[UPDATE Tuesday] One Dead After Logging Accident

Breaking NewsOne person is dead following a logging accident in the area of Monument Road near Scotia.

A call went over the scanner at approximately 5:15 p.m. indicating that there had been an injury. Later the ambulance was canceled and the victim was reported to be deceased.

UPDATE Tuesday: According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office,

On May 28 at about 5:30 p.m. a deputy coroner with the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office was dispatched to a property on Redwood Ave., outside of the city limits of Rio Dell, for a death investigation. Upon arrival, the deputy coroner learned that 68-year-old Philip Lee Johnson of Rio Dell was bucking redwood logs on his property when a log came loose and crushed him. He was declared deceased on the scene.



  • Bloodthirsty reporting

    • So, you don’t think logging accidents are important? Or…?

      I have a logger friend who wants me to find out about these accidents. They are often people he knows. To me, a death in one of our major industries seems like news. But you appear to be implying that reporting about this death is unnecessary. Can you tell me why? I listen to constructive criticism. But sneering for the sake of sneering doesn’t seem very productive to me.

      • I guess this is about your friend then, and not about being the first half-assed blogger in town to get up a scrap of unreliable information for clicks, while people worry if their family members in the industry are okay. I guess it’s not about that.

        • The information is true. It has been verified.

          When I report breaking news, it can worry some people and comfort others. It can provide needed information on why fire trucks, law enforcement, an ambulance and a Coroners vehicle are streaming to an area. It can confirm or disprove rumors. If you think I’m doing it wrong, you can boycott my information and encourage others to do the same.

          For me, I want to know this kind of information and other people, including my logger friend, tell me they want to know it, too. So I provide a place where it’s available. If you don’t want to know it, perhaps Redheaded Blackbelt isn’t the kind of news service that makes a good fit for you?

          • I agree Kym

          • Just met my neighbor today Kim. 42 years a logger. I asked him to walk up to our cornerpoint marking our properties. He said he couldn’t, and showed me the scar on his ankle from recent surgery, caused by a logging accident. 12 pins holding it together. Logging is dangerous. If the tree top went one foot one way, nothing would have happened. A foot the other way; he’s dead. Anyone who claims to live in and love this area should care for informative reporting logging accidents, as well as any other accident resulting in a death in our area. We all know someone here. Sometimes its the one who died.

            KUTGW (keep up the good work)

          • Veteran's friend

            Kym, you do a great job 99.9% of the time and you know it. Ignore this person. You cannot please him.

          • Annette Williams

            To the one who calls them self “A”. I’m from a logging family, born and raised here. I for one am supportive of this information. My family has worked w/alot of people who no longer are in touch with each other as much as they used to be, and some have moved out of area. If your not in agreement with this information, then stay off this site. Saying to Kym, it must be more about a friend than news, shows how ignorant you are. She’s reporting and dealing with people and those that are in accidents that she MAY know personally. Could you do that?! I know I couldn’t! Your right to disagree, but if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! Or did you’re parents not teach you manners?

          • I completely agree

        • ya know….Kym is doing a GREAT JOB in reporting ALL things that happen in Humboldt County…..GIVE HER A BREAK…..JUST BECAUSE you [edit] don’t care about what happens around here doesn’t mean others don’t care….SO WHY DON’T YOU GET A LIFE and start appreciating the importance of Kym’s reporting…..and KYM DON’T PAY ANY ATTENTION [edit] LIKE THIS….JUST KEEP ON KEEPING ON….THERE ARE MORE OUT HERE THAT APPRECIATE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO THAN THERE ARE [edit] WHO JUS WANT TO CAUSE RIFFS…..

        • >claims click bait
          >Clicked it

          : You don’t has to watch

        • [edit] if you don’t want news why did you click on this site? Thanks Kim, I have friends around that area and everyone is accounted for, prayers for the family.

