[UPDATE: Canceled] Controversial Musician, Sizzla, Whose Homophobic Lyrics Caused an Uproar When He Was Booked to Play the 2016 Reggae on the River Show, Set to Play the Mateel Hall This July

Sizzla poster for the July 13th performance

Sizzla poster for the July 13th performance at the Mateel Hall in Redway.

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky in popular culture. Will it prove to be an unlucky day for the already beleaguered Mateel which has entered into an agreement to allow Sizzla, a controversial Reggae artist and well-known homophobe to play that day? Earshot Entertainment, a music production company based out of San Francisco is renting the Hall and putting on a concert by Sizzla. As yet it is unknown the specifics of the deal.

Sizzla Kalonji is a top-tier Reggae artist known for his high energy performances and also his homophobic lyrics–some of which advocate shooting gays. His 2004 hit, Pump Up, states “Shot battybwoy, my big gun boom” which roughly translates as “Shoot gay men, my big gun goes boom.” The song contains other lyrics which some believe advocate burning gay men–“fire fi di man dem weh go ride man behind.”

Sizzla and other Jamaican artists with similar lyrics faced a backlash. Critics began labeling their genre “Murder Music.”

Sizzla’s work permit was revoked in the United States in 2008 because of the controversy over his lyrics. Canada and the United Kingdom also didn’t allow Sizzla to do concerts and Germany canceled several. Then in 2016, Sizzla was permitted back into the US to play concerts and festivals. Reggae on the River signed him as their headliner.

In response, there was a community outcry on the North Coast. Because the festival is a Mateel production, Justin Crellin, then the Mateel’s General Manager, promised to “pull the plug on his performance” should the artist use any “derogatory speech.”  Crellin also said the Mateel would use

funds from our 2016 Ambassador Program- which funnels 10% of funds from our Ambassador ticket sales to global charities related to reggae culture- to directly support the work of an NPO in Jamaica that is working to combat this issue and foster tolerance and understanding regarding the LGBTQ community.

Todd Larson, one of the founders of Queer Humboldt, spoke out against this event this morning. He said, “To see the Mateel hosting this after working with them in 2016…I’m really disappointed…I’m shocked after all the entertainers they could bring, they chose that one…He has never denied it or apologized.”

In spite of the controversy, Earshot Entertainment booked the Mateel Hall for Sizzla to play this July 13. Board member Eryn Snodgrass told us in an email last night that Mateel is requiring the promoters to “get a respect values agreement for this show, a no hate speech tolerated principals statement.”

Sizzla performed under a similar agreement at the 2016 Reggae on the River festival and abided by the restrictions. We have not been able to confirm that the Mateel did donate that promised money to the NPO.

The Mateel has stated they will issue a press release this morning on the Sizzla concert.

UPDATE 5/31: The Mateel issued the following statement.

In response to an impassioned outcry of some of our diverse community, the Mateel has decided to cancel the July 13thSizzla concert at the hall. We have informed the promoters who are very understanding and cooperative.

The original decision to host this show came from the center’s need to continue paying down debt. We had planned to ensure that no hate speech or lyrics would have occurred – Sizzla’s 2016 Reggae on the River set went smoothly with an agreement with the artist management- but after further review, the potential earnings would not justify hosting this controversial artist.

The Mateel supports the arts, music, theater, and free expression as well as providing an inclusive and tolerant space for all to gather regardless of race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.



  • Sizzla is most likely gay himself. He doth protest too much, methinks.

    • Word.

    • I do not understand the hatred of people who only make up 3-4% of the worlds population. So your gay, or straight. Who cares. leave people alone. Heterosexuals engage in as many if not more imaginative sex acts than gays. And since both heterosexuals and homosexuals have all the same equipment, is there really that much difference? People have the right to be who they are. Abraham Lincoln told a former slave in the south, who had thanked him for his freedom, ” now you answer to no other human on earth, instead now you only answer to God above.” Leave people alone. Do not advocate violence towards others, it could backfire.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    This appears to be one more poor decision made by the operators of the Mateel.

    How much more of this will SoHum stand for?

