Veterans Hold Memorial Day Ceremonies in Southern Humboldt

Veterans firing their 21 gun salute in a ceremony at Shelter Cove. [Photos by Bonnie Glantz]

Southern Humboldt Veteran’s Association Honor Guard conducted three separate Memorial Day services in Garberville, Briceland, and Shelter Cove.

Each ceremony had veterans firing a 21 Gun three ‘ceremonial blank rounds’, that wase followed by Taps.

After the Shelter Cove ceremony, the vets BBQ’d steak and people brought side dishes for a community meal.

Flowers left at a memorial plaque in Shelter Cove.

Flowers left at a memorial plaque in Shelter Cove. [Photos by Bonnie Glantz]



  • Wonderful!

  • Martin Stockel

    May God bless all of our veteran’s. To the standing and fallen, THANK YOU for your service.

  • Veteran's friend

    A very wonderful rendition of the national anthem was sung by a woman at the Cove ceremony. It was awesome and perfectly performed.

  • My grandfather and great grandfather fought in ww2, ww1. I salute them.

    What day do we remember Kent St. University victims?

    What day do we honor the coups we have backed in democratic nations (9/11/73, chile)?

    When do we get all information about JFK, a presidential assassination in broad daylight?

    What day do we remember Cheney and Bush covering up Saudi involvement in 9/11/01? I won’t ask about WTC 7.

    It seems we actually don’t like to remember too clearly here in good ol USA. Contrary to the popular “Never Forget” mantra.

    Back to the show.

    • This day is for remembering all those who fought died so you can say all of those things. Why don’t you save your bs for the 4th of July.

      • Veteran's friend

        I think Mayday🤣😠🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Where’s the WMDs?

        How many Americans died in the name of changing names for reasons of war in the last 17 years?

        I forget, was it terrorism, democracy- spreading or WMDs that brought us to Iraq?

        If we were to remember our ass-based decisions of the past, maybe more sons and daughters would be here now into the future.

    • gimmie a break

      chile is not the U.S. Kent state was a bunch of cowards. Want info on JFK,,,,, write your congr.essman

      • US was in Chile, killed its president.

        Cowards at Kent state? Please elaborate…

        Write Congress for JFK info? Have you not payed attention to the massive efforts to release all the data?

        If everyone involved in killing JFK (Oswald) is dead? Why is national security cited as an issue with releasing info from 1963?

        We’re dirty. Sorry for picking a clean day to remind you all.

  • Beautiful photo. I love the ocean in the background. In the East Coast town where I was raised, I played flute and piccolo in the band that participated in the Memorial Day parade and ceremony. It is a day of respect to honor all veterans.

  • Krispy Kritter

    Kim – Thank you for reporting on one of the several 2018 Memorial Day Ceremonies which had occurred here in Humboldt County.

    Just for your info, the”21 Gun Salute” is the term used when rendering Honors for US Presidents, and Foreign Dignitaries. The correct term for what occurred there during the ceremony is “Rendering The Traditional Rifle Salute”. After firing the volley of the 3 ‘ceremonial blank rounds’, the rifle squad would then “Present Arms” while Taps would be played.

    As an U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, member and former Post Adjutant of American Legion Post 274 Arcata, California, member of the Marine Corps League – Six Rivers Detachment, and a former member of the Mad River Community Veteran’s Honor Guard – In the years past I had while in uniform attended and participated in many of the Military Ceremonies and Military Funerals for local Veterans throughout Humboldt County.

  • I’m a veteran (although I only served in peacetime, and basically got a free trip to Europe for my trouble). Father and an uncle in WW II, a brother in Viet Nam. All came back alive, thank God. I’ll say this, though, these observances, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Armed Forces Day, do grate on me sometimes in their glorification of war and the military. The focus on these days should be on the people who were needlessly killed and terribly disfigured and maimed, and to give some thought to ways that governments can settle their differences without resorting to the use of all sorts of obscene weaponry in their respective arsenals.

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