        • I for one understand where Kym is. When you live in a small community, friends and family hang together thick and thin. Knowing news like this is helpful to us! We can spring together for support of our own in a time of need! Gathering kids, taking meals, taking care of animals for the family so they don’t have to worry about it — its a long time traditional living of small communities especially those still work working the woods. Its called caring. Its called Love. Its called a lot of things you may not understand since you think this is some blood thirsty reporting. Obviously you aren’t from here or have never had a good upbringing to understand some of these traditional values of love and support.
          Gee Kym, I hate that you have to put up with people like that! The community is grateful for your reporting and love and support! Thank you!!

          • Shel,

            I was sitting here trying to understand A’s point of view. Your post helped me clarify why that might be.

            It is part of the country culture that I grew up in to gather information so that you can respond with help if needed. I wonder if people who didn’t grow up in tightknit communities or families see this quick response as intrusive and voyeuristic.

            It would be interesting to for scientists to look at how different types of backgrounds had by an individual might influence what constitutes news for folks.

            • I work in the timber industry and we all want the most up to date info in our area.
              Thanks Kym.
              Complain to dispatch and their info over the public airways. Not the person paid/or responsible for reporting it. Lol;

            • It’s just TROLLING, plain and simple. Just ignore idiocy such as this.

        • Why don’t you lay off and read a different blog.

        • I for one appreciate her reporting on these kind of accidents. In 1998 my father in law was killed in a logging accident. At the time we had a scanner and heard the emergency call come over from a C.B. A hour later we had a family member knocking on our door. We live in rather small communities and a lot of us have family and friends working in the timber industry.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          So where are you posting from, “A”? We know that Honeydew bridge is already occupied. The dump, a pit? Perhaps A Hole?

        • [edit]
          Keep up the hard work Kym.
          Hater are indicators of success!👍🏻

        • If you have family members reduced to logging out the future, maybe you should give them a hand? How can future loggers be warned if not through facts?

        • I think the concern is that when looking upon the article, it is believed that it happened in the woods on a job site, not on someone’s home property. I must be clear : I am not discounting this man’s death, it is tragic. The wording on ‘logging death’ is slightly misleading.

        • [edit]


      • Kim this was a private property logging accident please can you take this down…. For my family please we’re grieving

        • T, I don’t want to hurt anyone who is already suffering. But it is my job to report the news and I can’t take down true stories. I’m also unsure how removing a story would help. My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com if you would like to talk to me.

      • Right on kym! Agreed!

    • [edit] Sorry Kym, but this comment pissed me off. This is someones family member. I hope you smarten up.

      • Troubled First Responder

        Scanner traffic isnt news, nor is it processed, investigated and presented the way “news” should be. Breaking news is news that can affect or may affect an area…

        High speed chase = breaking news
        Fire in an area = breaking news
        Mass shooting = breaking news

        These are things when just knowing basic details… what it is and where its affecting can KEEP PEOPLE SAFE, and direct people around an ongoing incident.

        Posting the non details of someones life ending is not necessary. I am thoroughly and continuously appalled at the things posted as “news”. People lives have now been permanently changed and its being prematurely posted as breaking news.

        Doing this makes people wonder who it is and before proper notifications are done social media is a buzz and the family may learn of the news in a way they shouldn’t or others may wait hours thinking it’s someone they know.

        The scanner isnt news, it’s a resource for a reporter to get a tip on a potential story of foul play, faulty equipment, an issue that needs public light etc so they can actually investigate, get the actual details that pertain to the issue they have unearthed and enlighten the public… Not to be used as a live feed YouTube channel.

        I am so sorry for this families loss.

        • While I disagree with your line drawn between what is news and what isn’t, this particular piece of news has been verified beyond the scanner.

          When people see an ambulance and fire personnel going to an area, they are understandably concerned. A simple listing of the known facts helps them understand and decide whether they need to be worried or can they move on with their day.

          • Troubled First Responder

            I drew a line between what is Breaking News and what is General News. All things informative are News, not all things are Breaking News.

            A traffic accident is breaking news as it affects not only the people involved but those who would be coming up on the area where the accident has occurred. There is additional dangers to those responding to the scene when they are having to deal with traffic. That can be lessened if people avoid the area.