    Incompetence, dishonesty, corruption, and now homophobia?

    Demand that the Mateel Board resign, and then appoint some people who are able to move forward without making things even worse!

    • Did you read any of the article?

      ..”Earshot Entertainment, a music production company based out of San Francisco is renting the Hall and putting on a concert by Sizzla…”

      Frankly I don’t see why this is even news.. he abided by the agreement in 2016 and they are requiring similar from earshot entertainment. Yawn.

      And I too was disgusted by his lyrical sentiments towards gentle homosexuals but Sizzla is just echoing the culture/attitude of Jamaica. No big shock there. And everyone hates someone/something. What have you been taught to hate /ridicule? Those that say no one are lying.

      Give the MCC a break. They didn’t hire this guy they need income. Back off.

      • Did you read the MCC .org announcement on their own calendar? Earshot Entertainment and the Mateel present: Sizzla with special guests Marlon Asher, Orlando Octave & Guerilla Takeover

      • You’re surprised it’s even news?

        It’s news in much the same way Roseann Barr’s racist tweet is news. The main differences are (1) Roseann Barr doesn’t sing about killing black people, while these folks do sing about killing gays and lesbians, and (2) ABC got a clue, while Southern Humboldt never did.

        The Mateel does not deserve any thanks whatsoever, just as Roseann Barr deserves no thanks for her phony apology.

      • Stirring Pot said “Sizzla is just echoing the culture/attitude of Jamaica.”

        So if a neo Nazi comes along espouses killing Jews that would be okay too? Cos he represents his culture. Oh that’s okay then???

    • Veteran's friend

      You meant to say “another in a long long line of poor decisions” didn’t you?

    • Exactly right how much more STUPIDITY are the folks in So Hum gong to stand for this CRAP??? Demand the resignation of every BoD member who voted in favor of hiring this A$$hole… AGAIN???!!! The stench surrounding the last time the Mateel BoD invited him to perform has hardly cleared & here we go again!!! Yet another BAD decision on the part of the Mateel BoD!!!

  • Fuck him. And fuck the Mateel. I hope the seats are empty for the show, and forevermore after. I will never again support the Mateel, and not just because of the Reggae Rednecks they host. This is just icing on the shitcake.

  • Disgusting. The way to defeat violence is to starve it, not to make it promise to play nice and then feed it.

    I was a longtime Mateel volunteer, and to me, the Mateel’s decision to bring this person several years ago was a clear choice of money over the community that gave birth to it. A couple of years before Sizzla played here, our community had objected so strongly to a proposed performance that the Mateel cancelled the show. It was a real betrayal of the community when Justin brought him to Reggae.

    It’s decisions like these… telling our community’s LGBTQ sisters and brothers that their lives are less important than the almighty dollar…that have killed the value and relevance of the organization. The Mateel was our home. Now It’s just a place where violence and hatred, no matter if it’s disguised, provide entertainment, for money.

    Not my Mateel any more.

    • You definitely are an onlooker. Must be nice living in your glass house

      • You should understand metaphors before you use them. I’m not throwing stones. I would be metaphorically throwing stones if I personally advocated violence and condemned the Mateel for the same thing. I had a longterm investment in the community center. I’m saying that the organization that repeatedly brings advocates of homophobic violence here doesn’t get my support. The Mateel’s not the Center of the community anymore, when it brings in hate and selks tickets to see it as entertainment. That’s me, exercising my freedom of speech.

        • Hillbilly girl

          What….you have a right to free speech but sizzla doesn’t?…..ha ha ha ha! Classic

          • He actually doesn’t have the right to advocate murder.

          • I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a right to free speech, although I don’t think that advocating murder of people is under the aegis of protected speech. I haven’t said anything about his rights or lack. My comments have been directed at the Mateel welcoming that into our community. Perhaps That’s too fine of a distinction for you to perceive.

          • This has nothing to do with “free speech.” Sizzla can say whatever he wants. The issue is whether a community center and community based organization should support and profit from such a man, and such speech. As a queer who grew up in Humboldt, and as a human being, I am disappointed that this is even a question. It’s 2018, folks. Queer and trans people are murdered all over the world for being themselves. C’mon Matteel. Do Better.

