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