            In todays day and age we have become accustomed to instant gratification and “news” is not immune to this. If someone wants to know why there is an ambulance and fire truck driving down the road…

            – Go to RWS and buy a $75 scanner
            – Download the Broadcastify app on your smart phone and stream the Emergency Dispatch for the Emergency Responders
            – Join your local Fire Department and actually physically do something for your community and know what’s happening in your area.

            Lets stop perpetuating the unnecessary “I have to know right now online rubbernecking”. Give families of those involved in accidents not affecting the immediate population space, until notified. Instead of, prematurely sharing limited details with no real information on a widely watched platform to have it shared 18+ times reaching how many people that can identify with the area and potential victim raising unnecessary worry…that is how rumors happen. A dozen people seeing a fire truck and ambulance can not start a rumor as fast as a Facebook post shared 18+ times (not counting the additional reshares) to everyone’s 500+ friends.

            We need News, not rumors and public hype.

            • I hope you’re just venting because other than that you appear to be upset how modern news works with the internet and how facebook and social media works.

            • Let’s stop drawing lines here or there, and then assuming that it is the only correct line to draw for everyone. Your line is not where everyone’s line is, Troubled. Imagine if we all had to go by your rules.

              Yeah… No.

            • TFR, The point of posting is to provide solid information, not rumors. I don’t know how many times people see something and they create a story about why it happened and then rumors start spreading. The idea of posting is to put out factual information that quells rumors and gets out facts.

              • First think responder

                Case in point the family whose car went into the eel recently and the rumor mill immediately spewed there was someone tailgating them who caused the incident.
                Kyms on top of it journalism including interviewing the person who actually was behind them not tailgating who reported the incident was key!
                Sorry first responder but if thats really what you do maybe you shouldn’t read the news cuz if you think this is bad you have no clue what’s going on in the media world. Check out the hype over at loco or chivs blog.
                Actual fake information is being reported as news all over the world, just fyi.

                Kym if you didnt report it someone would complain and say youre not supporting all sides of the community. You cant win and we all so appreciate that you keep on doing your thing even knowing that.
                Grow up folks and take personal responsibility for yourself. No ones forcing you to read kyms site.

                • Kym is right! you want fake news just tune into cnn or yahoo!
                  both are the armpit of journalism!

            • “….on line rubber-necking…” I have to remember that. Thanks.

      • Lames… Don’t shoot the messenger. Kym doing Kym. Stop hating

      • WTF!? If it were my family member I wud truly hope to see some kinda respectable something about it if it were by natural or any means. Only way I’d be upset is if I as family hadn’t been informed which kym always makes sure is done. [edit]

    • Anyone with a scanner has this same information. If you don’t like it stop reading Kym’s blog. Smh.

    • Don’t read the news if you don’t want to know about deaths: They happen, and it’s news.

      • There are a couple people on here making comments that are completely senseless. If you feel a need to attack someone who does a fabulous job reporting (Kym) then refrain from reading her posts. Simple as that.

      • I feel Kim is doing a good service, we are a small community and we like to be informed.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Any serious injury or death is news. Always has been, always will be. Bad news is how we find out was is wrong and figure out how to fix it. That’s why Trump hates the news, because it reveals what he says and does, so we can fix it one day soon. Same with this tragic death. How can we make sure it never happens again?

      I am very tired of the attack-the-messenger mindset that we have been seeing for so long now.

      • Lost coast outburst, you are tired of ‘attack the messenger’, well I am tired of ‘ attack the president’. So stick with the subject at hand and leave the president out of it.

        • As the former leader of the Free World, the president (sic) CANNOT be excluded from ANY public conversation.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            OK, AF! Hope springs eternal. The Trump folks want nobody to report exactly what the president is doing and saying and no criticism, just like a Communist dictatorship like Cuba or Russia. It is So SICK and they love it. This is the asinine Trump effect. The idea is the same here; we can’t report on a tragedy because it is bad news and blah blah. How can problems be corrected if we don’t know about them?