    • It should be Verizon Hall ….sponsored by Renner,Humboldt Hydro,US Army and Budweiser presents… Sizzler. The steak house?

  • Freedom of speech. If he doesn’t click with the behaviors and wants to talk about it, let him. This is America. Behaviors don’t have the power of law to tell people they can’t object to them. There is nothing in the US Constitution protecting what people do in their bedrooms “as an identity”.

    This will come out in the wash as challenges make their way to the US Supreme Court. For now, punishing this man by denying him a venue for his talents based on suppression of his rights to free speech is a violation of his civil rights. I’d beware of doing that because freedom of speech is in the US Constitution in black and white; and undeniable. When someone suggests “starving him” of venue or revenue for his talents that surround free speech, I’d be very careful not to make that starvation official.

    And he’s black too so I’d be doubly aware of that violation of civil rights thing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t fight for the rights of blacks so that men and women habitually doing weird stuff in their bedrooms can use their habitual-behaviors-as-subjective-identity to suppress the free speech of a black man who actually was born that way.

    • Advocating murder is not the same thing as saying that you disagree with homosexual behavior.

    • Hmmmmm? You say, ”…denying him a venue for his talents based on suppression of his rights to free speech is a violation of his civil rights.”

      This wouldn’t be the US government denying him his right to free speech, this would be a music venue that didn’t want his music. His rights would not be violated.

    • Veteran's friend

      The mateel is a private business. They do not have to extend freedom of speech to ANYONE.

      • The Mateel is actually a public benefit nonprofit organization. But they do not have an obligation to provide a venue to anybody.

    • Free speech not hate speech

      Cool so when they book a band saying to kill all white men becsuse thayre destroying the world you’ll defend that too? And if the crowd gets riled up and comes and burns your house down cuz your a white man then that’s ok? Cuz thats what happened to gay people after numerous sizzla concerts in Jamaica.

      Easy to state your case when youre not the target.

      • Please provid facts where a straight white person has had their house burned down for being straight and white? But no, I don’t personally advocate hurting someone for their religion, skin or variable abilities

    • Freedom of speech my left foot. This yot can say what he likes but the Mateel has no obligation to bring him to our stage. And our community has spoken up loud and clear that to bring him is a violation of our community values, which include supporting our friends and neighbors. But maybe the community has changed, and there are more hateful peopke than loving and community minded souls, given your attitude.

    • “And he’s black too so I’d be doubly aware of that violation of civil rights thing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t fight for the rights of blacks so that men and women habitually doing weird stuff in their bedrooms can use their habitual-behaviors-as-subjective-identity to suppress the free speech of a black man who actually was born that way.”


  • Out of all the gin joints in all the towns of the world, he walks into mine…

    • Dang…drinking milk while reading your comments is hazardous to my nose and to my keyboard.

      • It’s articles like these that let the hate perpetuate. Sizzla has done a lot of good. All anyone wants to highlight is the ‘hate’. He will not say anything derogatory that night, nor would he dream too. He’s not the person the article paints him to be. Hate speech is used in many genres of music as well as churches on the daily. If you don’t like it stay home.

        • Couldn’t agree more. It’s like this article is wrote to get people upset and doesn’t talk about the positive message that is delivered through the music. Teach the youth. Feed the youth. Respect your elders and eat healthy. He will most likely play at rotr this year as well. The show will sell out in a matter of days and the vibes will be high inside the building with people spreading the message of love. We all make mistakes and we all learn and grow with time. No one cares when a hip hop guy comes to town that glorifies selling rocks on the block. See you at the show with a phat doink of dolato.

        • I’m sure Roseanne has done a lot of good as well. Are you also defending her right to tweet what she did and not be fired? Because this man’s lyrics are much worse than anything she said. She didn’t call for violence.

        • What good has he done?

  • Ah one more facet of the hypocritical humboldt dope grower.

  • Too funny. There are no words in any press release that can make this anything but a self-mockery. Respect? No I… This is a farce.

