Two Redding Flight School Employees Have Been Charged With Kidnapping and Trying to Forcibly Deport a Chinese Student They Were Teaching

Two Redding Flight School employees have been arrested and charged with kidnapping a Chinese man whose university had paid about $70,000 for the school to train him as a pilot in the program.

The Guardian reports that one of the employees, Kelsi Hoser, allegedly told a Redding Police officer that “they were sending Shi back to China because his English wasn’t strong enough to safely communicate with the air traffic control tower…”

According to the Redding Police,

Jonathan McConkeyOn May 25th, 2018 at approximately 7:18 A.M., Redding Police Department Officers respond to a reported kidnapping at 1400 block of Trudie Trail in Redding.  The Victim, who was identified as TIANSHU SHI, is a pilot in training at a local flight school. The Victims brother, BAIHAN FU who lives in Shanghai China, spoke to SHI this morning. SHI told him somebody was at his apartment to take him away. When SHI’s brother did not hear back from him a short time later, he called and spoke to another flight student who told him SHI was just assaulted and taken away. FU subsequently called the Redding Police Department to report the kidnapping.

During the investigation officers learned Jonathan MCCONKEY [general manager at IASCO Flight Training] and his assistant, KELSI HOSER responded to SHI’S address last night to advise him they are sending him back to China. Kelsi HoserThey responded back to SHI’s residence this morning to carry out this action. When SHI refused, MCCONKEY battered him, and threatened physical violence if he did not go with them. SHI ultimately left with them in fear for his safety and was transported to the Redding Municipal Airport to be sent back to China. Officers located SHI, MCCONKEY and HOSER at the airport.

MCCONKEY and HOSER were both ultimately arrested and booked for conspiracy and kidnapping.

SHI sustained only minor injuries and was later released by Police.

The Record Searchlight of Redding which has been following the story closely reports that another Chinese student at the school, Zhang Xun Yi, 24, was also threatened with deportation. He said he is

being sponsored through Xiamen Airlines, which paid more than $90,000 for him to attend IASCO flight school. But if he doesn’t finish school, he said, he and his parents, who are his co-signers, are on the hook to pay back the money.

In the same article, the Searchlight reports that the two students are looking for help dealing with the school and its employees. The Searchlight stated,

But since Friday’s incident, Shi believes the American legal system will work out for him. He said seeing Redding police officers respond to the airport within 10 minutes of his brother calling from Shanghai, China, was a relief.

“At that moment, police is my Jesus,” Shi said.

Shi said he plans on hiring an attorney, while Yi plans on calling on the Chinese Embassy for help.



  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    This story should get first prize:

    “The craziest thing I have read on RHBB this year!!”

    This is so far above and beyond the pedestrian news in Humboldt that it deserves special recognition…

    Top marks! Nice going!

  • This is one of those extremely odd stories I was thinking about reading the criticisms on reporting with little information. The type of story where I really would like to hear more as it comes along and why reporting before those details are known is of interest. Without the first reports created when little information is available, would there ever be a report at all when a delay has made it old news? What ever created this situation where a private company decided to “deport” someone? It is not a spontaneous action as apparently this company has a contract to train Chinese students. There is something personal involved with this student.

    I still think of the Serbian woman who died in Fortuna and wonder about the significance of her death. Sometimes the stories are not forgotten when time passes and this Redding story is another hard to let go.

    • I have the death of Dragana on my mind too. I’ve promised myself that I would call the FoPD next week when they might possibly have the tox report back.

      • Right on Kym. Seems like something shady led to that young woman’s death.

      • ...And the Pregnant Samurai of Scotia?

        The craziest details come out with time. i just watched “Evil Genius” on netflix, good example of investigative jounalism after the fact, and how much living elsewhere in this country must suck. The Jinx is another good one, resulting in Robert Durst’s arrest. ( with footage of the old payphone in Garberville, behind Calico’s)
        So on that note…Whats the story with the Memorial Day-trailer-fire/sword-wielding-pregnant woman in Scotia?

  • Alt Right For Life

    Americans standing up for safety.

    I’d love to be on that jury to set them free.

    English is the international language of air travel, not Chinese.

    • I’m pretty sure you must be a left wing troll because your posts sound like the way a left wing extremist would mistakenly believe a right wing extremist thinks. And they only appear when it suits the script. Can’t be so stereotypical and be real.

      • Might I say the same for your post, a stereotypical Right Wing nut job, who evidently hates the world!!!!

        • Yes, you would be likely to say that. And it doesn’t bother me one iota. I believe you are the real deal as far as you are capable of expressing. At least with this persona. I doubt you have other ones.

    • So you support terrorist kidnapping and other criminal acts? Good to know where you stand on the rule of law.
      So of course you also support beating the nazi cockroaches that are scittering out from under the toilet- you know, like a real American should.