            Condolences to the bereaved. I am very sorry for all. My experience working in a vineyard is that safety rules will be ignored by some owners if they can get away with it . Abuses by some in the cannabis industry must be reported. Fortunian is probably OK with THAT. Let’s find out what the truth is.

            Everybody has to vote, AF! Tell your friends. Please.

            • Anti troll league

              Yes, any poster is likely to be allowed to express most opinions most of the time. In other words, have the freedom to be as stupid as they want. But lordy, it is not a requirement to be stupid in doing so. It’s an option. Or at least it’s an option for most people.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          This is not North Korea. Not yet anyway.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          OK, let me re-phrase and say I regret a personal attack on Fortunian. Trump is fair game, though, and one day we will have to go through Truth and Reconciliation to salvage the nation. Trump is garbage and his reverse-Midas effect is pervasive, everything he touches turns to manure. That’s why people think bad news must be suppressed just like Trump wants reports on what he is doing and saying suppressed. Somebody dies tragically and it must be suppressed. Hearts and flowers or nothing. That’s how Trump Effect is relevant here.

          • Nonsense. It’s not wanting suppressing news or even opinion. It is objecting to using everything, every time, no matter how unrelated and have someone insert their poorly reasoned, monomanical hate of Trump solely in order to insult others. In the crudest, most childish way. It’s like being stuck in a car with disaffected adolescent who only opens their mouth to abuse the adults and complain. It just sucks the life out of everything.

            • Thank you for responding to Lost Croat and Anon’s childish and off the subject post. Could have not said it better. They wouldn’t understand any way.

    • Hey there” A” anyone ever tell you it’s better to keep silent and be thought of as a fool than speak up and remove all doubt !

    • We are in the timber industry area – everyone wants to know if a friend’s dad or their brother was hurt in the woods. Not for morbid reasons, but to support their friends and family, neighbors and community. This is news, not ambulance chasing. Also, learning he was bucking his own wood and died may give others pause before engaging in something they may not know how to do safely – although that is no guarantee when working with large logs.

  • Our thoughts and prayers to the. Victem and family

  • Will you please update when you have more info Kym? Was it an employee? Any word on whether male or female?

    • I will update. I’m trying to reach out to people who might know now but, of course, the family of the victim needs to know this first.

      • We are so limited as to news and information here in Del Norte . I truly value you and have followed you for a few years now. Thank you.

      • So I would just like to know if it was a faller…. I don’t want to have to contact him because we are broken up… and this happens so often… but it is difficult without info… I lost a husband in the woods and hearing this with no comfortable information is very stressful

      • He wasn’t a logger working for a company. He was falling his own trees per a NTMP on his property so he didn’t have to pay a feller to do the work… I just spoke to him last week and was planning on doing some work for him. Such a tragedy. He was a very nice, kind, and soft spoken older man who was into bee’s and planting polinator plant species. Someone who dearly cared about his land and managing it properly. He will be missed.

  • Kym, it’s unfortunate that you have to defend honest journalism, thanks for keeping it straight

  • The last “logging accident” was a tree pruner. Being Memorial Day, guess we’ll have to see if it was a working logger or home handyman

    • It’s not a normal logging outfit in my opinion because the regular logging outfits quite way earlier in the day 🙁

  • I agree that vague reporting leaves too many people hanging. Especially if you’re from here and have family in the industry which I do.

    • I can’t report a name of a victim until a family has been notified so to an extent, the information has to be vague.

      But, to me it seems important to provide as much factual information as possible. For instance, what should I do with the people who ask me about why there are medical personnel and fire trucks heading to an area? Isn’t it better to let them know what is happening? Rumors start without facts to stop them.

  • What the hell is wrong with you people? How is a logging accident any different than an automotive accident? I have several members of my family who died in logging accidents and several that died or were horribly injured in auto accidents. Their deaths were all reported in the local media. I fail to see what is bloodthirsty about all this. Logging accidents used to be as frequent as growers and their families dying on 36. Reporting is a way of letting us know what is happening in the world. If you want fantasy, try Fox, I can’t even call it news.