  • Its about time the fire blazed again in Humboldt. His show at ROR a couple of years back was one of the best.

    • Loud and clear mi brethren let jah rise and the heathen scatter woah woah, people’s we most come together as one🌱💚

  • Ted Nugent will soon be rockin the Mateel too for the “Mateel Summer of Hate concert series.”

  • Never really likes reggae or Reggae on the River and I certainly don’t care who you have a sexual relationship with as long as it’s legal and consensual, but why is it okay for everybody to raise such a stink over this person’s point of view? he has a right to his own opinion just like everyone else does, sure the mateel can boycott him or you can boycott him personally by not supporting the mateel. That’s how it should be in a free country. But then you see the other side, when for instance a highly religious couple that owns a bakery refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple’s marriage, they get sued in federal court and lose and are forced to produce a cake. What if the mateel was forced by federal court to hire this person and then everybody in town was forced to buy a ticket to go listen to him, why is it okay to force one person’s point of view over another and not the other way around, after all gay people make up less than 8% of the United States population. Either way I certainly won’t be wasting $200 on that dribble,

    • Because there’s history of violence that has accompanied that stance. Like lynching or antisemitism, hearing that raises those ghosts or even not yet dead practices. Threatening raises the question “Do they mean it literally?”

      Having said it, this country is going through an non religious frenzy celebrating victimhood. That has created oversensativity, gamesmanship and favoritism in a culture of sanctifed social bullying. Thus Christian can cry bias and be rudely dismissed while another
      can cry the same bias and be respected. Thus comes the importance of principles over sympathy. Principles guides actions without regard to emotional prejudice. Emotions pick winners and losers.

      We need much more respecting principles and less outrage.

    • Wow, is it really $200 a ticket?!
      If so, I am happy to hear that folks still have that kind of expendable income in the wake of legalization and plummeting prices. Although, I might pay $100 to see David Lindley with El Rayo-X if the Mateel could somehow make that happen.

    • Actually the bakery didn’ lose and never had to produce a cake. Catch up for Christ’s sake.

      • Anti troll league

        The Oregon bakery did lose at State level , got a huge fine levied and closed down. The Colorado case has the case pending to the Supreme Court.

        • Yes, the Oregon case lost, BUT on a State level. They paid a fine with fundraiser $, but were never forced to bake a cake, silly. The Colorado bakery case Won in the Supreme court and its appeal is pending, and again no one was ever forced to bake a cake. It’s called comprehension not trolling, come on now people, catch up!

          • You said “The Colorado bakery case Won in the Supreme court and its appeal is pending.” You cannot appeal a Supreme Court ruling. Duh. So if there is an appeal pending then they didn’t win in the Supreme Court. Duh.

            • Good comprehension Zippy! LOL, oops, typo on my part when correcting my grammar. It was suppose to say, the Colorado bakery, just won federally. The pending appeals part, only belonged to the other sentence about Oregon, losing to the state. My comprehension grades were always better than my grammer, looks like that bad habit is still catching up with me, duh! Thank goodness its not the other way around.

    • Veteran's friend

      He has a right to his opinion, granted. But the Mateel has the right to NOT GIVE HIM A PLATFORM for his hate speech.
      And we have the right to point that out.

    • He has the right to his opinion, and we have the right to our opinion about his murder music. And we’re expressing it.

  • Got to figure he must have been real cheap to book, otherwise why.

  • unbridled philistine

    No such thing as bad publicity and so the seats will be packed!

  • Yuck! How many times have we been through this controversy between the Mateel and anti-homophobic groups and individuals before, beginning a number of years back when they booked Buju Banton? Would they book an anit-Semitic or racist performer, or one who advocated shooting up schools? No way. There would be too great a backlash The Mateel must be truly desperate to make money to book this repellent Murder Music act. That gays make up a relatively small portion of the population of the US is irrelevant. Furthermore, in no way is this an abrogation of free speech. This is a for-profit event in a semi-private venue. They have the right not to book acts which advocate prejudice and violence, if shunning such performers who don’t reflect the professed values of the organization or its members is of any significance to them.

