Who to Vote for on June 5: A Progressive’s Opinion

Progressive Humboldt County Attorney Eric V. Kirk offers his endorsements for political office in the following opinion piece:

Eric KirkBefore I get into my candidate endorsements, let me discuss the current voting system which was passed by voters (not by me!) a few years back eliminating party primary contests.  Basically, you don’t win a party nomination.  Everyone interested in a position runs in a primary race regardless of party and the top two vote getters run off against each other in November (I won’t repeat my strong objections to this system – it’s the reality).

I dug up an old formula I wrote back in 2002 when I was justifying my vote for Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate for Governor that year.  Obviously I was criticized for “splitting the progressive vote” and not voting for Gray Davis (who would win that election but lose office to a recall effort less than a year later).  More often I have third party supporters criticizing me for voting for a Democrat with the tired old line of voting for “the evil of two lessers.”

My approach to electoral politics is a bit different from most.  I don’t see an election as an opportunity to install someone who will enact all of the policies I like.  Nobody but me would enact all of the policies I like, and actually given the nature of power and politics even I wouldn’t enact all of the policies I like.  It’s not necessarily about voting for someone I respect or like, though sometimes I can do that.  As someone who is an activist, I vote strategically – that is I vote from the selection of candidates who have realistic chances of winning the office, and from them I select the one who would be most vulnerable to the pressures to bear from the movements of which I am a part.  Usually, that person is a Democrat.  But sometimes that’s just not a choice.

At the time, I wrote up the following approach:


I have a formula for voting. Basically, I vote for progressive candidates, and I’m not wedded to any particular party. Being a realist to a certain extent, I tend to vote Michael Harrington’s “left wing of the possible.” This means I vote for Democrats for the most part, unless they piss me off enough to toss a vote in the direction of a left wing “third” party. The third party of choice these days is the Green Party, having replaced the hapless Peace and Freedom Party which appears finally to have been buried in a coffin laden with nails of sectarianism. The Green Party is a bit more diverse, mature, and possessive of a surprising level of savvy and depth. The basic formula, in which I consider the following:

  1. Is the race close?
    2. Does the ideology of the office holder really matter for the office in question?”
    3. Is the Democrat worth promoting for some possible run for an office where ideology does matter?
    4. Does the third party candidate have a brain?
    5. How bad is the Republican?

First, my style of writing is a bit different now, but that’s not important at the moment.  The approach applied to general elections with multiple parties on the ballot.  Now we have the multiple parties in the primary, and despite my kvetching, I do appreciate that we have to worry less about splitting votes now.  I will say that for me there is no point in voting for the frontrunner in the new primary format.  That is a wasted vote.  What we are selecting is the front-runner’s opponent.  Who gets to go up against the front-runner?  I can always vote for the front-runner in the general if the second place finisher is bad or I actually really like the front-runner (doesn’t happen often).

So at this point in California history, for the statewide positions no Republican is a front-runner, and in many cases they won’t even be in the general at all.  But unless I am afraid that a second place Republican will somehow defeat the Democrat in the general, I am free to vote for the person I like for second place. Of course, the choice might be more difficult if I really dislike the front-runner.

Governor – Delaine Easton

There are four major Democrats running.  The front-runner is Lt. Governor and ex-mayor of SF Gavin Newsom.  He wasn’t the worst mayor, but he wasn’t the best either.

There is a slew of candidates running against him.  Among them are three big name Democrats and two big name Republicans (neither of whom has a prayer of winning the office).  The Democrats are former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Treasurer John Chiang, and former California Superintendent of Schools Delaine Eastin.  If Villaraigosa or Chiang come in second I will probably vote for him in the Fall as they are more progressive, more responsive, and more vulnerable to pressures from the movements I support than Newsom.  But it’s kind of hard to support a candidate who was at war with the teachers in Los Angeles.  And Chiang is fine, but boring – hasn’t distinguished himself at all. Granted, that’s probably hard to do as Treasurer, but do you know what he stands for?

Eastin has a great record of advocating for schools, and was actually the first major education-related office holder to advocate for LGBT students as a matter of open policy.  She is pro-single payer.  She is backed by a number of progressive figures, including Tom Ammiano and Harry Brit of Newsom’s home town.

I wrote the above some days ago, but in a poll released on the day I’m typing this, Trump-endorsed Republican John Cox pulled ahead of Villaraigosa in the latest poll.  Still well behind Newsom, but I want a better choice than that.  If that poll proves to be other than an outlier, I may vote for Villaraigosa just to shut Cox out.