  • Elizabeth Ramsay

    Prayers going out to all.

  • Thank you Kym I did check with all the people I know they check in ok …..So sad with who ever it was

  • Kym you’re doing a great job keeping us informed. [edit]
    Thank you Kym😊

  • Thank you Kym

  • >”… see if it was a working logger. ”

    Monument road… most likely a logger. Side road leads into Humboldt Redwood landholdings.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead


    Stay with the good reporting and the great work you are doing for all of the rest of us. Best wishes and God be with You Always.

  • Kym, your doing a great job. Im a logger, my husband is a logger, at one time you couldnt go into any sawmill in the area without fslling over one of my relatives so this hits our logging families hard when we hear anything. We do appreciate your reporting. If we didnt read it, then at the store or gas station we would have. Probubly sll wrong by then. My husbands company has had some accidents over the years and i get all my info over the c.b. which is ususlly blown out of porportion. I go to your site and see what you have reported on so far, just because the waiting is scary.im usually calmed down after reading your articles. Thank you

    • Brenda, thank you. That is what I try to do. I want to make sure the rumors don’t get wild and the information gets out as simply and as factually as I can.

  • Scott W Binder

    Thank you Kym! We appreciate you, and am glad that you are too tough to let your critics get under your skin!

  • RedWouldForrest

    Kym –

    Speaking for myself, I fully support and appreciate you and your efforts, 100%.

    Keep up the exceptional work.

  • JoAnn Turretto

    Thank you Kim!!! I feel sorry for the family of this brave sole. Monument road is NOT the easiest to handle.

  • Kym, I don’t comment much, but I do check your site a couple/few times a day for news of our area. You do a fantastic job. I thank you for the service you provide for this community. Haters…well, they hate. I’m absolutely sure that the overwhelming majority of people who visit your site appreciate what you do.

  • Kym – I truly appreciate your reporting on everything! Had it not been for your quick reporting, I wouldn’t have known about the logging accident a couple months ago involving my kids’ Dad as quickly as I did. I don’t listen to the scanners. Thank you for keeping the community so informed – no matter how minor someone else thinks the situation may be. You’re wonderful!

  • Diana M Bailey

    So sad for the family so sad that other guy is so cold

  • I agree Kym do what you do. Those that don`t like it maybe should not be a part of your page.

  • Kym, keep on keeping on!! If people can’t handle real life events(good, bad and otherwise). Maybe they should stick to children’s fiction (FAIRY TALES)


  • I’m an asshole Kym you know this but I love your news, F them haters! I will leave it at that.

  • Hey Kym, I love what you do here , my suggestion would be to put a limit on the amt of words any one can use in a comment…. make your point and get out 🙂

  • Witch of Westhaven

    Kym, you are truly a beacon of light, and one of our local heroes, in my opinion. I appreciate your work so much. And, I agree with Scott, thanks for being tough enough to handle it all!

  • Kym is awesome….keep up the good work you do!

  • Thank you Kym for your commitment to keeping us all informed. You take time away day and night from your family to keep us all informed. I’m sorry some people don’t appreciate what you do.

  • Don’t say nothing until you know the fax isn’t that part of reporting don’t speak tell you know the truth you did that with my brother-in-law’s boat I thought he was dead

    • If we waited for official reports, then it could be weeks before you learned why something happened. And even then official reports can make errors sometimes, too. I know it is human nature to want perfection but the reality is that providing the source of the information so the reader can judge whether the information is valid, adding new information when it is provided, and making an acknowledgment of any errors is the way all good news is done–breaking or otherwise.

      • Like for instance ( a couple weeks back) Humboldt Co. Corner notified next of kin when the guy on motorcycle got killed in eureka….. Oops! Guy had stolen Ca. Drivers lic. Ooops! Big mistake there.

  • Wow! I just appreciate all the news Kym reports…… I am grateful to have such a local, responsive news source. From it, I get an overall sense of what is happening in the county. Kym, along with all the others, I thank you for all your tireless work.

