[UPDATE 11:41 p.m.] Male Assault Victim Being Assisted by Law Enforcement

Assault FeatureAt approximately 11:14 p.m., the emergency call center dispatched law enforcement to the 3000 block of Smith Lane in Fortuna. A resident reported that a man possibly with blood on his face was going through the resident’s belongings in his garage.

Fortuna Police discovered a 2933-year-old male that they described as an assault victim with facial lacerations. Medical personnel were sent to the scene.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 11:41 p.m.: The assault victim was initially reported to be 29 but the medical report gave the victim’s age as 33. The lacerations are not only to the victim’s face but also to the back of his head.



  • I hate low lifes

    If your going through someone else’s belongings in their garage you deserve lacerations on your head and face.

    • I don’t believe the resident was the person who assaulted him.

      • Maybe this was a case of advanced acting karma. He got the beating he had coming for garage pilfering before the pilfering occurred.

        • Do we know he was pilfering yet? It seems odd that someone would be stealing when they had just been assaulted badly enough that they needed medical attention.

          • True. I’ll try to be less cynical. The circumstances seem bizarre. Easy to jump to the conclusion he was up to no good but possible he was just disoriented from an assault of which he was an innocent victim.

            • They say you should try to see the best in your fellow man, a lifetime of observation in humboldt can definently make that hard at times.

        • Would that official make him a time traveler? 😉

  • Fuk theives. Fuk drug addicts. My guess is he was both.

  • I love G.T. It’s a remake of the “karate Kid”. Just not so P.C.

  • He might have had a bad head injury and people do things that dont make sense when they have a bad head injury…he might just have been having a serious problem…why assume it was a thief that deserved it?

    • The Nagging of America

      Because anyone’s assumptions do not affect anything. At least as stated in a comment section of local a news site. Unfortunately, such negative assumptions are true more and more often and it worries people. Oh for the days when assumptions of civil behavior allowed the picking up of hitchhikers or the automatic assistance of strangers.

      • Not to be overly sensitive but, RHBB is not a blog, she says stiffly her nose in the air. Blogs are opinions. I vastly prefer the term news site.

        • I stand corrected. And will not refer to a blog again in speaking of this site. I was just parroting.

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