Lt. Governor – Gayle McLaughlin

There are several big name Democrats spending a lot of money in the race and I don’t really see much difference between them.  McLaughlin is a true progressive who was voted Mayor of Richmond as a Green Party member.  She helped to create the Richmond Progressive Alliance which fought the water and air poisoning by Chevron, which had pretty much run the town up until then.  She also pushed for eminent domain takeover of mortgages during the financial crisis in order to cut working people some breaks.  She only left the Green Party to vote for Bernie.

And why compromise politics for a position in which the office holder spends most of the time stacking paperclips?

Attorney General – Dave Jones

The incumbent Xavier Beccera has been a very effective bulwark against Trump’s legal initiatives (he’s filed over 30 lawsuits against the President) and I would love to support that continuity.  But Dave Jones was really good for consumers as Insurance Commissioner and he opposes the death penalty.  I really don’t appreciate Beccera’s implying that an opponent of the death penalty is incapable of enforcing the law.  And I especially don’t appreciate his acceptance of max donations from oil and tobacco interests.

There are two Republicans in the race, but so far neither has really made a move in the polls.  But Bailey in particular is bad news and if he makes a move like Cox appears to be doing in the Governor’s race, I may reconsider.  However, it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Secretary of State – Erik Rydberg

Alex Padilla, the incumbent, is going to win this thing.  There are two Democrats, two Republicans, Two Green Party candidates, a Libertarian, and a Peace and Freedom Party candidate.  Padilla is one of the Democrats of course.  The second is unknown Ruben Major, who managed to collect 16 percent of the delegates at the Democratic Party convention despite having no money and no name recognition.  The main Republican Mark Meuser is a nut-job attorney from Walnut Creek echoing Trump’s claims of voter fraud, but has so far failed to offer any evidence of it.  He just wants a photo-ID requirement.  I can’t even remember his name.

Look, Padilla is going to win, so why not support Erik Rydberg?  Erik, one of the two Greens, lives in Eureka and he’s young with strong leadership potential.  He’s worked hard helping to gather signatures for Humboldt Sanctuary and I’ve gotten to know him.  I don’t agree with all of his politics or his broad political strategy, which is why I’m not in the Green Party.  But he’s got energy, enthusiasm, and I believe his politics will evolve with experience.  Not that he will mainstream his politics necessarily but remember his name.  You may hear it again.

Controller – Mary Lou Finley

Only three candidates running.  Betty Yee who is a decent progressive – supports alternative energy, opposes fracking, is pro-union, etc.  She’s going to win.  So who gets to run against her?  Choices are a Republican – a boring cookie-cutter one at that – and an older hippie named Mary Lou Finley, a retired teacher from San Diego running as a Peace and Freedom candidate with all the right (left) positions on everything.

Treasurer – Kevin Akin

Fiona Ma is the only candidate whose name on Wikipedia has a hyperlink to her own Wiki page.  The rest are unknown.  Ma will win and be Treasurer until she makes a later move to Controller or Lite Governor or something.  Ma wasn’t particularly progressive or interesting in the SF Board of Supes or the legislature, and she caters to power and wealth.

Kevin Akin supports a public bank.  He helped form the Peace and Freedom Party, which probably means my parents met/knew him in the mid 1960s.  He brags that he was beaten up by cops in Chicago, 1968.  He was active in CORE and the anti-war movement.  And he and his wife wrote a book entitled Numismatic Archeology of North America – is that cool or what?

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Tony Thurmond

Progressive in all the right ways, though a bit of a suit when it comes to politics.  He was part of the progressive coalition in Richmond, but didn’t get support from the Richmond Progressive Alliance because he took corporate donations.  Still he’s done well by at-risk students, immigrants, the environment, and other progressive constituencies.  Known for establishing funds for effective needle-exchange program and HIV prevention.  Also, he’s black, Latino, and Jewish which I think gives him an exceptionally broad range of experience and perspective.

Insurance Commissioner – Ricardo Lara

Lara is the son of undocumented immigrant parents who is a bona fide progressive.  Supports single payer.  Authored the Super Pollutant Reduction Act which enacted the nation’s toughest restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. He passed legislation aimed at restorative justice and protecting children from abuses in the criminal justice system.  Helped pass the bill ensuring medical care to undocumented children. Introduced a bill which would prohibit state contracts with companies helping to build Trump’s border wall.  Seems like a good advocate for consumers and possibly a future contender for Governor, Senator, or the Presidency.

State Board of Equalization District 2 – Who cares?

Vote for any one of the three who isn’t Mark Burns.  He’s a reactionary.

