Arcata Seeking Public Input Regarding New Permanent Chief of Police

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Arcata, CA – The City of Arcata is currently in the process of recruiting a new Chief of Police, and is encouraging the public to share input on what qualifications the City should consider when narrowing down potential candidates.

On Wednesday, May 30, the City of Arcata will be hosting a public forum where community members will have the opportunity to discuss what type of candidates should be sought to lead Arcata’s Police Department.

The forum will be hosted by the City of Arcata and by Joel Bryden who is a Vice President at Bob Murray & Associates, the national recruiting firm the City has hired to help conduct the search. Mr. Bryden has over 30 years of local government experience, and recently retired as the Chief of Police in Walnut Creek, CA. He will be present at the forum to explain the recruitment process and gather community feedback.

“Public input is crucial to selecting the best individual to lead Arcata’s Police Department. I encourage all interested residents to attend the upcoming forum to share their thoughts on the characteristics and professional background they feel are most important when selecting a new Chief,” said Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer.

In addition, the City is currently completing a full law enforcement background check on the top candidate for an Interim Chief of Police, and expects to have an Interim Chief in place by June. Lieutenant Bart Silvers, who has served the Arcata Police Department for 16 years, is now serving as Acting Chief of Police until an Interim Chief is named. The Interim Chief will serve until a new permanent Chief of Police is hired.

The public forum regarding Arcata’s new permanent Police Chief will take place on Wednesday, May 30 at 6:30 p.m. in City Council Chamber at City Hall, located at 736 F Street in Arcata. All interested community members are encouraged to attend. For more information, call 707-822-5953.



  • Instead of appointing a “chief” of police which has a racist undertone,Arcata could just have a supervisor made up of the whole community. Everyone could just get together and decide what issues are prevalent in modern society and pursue the issues that will set a standard in the future, like banning gun magazines which is forward thinking and progressive and the community could decide to ignore issues that don’t fit with their future narrative, like fingerprinting people at a murder if it seems to question their forward thinkingness by not being race fluid.

    • Wilson’s law-The length of time required to arrive at a decision goes up as the square of the number of people involved. The above suggestion won’t work.

  • Would a really well qualified candidate actually want this job? Seems like a nightmare for a real lawman (or woman).

  • This is the weirdest story….didn’t the requirements for a police chief get decided, like 200 years ago? Now they want input, not from the public, but from the sector of the public that likes to go to meetings and express their opinions. If they really want the public to decide, have an election. In effect, they are saying “we are clueless”.

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