      • Alt Right For Life

        Would you be upset if they did this to the 911 hijackers?

        Dirt road people saying don’t take the law into your hands, while the law does nothing?

        These are Americans and English is the language used in air traffic.

        Only they understand what event they derailed, but they did and no jury in Shasta will find them guilty of these charges.

        You lefties only want it one way, if they did this over a Prius theft you’d rave, but they look out for the safety of the country and panties are full of snow and twisted up.

        Way too much feminized weed being smoked.

        Semper Fi

        • Sigh…could we avoid using all things feminine as a placeholder for weak…I’m sure it is totally unreasonable of me but there we go, I’m just that kind of person.

          (Also, I’ve pretty much come the conclusion that you are trolling and the CHUMP and Soon to Be Former Supervisor ran my patience pretty thin so please consider if you are trolling that you might get banned. And, if you are not trolling, you might want to wonder what you are doing wrong that your firmly held beliefs are looking like broad stroke characterizations of a real conservative.)

          • Alt Right For Life

            I am not trolling, nor soon to be ex.

            If Americans did this to 911 hijackers would people cheer or sneer?


            English being the international language of air traffic, seasoned people didn’t do this out of money or stolen weed.

            There is more to this story, and it will surface and most likely will be unanswered calls to authorities.

            Stable people need serious motivation to behave this way.

            Look beyond dope murders and rip offs, into the world where people have real jobs.

            I’m betting Kym won’t cover the end story on how this guy came to be on your page.

            Watch it go down, but cover your feel good fake hippy, crapping in the rivers you pump dry for weed.

            If you really are just reporting, you’ll follow this one and thank these Americans.

            Watch and see, Missy Kemp, watch.

            • Wow. Just wow. Special kind of person you are. Yes indeed.

            • I’m having trouble following you. The end story of how TIANSHU SHI came to be on this website?

              Because of my limited finances, following court cases is pretty tough for me–ones 4 and 1/2 hours away from me even more so. However, if you would like to make sure this is covered, you could donate money for me to pay a freelancer to cover it.

              • Triniboldticino

                Good answer, Kid. Boy, reading between the lines of some of these comments can be stinky business.

            • Alt right. Either you have become a more subtle troll or you said enough for me to see real opinion for a change. I speculate that most likely what happened is this student, who stated in poor English that his English was good enough, was told that it wasn’t and he had to go. He objected. That then miscommunication and increasing frustration escalated to physical violence. It should never have come to that but I also doubt whether the student either understood or reported to the police accurately.

              I can’t see that terrorism or even fear of terrorism came into this fiasco. And I can understand the fear about one sided news.

          • YAY! I’m all for banning. These stupid wars of words are a frustrating pain in the kiester for those of us who don’t have that much time to waste on them. If they want to be anonymous, they must have something to hide.

        • Weirdsville, Shasta County

          The flight school in Florida did callthe FBI back in 2001. That would have been appropriate if somebody was breaking the law. The FBI just lost it in bureacracy. This was a flight school. The employees are not Customs and Border patrol. What about just not letting him in the plane? the school shouldn’t be the ones to deport him! -Scam, ransom?

    • No. This isn’t what we do in a good and free country. We are a good people.
      We believe in the rule of law, basic fundamental rights and justice, and human decency.
      Shame on you.

      • You are exactly right! This country is much better than this, only our president is promoting that bad behavior, self righteousness, bullying and lying is acceptable to get what you want. This is what is being taught to our citizens and children by our pretend president, and those who support him.

      • Wow 1950 just called and wants its rhetoric back.
        Maybe spend a day watching court cases at the courthouse.

        Justice is only available if you have the money to buy it, plain and simple.

    • Veteran's friend

      The era of american hegemony is drawing to a close. Prepare yourself by getting used to not being top dog. As we (humanity) become more global, and the petro yuan replaces the petro dollar, learning mandarin is the smart move😊

      • Ignorance is bliss

        Yes. The Chinese certainly have a long history of respecting differences, non Han people and borders . Certainly the world will be as one just as soon as it’s all China. Like in the song written by Xi Jumping (and you thought is was John Lennon.)

    • That doesn’t give them the authority to “Deport” someone. It seems there is something suspicious with their actions???

    • Ur a piece dude

  • Who in the Bloody F’ing HELL died & left these two meat heads in charge of deporting anyone???

    • trump deputized them at a rally. its subliminal. just like Romney just said, I worry about the kids and how they will turn out during this time of trump. Romney is not my favorite but he is not stupid.

      • Thank you for the LOL, I award 2 internet points to a “local observer”

        • You mean you did not see this remark coming? It was as inevitable and unoriginal as a Huffman tweet. It can be assumed what it will be say in just what manner so it’s not really needed that anyone actually READ them. Like a bad insult comic when he’s past it.