The Board really does nothing of great importance.  It’s just a resume position for people aspiring to a higher office, but probably won’t get anywhere.  Basically a Hollywood Squares of California politics.

US Senator – Kevin De Leon

First, I want to say that I find the argument against Feinstein that she should retire on the bases of her 84 year age to be ageist and sexist.  There is no indication that she is losing cognition and this kind of pressure was never put on segregationist Strom Thurmond who persisted as Senator past 100 years old.  It’s a double standard applied to older women.

But my choice of De Leon as the standard bearer of more progressive politics has more to do with her politics.  She is a military hawk, a consummate moderate on domestic issues, and a party functionary.  I blame the current Manhattanization of the SF skyline on her opposition to growth control in the 1980s when as Mayor of the City she never met a high rise she didn’t like.

De Leon is far from perfect.  His press conference for gun control in which he demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge of the weapon in his hand is an embarrassment which will follow him around for his entire career.  It also appears that the company behind the Cadiz Water Project (diverting water from San Bernadino to Orange County against many environmentalist and other concerns) bought his support with large donations.  And he is a bit of a suit.

But he supports single payer, has pledged to vote for Bernie’s Medicare for All bill, and has taken stands against aggressive foreign policy and for Palestinian rights which distinguishes him from the incumbent.  And he relies on grassroots support which makes him vulnerable to grassroots pressure.

US Congress – Andy Caffrey

I am really disappointed in Jared Huffman’s endorsements of local candidates made without local Democratic Party input after he had pledged to consult with them after a similar controversy four years ago.  There have been other disappointments, but generally speaking he supports progressive agendas, and does so effectively even with the crazy state of national politics.

But we are voting for second place here and the framing of discussion for the November election.  I like Dale, the perennial Republican running because no other Republican will bother in this very blue district.  I always enjoyed his conversation and humor while checking out at Ray’s Market in Redway.

But the obvious choice for second place is Andy.  Most of you know him.

State Senate – Veronica Jacobi

Much more progressive than Mike McGuire.  Since there are only two candidates, there is no vote splitting to concern us.

Assembly – Jim Wood

I really wish there was a progressive alternative as Wood was instrumental in blocking California’s chance at a single payer system.  He’s basically a moderate party functionary.  But there is a Republican in this race and he’s obsessed with the usual – opposes the gas tax and supports deregulation.  You go to his website and the home page has a big red sign which reads “Freedom,” and it makes me think of the final scene in Braveheart with Mel Gibson raising his fist to the cry… It was a bad movie and Heath is a horrible candidate.  And Wood is more vulnerable to movement pressure.  So I’m stuck voting for Wood.

That brings us to Humboldt County, and my policy is to only endorse candidates for whom I will vote.  But obviously I support Madrone in the 5th.  I’m not quite sure whom I would support in the 4th, but there are good choices there.  Nobody issued challenges to incumbents for D.A. (first time this century that D.A.’s race is uncontested), Sheriff, etc.  We have two contested races.

Auditor-Controller – Karen Paz Dominguez

She is an enthusiastic worker at the office and her work has brought her up in the ranks, even if her blunt honesty has led to some intense opposition.  I’m not even sure if her opponent, Mike Lorig, is even into the race.  One gets the feeling that he was dragged away from retirement plans to run against her.

Seriously, “the establishment” is against her.  Four supervisors (guess which) endorsed her opponent.  Apparently, she’s reported problems to the Board and to the public and some are less than appreciative of her delivery.  But that’s not a reason to vote against someone who takes so seriously her obligation to the community as a whole.

Please don’t pay attention to the whisper campaigns as anonymous people post rumors on social media that she wants to rob all the rural fire districts of their money to conduct pointless audits, or that she carried on about a microwave oven until it was removed.  There is information available, so please read the stories thoroughly and even better, contact her campaign and she will tell you what these stories are about, and what they aren’t about.  You will be won over by her intelligence, passion, and commitment.

In the meantime, give her your vote.

Superior Court Judge – Lathe Gill

For the third time since I’ve moved to Humboldt County (1996) we have a contested race for a vacant Superior Court judge position.  The great thing this time around is that both candidates are good.

Lawrence Killoran appears to have the bulk of the local Bar support.  He has the most trial experience of the two.  He is basically progressive, smart, and competent.  In any other race I would probably endorse him.

But Lathe Gill, currently working as local union rep for the CTA, is particularly good for the position.  Among other things he has pledged to advocate for the establishment of mental health court and homeless court.  He would advocate to reopen courtrooms in remote areas of the county such as Sohum and Willow Creek.  He would advocate to reestablish later clerk hours and expand accessibility now that funding has improved.