  • Ok but can he say the “N” word without issue?
    The beautiful thing about freedom, you don’t have to go to his show.

    • Unfortunately the Mateel and the musicians are linked so that exercising freedom of action by not going condemns the Mateel to further and maybe final loss. They can not be so easily divorced. It is better not to go there in the first place than hope for a costly failure afterwards. Just ask Rosanne Barr about her remarks effecting the innocent.

    • For whatever reason, Jamaicans don’t us the word “nigga”.

  • Don’t hold your breath IF the MCC donated to that “NPO in Jamaica”, no one from the MCC has ever confirmed the local organizations have received funding from ROTR:

    Each year, 2.5% of net proceeds from Reggae On The River® are dedicated to a fund that is used to support a variety of worthy causes/ projects in our local community and beyond. Some recent beneficiaries/ projects have included:

    Save Our Schools for a multi-year donation to the Redway School music program
    New computers for Leggett Valley School
    A grant to the Eel River Recovery Project for a watershed wide study on the health of Eel River
    Funds to help with the continuation of shop and other vocational classes at South Fork High School
    Insurance assistance for the SoHum Skate Park
    The purchase of a public bench in the Garberville Town Square
    Youth Alive! coalition of Southern Humboldt.

    from the Reggae on the River website http://www.reggaeontheriver.com/outreach/

    “The program was rolled out in 2015 and nearly $15,000 was raised to split between Jamaica’s Alpha Boys School and Lil Raggamuffins Summer Camp”

    As part of our mission to give back to the community, all food booths at ROTR benefit local non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life on the North Coast. Whether run directly by a non-profit or by a percentage of sales from commercial booths via our Non-Profit Partnership Program, more than 20 different causes/ organizations benefitted from the concessions at ROTR 2016. Stay tuned here for a list of the 2017 participants as this information becomes available.”

    IMHO, it just seems the MCC doesn’t treat any community with RESPECT; not our LGBTQ brothers and sisters or our South Fork Eel River and its community of wildlife habitat. If we don’t fight for what we stand for with our passionate words and honest actions, do we really stand for anything.

    • Ed, The computers were purchased for the Leggett school through Emerald Technologies. There was a picture in the paper. oh that’s right, you don’t live here. Even Mateel donations have a way of benefiting Mateelies.

      There was no followup that I recall of a donation being made to a queer JA non-profit.

      • Chatty Anon ~ You mean “benefiting” MCC board members and their for-profit businesses, right? So that’s one, what about the others?

        And what about the $15K that was split between Jamaica’s Alpha Boys School and Lil Raggamuffins Summer Camp? Was there a photo op of that donation in the newspaper?

        • Yes exactly. Have you noticed another board member’s production company is producing shows with the Mateel too? I suppose because they are sole proprietors of a business being paid they don’t have to claim the income on the Mateel’s 990’s.

          • Yes I did, however, the MCC does need to answer “YES” or “NO” to the following questions on their 990 tax return:

            28. Was the organization a party to a business transaction with one of the following parties (see Schedule L, Part IV instructions for applicable filing thresholds, conditions, and exceptions):

            a. A current or former officer, director, trustee, or key employee? If Yes, complete Schedule L, Part IV

            b. A family member of a current or former officer, director, trustee, or key employee? If Yes, complete Schedule L, Part IV.

            c. An entity of which a current or former officer, director, trustee, or key employee (or a family member thereof) was an officer, director, trustee, or direct or indirect owner? If Yes, complete Schedule L, Part IV.

            Guess how they always answer this question…

            • Amazing. We’re talking about music which has played a role in murder of LGBTQ and Ed still makes it all about his narrow weird agenda. Kind of like the Trump Tweets about Memorial Day and Roseanne Barr.

              • Mr. Kirk, you need to re-read beyond my last post you commented to; I was commenting and replying to someone and what was stated in this article:

                “funds from our 2016 Ambassador Program- which funnels 10% of funds from our Ambassador ticket sales to global charities related to reggae culture- to directly support the work of an NPO in Jamaica that is working to combat this issue and foster tolerance and understanding regarding the LGBTQ community.”

