The Sixth Annual Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Fundraiser is June 1st

From the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce:



  • Is there a way folks who aren’t local can donate? A lot of people were interested after the Thotapilly tragedy.

  • Please support and donate to this team of dedicated professionals. You life may depend on it.

  • Yay good job southfork girls softball, way to take first in the NCS championship. It was exciting but also disappointing at the same time to see our coach play favoritism when we were taking the game home but a little self centered not to let all the girls be a part of the winning NCS game!!!!!!!!

  • I’d like to see this team receive a fat slice of measure Z money. They are needed here and by all accounts of which I’m aware are incredibly skilled at what they do.

  • If the poster provided an address, donations would stream in possibly. Why not make it easy—not hard— to give money to a great cause?

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