  • Always amazed how someone goes to a FREE (to readers) news outlet and then complains about the news thereon, whether it’s here or in a Farsebook group. If you dont like the content that’s reported to you – for free – then dont read, or if it really grinds your gears – go host your own site, do your own news gathering and post your own content. Aint no one stopping you. Freedom of the press baby! If you truly have a better offer, people will follow you.

    You’ll likely find its not so easy to build a network of news sources and do it daily 24/7. It isnt just having a scanner and copy/paste. I once admin’d a Fakebook group of over 25,000 that had similar critics almost daily – usually about scanner traffic being reported.

    We gave them that same offer I just posted. The rebels took the offer and went off to start their very own page! Weeks later during a massive wildfire the rebel group pages descended into sheer chaos as admins couldnt handle the work or the spammers, and didnt have the network to get accurate info. Confusion led to false evacuation warnings from disreputable sources and scanner traffic being confused from a fire district 400 miles away.

    Kym youve got a good nose for news, so dont let the occasional “A” get you down.

  • Sincere condolences to the logger’s family and crew. May they get all the help they need in the coming days.

  • Kym isn’t responsible for what has happened. She simply reports the news in our community and is probably the most accurate news I’ve encountered. When fire alarms go off or sirens are heard it’s comforting to know we can check here and know what’s happening. My sincere sympathy for the loved ones does not negate the interest for accurate information. We are fortunate to have this valuable resource in our community. Thank you Kym.

  • Waiting and praying

    I am waiting for more information, but in the meantime… I am praying for the people involved. Praying for grace and peace and comfort… please join me if you are a praying person? Thanks…

  • Everyone needs to get a life. You don’t like what you read. Get your own blog.

  • Thanks for your fine work Kym, I enjoy it all.

  • Kym reported on a logging accident that killed my dad about 5 years ago. I didn’t think it was bloodthirsty. The whole family and several close friends knew before she ran anything and publishing meant that we didn’t have to make as many phone calls to community members in the wake of his death. The only bloodthirsty people were (and always are) some of the commenters.

    • Thank you for taking the time to say that my reporting helped during a hard time for your family. I want so much to not hurt the families of those affected. I really appreciate you taking the time to say that at least in your case, I helped.

  • My condolences to the family and friends of the person who lost his life. I worked on a logging crew for about 5 years. It is very dangerous work and something tragic can happen in a hurry. My heart goes out to them.

    Thank you Kym.

  • The rumor mill operates whether an incident is published here or not. Only it will go on for weeks and months instead of days as one person talks to another, that person talks to a third, so on. Any misinformation picked up along the way and added to the story will become gospel truth as the ripples expand outwards.

    Is that better than having a central place to check out the rumors? One that hopefully will sort out what’s correct from the misinformation. Because the news will spread no matter what- slowly, continuously and poorly by word of mouth or quickly by reporting.

    As to “giving families a break”- it doesn’t happen. In any death, the phone rings constantly with both offers for help (rarely ever of real use), words of sympathy and nosy pseudo sympathy seeking details. I have run phone interference a couple of deaths. I suspect that some of it would have been reduced if there were other sources of information. I know that I have waited for details here rather than sought other sources because the early brief news flash let me know more was likely coming.

  • My condolences to the family. Tragic lose.

    I do appreciate the reporting, it keeps us all in the know.


  • After reading all the comments on this article and the one about the kidnapping and attempted deportation in Redding, I can’t help but wonder what is going on with all the negative, even hateful comments?
    Kym, you are doing a great job. Maybe you should weed out the trolls, or not bother to respond? You have more important things to do than defend yourself here.
    So much bitterness lately. Is it the full moon?
    The comment section here is starting to resemble the Thunderdome.

  • Damn good ole boy doin his thing probably an every day chore he probably enjoyed it every second of it condolences to the family sorry for your loss

  • Any logging accident is news they are our friends and neighbors.we live among the trees .management is reality. my prayers go out to the family.

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