          In fact that is what is so utterly boring about the current left. They all say the same things in the same way at every opportunity. My Trump filters must not be working this morning. Usually I can play the hackneyed monologue in my head in the first micro second of reading the word Trump and not have to pay any further attention.

          • what about Romney? he is the current left? i’m not even left. more of a center right but i’m not a politician. there are many professionals with many concerns. I am one of them.

      • Maybe not stupid but most assuredly insane at least IM(ns)HO!!!

  • All the Canadians reading this are laughing so hard at her last name, HOSER. Yup, she’s definitely a hoser!!!

  • Do it yourself deportation kit purchased at Amazon for $49.99?

  • This is really strange, definitely more to this story, what were they going to do drag them through the international airport against their will and pay for a ticket back to China? Haha wtf nuts 🥜

  • I suspect money issues.

  • could we get back to trashing Canooks ,ice rinks and AmeriCan golf courses,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • What aboot it eh?

    • If we would’ve done the smart thing and invaded Canada back when all that cheap chem hydro was flooding us back in the early 2000’s, none of this bullshick legal scam would’ve happened.

  • All I’m saying is we are focused on building a wall on the wrong border, look at Justin beaver. That’s excuse enough for a northern wall.

  • Bizarre. Arrestees both have some serious luggage under their eyes. Extreme lack of sleep?

  • All speculation of course but I am guessing neither of the students will be receiving any of their schooling fees back from this flight school despite one being assaulted by school staff, and, if they had their way, both being “deported” by the school. Might this be a $cam? Either way hope their Embassy lawyers them up right quick.

  • This is Trump’s America. And nearly the entire republican delegation is right there with him, either defending him or voting with him.

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    I had to read the headline twice because its so bizarre. Those two should be shipped off to a different country. What were they thinking? What gives them the right to deport someone? Stupid is as stupid does. Hopefully those two young men don’t get discouraged by this and get their pilots license.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Maybe they learned that that person was not a citizen as well as not being here legally. None of us know the whole story, but we live in the country with the most lax borders and loosest immigration laws. California is the worst state in the country and just remember a country without borders is not a country at all. If California law enforcement does not enforce immigration laws and if ICE isn’t really allowed in California, who is left to do the job? Might push perfectly good, law abiding citizens to do some crazy shit when they watch their tax dollars being given away to people who don’t belong here. Or watch people who aren’t from our country benefit more from being here than us. Its cause for speculation at the least.

    • You can’t get it unless you speak and understand English, period.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    I’ve noticed a lot of flight schools advertise for international students. But why, just curious, not train in their home countries? What is so very special about learning to fly in the US? Or is it the lure of entering the country on a student visa then not going home again…

    • Excluding this one we have the best flight schools, and English is mandatory for air traffic control.

  • OK, in an admittedly lame attempt to offset the (really tiring) political rancor in these comments, how about some good old conspiracy theory? Maybe the flight school has a hangar secretly used for (insert crime/sordid activity here), and these students unwittingly found out about it?


    Like the airport is going to just let some guy on the plane under duress

    • What a mess. No one comes out well in this report. My first thought is that, if the student needed to be removed, the police should have been called. But then I remembered that the police do not get involved in civil matters and would have refused to come without a court order.

  • Redding area is a cesspool of redneck rassist tweaker scum. Redding was in the top 10 for murders and rapes in the country just a couple years ago. the rasism is so wide spread it basically engulfs the whole city. There are so many people incarcerated in republican run Shasta county that a huge section of the comunity has been down with the Arians while inside. There are some great and kind people there but overall it is a shit stain on the north state. This disgusting crime once again shows Redding’s true collors.

  • Redding is a cowboy town but with each generation their clothes, music, and ideas change little by little I’ll take that. Tweekers each community has their share. 3.9 murders per 100,000 people in 2014 Redding put the blame on the legalization of marijuana, 2018 Eureka is No.7. Shasta lake is a big draw for visitors Memorial weekend, Oregon students rented 70 house boats this year a annual thing and every year there is a drowning or alcohol related accident. Arians they stay on the hill in town you can tell by all the ink. It may have been a stain but all stains fade. The crime it could have been a lot worse, Shi was ruff up a bit but he’s young the only thing hurt was his pride but he still wants to stay here an finish school. Now if the I was in China and this happen to me I couldn’t get home soon enough. Franky funny my name is Frank if you play golf we have 10 courses, mountain bike we have miles of trails paved and unpaved, fish – Shasta Lake, Whiskeytown Lake, Sacramento River, Mcloud River, Pit River, 1 hr to Mt. Lassen, 1hr to Mt. Shasta, 1 hr to Trinity Alps, I have been looking at dirt bikes and may have one in the garage soon. There is one thing you can count on is change.

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