                Now with that being said, I can only assume you know how to follow a conversation? If not, just stick to SoHum Parlance deux…

    • Geezzzus Ed not you again 😩

  • Exactly Cathy,,,if you don’t like the cat? Don’t go see him. If you do? Pack the house and have a great time,the rest of you can go get a real life of your very own to critique.

    • You’re missing the point, yeper. The point is that our community, which built the Mateel in the first place, stands for respect, tolerance and mutual support. Or it did when we built the community center. The idea that the board and staff would repeatedly bring in a person who advocates violence, especially in light of protest by its founding members, is repugnant.

      • Veteran's friend

        It is a country club for a self selected elite. And has always been.
        There is no community here. If there was, we would not be having this conversation.

  • This guy again ??? I thought they learned their lesson last time..I guess the ” teaching moment” evaporated in cloud of bong smoke.

    • In one ear & right out the other one, there’s NOTHING in between obviously!!! They should know better after all the MEGA protests the last time this “individual” was scheduled to play!!! It seems the Mateel BoD is totally losing what little common sense they MAY have ever had!!! the just keep stepping on it right & left!!! One BAD decision after another!!!

  • Not Your Fatha

    Why not start of the root cause of homophobia in reggae music: BOB MARLEY! Yes that Bob Marley is thee first reggae artist to have a homophobic hit song with ‘Who The Cap Fit’ with the lyric: ‘man to man is so unjust’. Praise the almighty Bob on T-shirt’s, posters, and plaster his likeness on everything from coffee to cannabis. Homophobia is systemic to Jamaican culture as much as misogyny. Yeah, One Love… unless you’re a woman or even worse gay.

    • Wow, where u hiding what you smoking?

    • One Hand Clapping

      “BOB MARLEY! Yes that Bob Marley is thee first reggae artist to have a homophobic hit song with ‘Who The Cap Fit’ with the lyric: ‘man to man is so unjust’. ”

      Hmm, this seems to be more about being sheisty than homosexuality…

      “Man to man is so unjust, children:
      Ya don’t know who to trust.
      Your worst enemy could be your best friend,
      And your best friend your worse enemy.”

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    He was terrible at RotR two years ago. Everybody has their own opinions of course, but my friend and I thought he was unlistenable. One thing that would help would be if he could stay on key.

    And he’s a homophobe too, obviously.

  • The best way to help someone change their point of view or opinion is to listen to it and show them a better way to look at the situation and possibly help them change their mind.

  • Donrichmondspyrock

    Overly sensitive outlaws…..

  • For Freaky Friday!

  • Seriously, fuck the Mateel. We’ve been down that road, many years before. My membership ended when they decided to book Buju Banton, another so-called artistfrom Jamaica, who’s lyricsincluded shooting gay men, and throwing acid on lesbians. Look him up. Banned by ITunes. The fucked up thing is, nothing has changed in SoHum. There will be lots of hippiecrits whining that hate speech is free speech. It is not. Truly disgusted .

  • Can the Mateel hurry up and die already? Thanks.

  • religious fanatics

    this is what you get when you book religious fanatics…. anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-womans rights, rastas and reggae are quite the departure for our alleged enlightened southern Humboldtans.

    • If you don’t like it don’t go….its america he can say whatever the hell he wants..empty seats full house who frikken cares..get a life

  • Flying Dutchman

    All these people talking about homosexuality is right. Hope you’re giving thanks to the man and the woman that brought you in this world. Just love life and the way of natural livity.. because I know all y’all are loving the life that you are living right now. And it’s all because of a man and woman coming together… check yourselves!!!

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Bobadreads… they do not like anything that is out of a “Biblical Normal” in their eyes. They are anti any alternative sexuality, anti-alcohol, anti womans rights, anti Babylon. The only thing that they aren’t anti is money. Generally some of the rudest people that I’ve ever met, I believe another bobadread affiliate of this gentleman attacked a female friend of mine several years ago. Nothing was done about it of course women are just for sex when they want it

  • Solid As A Rock

    What kind of person would want to pay $$ to see this unapologetic homophobe??

