A Fire Badly Damaged a Home on Kneeland and a Water Tender Responding to the Blaze Rolled off the Road

FIre on Abbey Road.

Fire on Abbey Road. [Screen grab from a video by North Coast News]

Today, around 11:45 a.m., a fire broke out at a home on Abbey Road in the Kneeland area. Multiple fire departments responded to the scene. Then around 1 p.m., a water tender responding to the fire rolled off the road and down an embankment.

According to Scott Rates of North Coast News, initial reports indicated that Cal Fire believes the blaze started in vegetation and then caught the home on fire. The home was badly damaged.

With the permission of North Coast News, we’re sharing their videos from the fire and the accident.


The three-axle water tender traveled approximately 30 feet from the road and down the embankment before stopping. The driver received only minor injuries.





  • This is jacoby creek not kneeland

  • Not sure why this keeps getting identified as Kneeland area? Abbey Rd is accessed by Jacoby Creek Rd and so it is much more like Bayside, not Kneeland.

  • pre-alert and initial dispatch was given as Abbey Rd in Kneeland – thats why.

    • Same question, Brad… why did “pre-alert and initial dispatch” misidentify the area?

    • It’s at the edge of the Kneeland VFD boundary. Probably Arcata FD but the jurisdiction map is very irregular right at that point. Usually stuff like Abbey Rd on the north side of Jacoby Creek is Arcata jurisdiction. Anyway, they both know where they are going and don’t stress boundaries that much.

  • Water tenders ALWAYS need to respond code 2 Those apparatus are notorious for rolling!

    • Trucking the sloshing water in a hurry has GOT to be a challenge. Thank goodness for seat belts.

  • >”Not sure why this keeps getting identified as Kneeland area? ”

    Upper end of Jacoby creek road leads into the classic ‘Kneeland’ area.

    Just up the south side of Jacoby Creek is the old Kneeland road
    (Greenwood Heights road)… (maybe about 1/4 – 1/3 mile).

    Jacoby creek drains the north side of that range, Freshwater Creek drains the south side.

    Abbey road is a bit lower though… kind or a stretch to call that ‘Kneeland’.
    A short distance uphill from Abbey is Fickle Hill road.

    • This is the way it came through on the scanner. The address where the fire was is (relatively) close to where Kneeland is on the map. I’m sorry if it isn’t accurate for people local to the area. That can be confusing. I’ll try to clarify this tomorrow when I can get some official answers.

      • Kym, everyone makes mistakes. We are all human. People need to remember this. When there is an emergency situation, people can and will panic. Lighten up people. Yes, if we all could be perfect, what an awesome world this would be.

  • Hey kym just got to abbey rd. They’re trying to pull out that fire water tender truck. Two towtrucks some sheriffs n a few firemen. Jacoby creek rd closed at abbey fer @2 more hrs.

  • I wish the best for owners of the house and tipped over water tender.

  • According to a report by LCO,the tanker was the only one owned by the Kneeland Volunteer FD and insurance will fall well short of replacing it. That leaves a huge swath of country, normally very dry in the summer, without a tanker until they can raise enough to buy another. And that is going to take a long time.

  • Just an FYI. Tankers fly, Water tenders roll.

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