‘Not Every Hero Wears a Cape But All of Them Need a Buddy’

“Not every hero wears a cape but all of them need a buddy,” according to the creators of this year’s Animal Rescue Calendar which celebrates local heroes and at least one furry companion.

The calendar is a fundraiser for local animal rescue organizations and is in its third successful year. Each year, Amber Ferriman and Shannon Townsend, the calendar creators raise several thousand dollars through a Kickstarter. They use that money to create the calendars. Then, they donate the calendars to local animal rescue organizations to sell. The money from those sales goes to help raise funds for spaying/neutering and vaccinating stray and low-income pet residents.

According to Amber Ferriman and Shannon Townsend,

Humboldt County has many rural areas which need extra assistance in accessing resources for animals and the funds from calendar sales go directly their way. This Kickstarter campaign enables us to pay for the printing of the calendars, which are similar to any professional calendar you would purchase in a store. And the Kickstarter makes it easy to pre-order your calendar in addition to several reward options, including ordering a memorial or business ad! This is all for a great cause and contributes towards the amazing pet-loving community that we all know Humboldt County is. Checkout our adorable “SuperDog” in our Kickstarter Video, he even donated his time to this cause!

You can help by going to the Kickstarter and choosing your level of donation.

Also, check out the charming video from last year–Cats and Casanovas–for more smiles.



  • hop on the bus Gus

    You could put in the article where and when the low-income spay/ neuter clinic will be held.

    • This isn’t to raise money for one particular clinic. It is to raise money to support several of them. First, the calendar needs to be made and then sold. All of which will take months so I don’t have the dates now.

  • I know that Companion Animal Foundation in Sunnybrae goes out to Willow Creek and perhaps, Hoopa, to do low cost spay & neuter clinics. They have a Facebook pg. Kim Class, the Executive Director, is featured in the photo above.

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