    ME! I do, because I freaking LOVE SiZZLA!! Or @ least his music. I don’t know the man and I honestly don’t care – and I don’t care about what kind of entertainment other people are into – it’s not an aspect of personal choice for others to decide.

    I ardently support the rights of those who oppose this guy to protest, agitate, etc!

    I would march with them all the way to the Mateel in vocal opposition to hate…. THEN I’ll go in and enjoy one of the greatest dancehall Artists rock the F out of SoHum – Jah LOVE

  • The more I think about it, the more I see the real problem here is reggae fans, not performers. Hate seems fairly inherent in reggae and Rastafari. Not just gays, but of women, outsiders, other religions, and pretty much any other category you can think of. So why, then, in supposedly freedom-loving Humboldt, do so many people support reggae and Rastafari? It’s a culture of hate, no better than Islamic extremism or Christian whackjobbery, but it’s idolized by countless thousands of Humboldt residents. Try going anywhere here without seeing at least one Rastacap or someone with dreads. The problem needs to be addressed at a lower level – fixing the amounts of hate in Humboldt culture – before we’ll be able to do anything about the performers. As long as hateful people are willing to pay money to see hateful performances by other hateful people, uncaring corporations (even those that pretend to be non-profits) will keep booking them.


    another written article to show hate and discrimination against the colored..when will all this stop!!! y’all believe in the constitution of the United States but yet still stand against a black man when he voices his opinion…never want to see a person of color doing good!!! NOW EVERYONE CLOSE THEIR EYES..MOMENT OF SILENCE…now let’s make believe sizzle was white on the other hand.would we be having all of this hateful comments?hmmmmmm?????

    • Yes. Yes we would.

    • Yes, in fact the comments would be stronger. We tend to give the murder music a pass because of colonialist guilt and all.

      But let me ask you, are you defending Roseanne’s right to free speech without consequences?

      • “We tend to give the murder music a pass because of colonialist guilt and all.”

        Who is “We” Eric. Maybe you’re the only one with “colonialist guilt”? And what does “Roseanne’s” racist, sexist and Islamophobic tweet have to do with this article? Please don’t accuse me of a “narrow weird agenda”, when you’re in the weeds with your own…

  • Uhaventlearnedanything

    Oh for fuck sakes, why hasn’t/don’t /can’t the people running the Mateel LEARN ANYTHING from their past jaw-dropping mistakes ?
    Either one of two things are going on here……
    #1) their inabilities to put their liquids and joints down have rendered them completely impaired and unable to REMEMBER ANYTHING IMPORTANT , especially shit they shouldn’t ever do again.

    Or #2)

    They DO remember that this foo’s lyrics in his songs call for murdering lesbian and gay people by either putting a bullet in their heads, burning them or beating them up and throwing acid on their bodies……..and the people running the Mateel ……are fine with it and DONT CARE .

    Mateel, would you hire someone to play the Mateel if the artist’ song lyrics called for murdering or maiming black people, Hispanic people, Jewish people, or women?

    You really just continue to disgrace yourselves. You ALL need to go to your mirrors and take a good hard look at yourselves and ask why do you keep failing your community.

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  • The Mateel cancelled. So glad they heard the community.

  • UPDATE, 4:40 p.m.: The board of the Mateel Community Center has canceled the July 13 Sizzla concert in response to public outcry, according to the Times-Standard. The Mateel confirmed the cancelation shortly thereafter:


    The T-S quotes Mateel board member Garth Epling saying the board was split on the matter.

    “The majority of us decided that we should listen to our membership and our community. We are in a struggling financial state. We see the potential for another money-making show but I don’t think it’s really worth it. And as a community center, we can’t stand behind that”

    The fact the MCC Board was “split on the matter” should speak volumes about the MCC, its values and mission as a public benefit, charitable and tax exempt organization…


    • Good for you Mateel. Now we know your listening. Hopefully you’ll hear the suggestions of other music possibilities to bring to the area, that was sent to your email too!!

    • Well, that’s good. Thanks, Garth! This show should have been rejected right away, though.

    • Fairley M Parson

      Bravo. Good move.

    • LAME! I like how people pick and choose battles. Always seems to be the easy ones. Why don’t you whiney f@cks actually do something to make real change, not ban music.

  • Covelo or busted

    Who is Sizzla?

  • Imagine this. A singer who is a notorious neo-Nazi is booked by the Mateel. They’ve been told that he won’t spew hatred, even murder, towards Jews, even though he has a history of doing so for many many years. So the Mateel and some of their supporters say .. ‘that’s okay then, he’s most likely changed and will fill the house, so on we go.” Who would tolerate such a thing? Not just slurring Jews, but advocating killing them. There would be an outcry. The guy wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near this community. If the Mateel persisted there would be boycotts, girlcotts and protests. How is this any different. That Sizzla guy has agreed in the past not to spew violence towards gays, but he has broken those agreements and gone into anti-gay tirades on stage anyway. And we’re not talking about “gay-bashing” we’re talking killing gay people. It’s just terribly wrong to bring him here. Look at what Justin and the Mateel folk had to go through when he played at RoR 2016. Come on, Mateel, we are better than this. Cancel the show and hire someone who espouses the values of our community. Have a Green festival that isn’t all about cannabis. Bring performers who have a good message for the world. And performers who don’t have 90% goodness and 10% vileness. Thank you.

    • Please cite where he broke promises and went “into anti-gay tirades”.

      • I read two articles from a Google search of Sizzla boycott. One was from LOCO and the other from NC Journal. If you can’t find themI can post the links later. That’s where I read that.

  • The T-S quotes Mateel board member Garth Epling saying the board was split on the matter.

    “The majority of us decided that we should listen to our membership and our community. We are in a struggling financial state. We see the potential for another money-making show but I don’t think it’s really worth it. And as a community center, we can’t stand behind that”

    End of subject. Moving on …

  • Who is the “community” anyway? Is it the people who can type the most comments?

  • The mateel hosts Andre nickatina and e 40. I think they even hosted brotha lynch at one point. Do they not advocate murder as well

    • 100% yes. If these weak ass, key board progressives would get off facebook and stop jumping on the “murder music” bandwagon, they might realize all sorts of musicians that play at the Mateel have similar views and also promote murder and violence whether personally or through their music.
      Here are some lyrics by a musician that has recently played at the Mateel and nobody protested the performance.
      “The nigga played the role of a pussy
      Little old peck, crevas-faced faggot”
      “Mobbed his ass, beat him down to the ground”

  • The Mateel Board was divided?!! Weird. I would like to know how they each voted individually. No I don’t have time to attend meetings. But I sure would like to know who thought it was a great idea to do this show. I’d like to hear their reasoning also. Because it sounds to me like a continuous shitshow over there…

    • Their vote should be made public. Because it would be good to know which board members put money before common sense and decency.

  • “The Mateel supports the arts, music, theater, and free expression as well as providing an inclusive and tolerant space for all to gather regardless of race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.”

    This statement was added to an update Kym posted from the MCC (UPDATE 5/31). Its to bad the MCC doesn’t support wildlife habitat that cannot speak for themselves, or the South Fork Eel River and “Leave No Trace”. Maybe someday the MCC can figure out a way not to leave 44,000 gallons of septic waste water behind for the river and watershed to deal with…

  • Elvis Costanza

    If REAL reggae is wanted, hire Ken Boothe, one of the founding fathers and a contemporary of Bob Marley who still sounds fantastic and always puts on a great show. “Dancehall” assholes like this turd are what KILLED real, positive, sweet reggae music.

  • Great job, Sizzla will not play. Now only if you all have the moral conviction and courage to protest the next hip-hop / rap artist who comes through with lyrics full of killing black men. We know that will not happen though. It only seems to matter that it is a black man with lyrics that include white people in them, then you have a problem.

    Otherwise, I am sure you are aware of the real “murder music”. It plays on the radio everyday, and includes rampant themes of violence against women. And it is not reggae.

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