But what moves me most about him is the eloquence with which he describes his passion around the recognition of trauma, particularly childhood, as a significant factor to consider in justice.  Naturally he can’t promise to rule in any particular way, but his particular life and job experiences as well as his broader philosophies suggest a very progressive influence in his jurisprudence, and we don’t often have opportunities to elect a candidate of his caliber.

And the thing is, we vote Lathe into office and we can still have Lawrence, who would most likely be appointed to another Superior Court position which is opening up.

Tomorrow, we will post Eric Kirk’s recommendations for the Propositions.



  • if candidates support open borders and sanctuary cities then they dont get my vote

    • I agree. The democrats like this guy have hurt the poor. The democrats do not help the poor. Trump has helped so many of us, even those who do not like him. Pelosi and Watters and Schiff and De Leon hurt their people, Trump helps them. We pay more in taxes than every other state, and get nothing for it. But we are having great success paying as little in taxes that we can. Patriotic business’s here in the north coast are paying their workers the 32 hour work week, cash on Friday. That way the state does not get overpaid in taxes. And the worker get his full pay, keeping it out of the hands of the illegal aliens. We teach the kids in our freedom schools how to have a business and not pay taxes. Just like in the old pot growing days, before the commies took it over and gave everything to the state, you only declare what you need to live, put the rest into a box for later. Freedom schools are all over, Garberville, Redway, Meyers Flat, and all over the country, being taught by good conservative religious people, who debrief the kids from their indoctrination centers for their would be corporate masters. We teach them the idiocy of the blowhard Kirks, showing them how they only can have false arrogance, as they are actually failures in life. And Superb, sanctuary cities are failing, one reason is the 3 clicks. Click 1, take a picture of an illegal, click 2 send it to ICE, click3, on go the handcuffs. Kids love it, as they know, the illegals we get rid of, the less in taxes their parents have to pay, which gives the family more money. Teach your children well.

      • If you don’t want to pay taxes, then don’t drive on public roads!
        And, where the fuck do you think the money comes from to fund ICE? Taxes!
        Repuglicans like you are just a bunch of overentitled snowflakes, who don’t pay taxes, but want the rest of us to, so you can have all the infrastructure you think you deserve, like cops and ICE. Your hypocrisy is laughable.

        • And vile hateful spew for anyone not of your political posture is why people like stuber exist. Just like Trump was elected by such spew. As you have been previously told. As long as you spew, you keep what you pretend to hate alive. As is so famously said, when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

        • We wouldn’t have to pay so much in taxes if they didn’t spend $25 billion on illegal aliens. Or a train going no where. Or how about the assemblymen getting a $170 “per diem” just to show up for work? Then, they over pay school superintendents, some making over $150k a year, while the average salary for a teacher is $49k a year. What? And even with all these wonderful school boards who worship their superintendents, the black kids in LA school district, 70% of them, cannot read to their level. These kids are in democrat districts, where property taxes are insane. Look at our roads here. Where is the revenue for the roads? Sure is not going for premix. We all have to pay a little bit in taxes, but we are not going to support a bunch of pigs at the trough. That we as taxpayers are getting raped by democrats who care nothing for the working people is evident. Gov. Brown calls the working private sector taxpayers freeloaders. His salary is paid with private tax money. You suggest we leave the state. Thousands of companies have, to the detriment of our state tax coffers. And it could be noted, that up until 1913 AD, there were no income taxes. There were hospitals, libraries, railroads, schools with teachers, automobile roads, bridges, steel factories, stores, all paid for by private republican business people. In the south, the democrats were still slaving people, they just called it cheap labor.

          • Of course, all those southern Democrats quit the party and became Republicans, beginning in 1968.

          • Wow read some more fake news and spew it here why dontcha!!!

            The idea that your taxes are being gobbled up by illegal folks is just more smoke and mirrors to keep you from noticing that almost all your taxes go to the military industrial complex which funds the big weapons industry who have the biggest say in politics across the board. GE makes trillions off weapon sales while using your taxes to cover them so they pay none. What do you think money towards illegal folks is spent on???? Not services for them. If you think so youve obviously never been to the social services dept. Theres nothing even for citizens.
            The money is spent on rounding them up and putting them in for profit detention centers where they sit for months or years before actually being deported. The guards at these facilitirs make nothing. Your taxes pay the private prison company so they *surprise* pay no taxes.

            And unless you want all fruit and vegetables to triple in price you better start supporting work permits for “illegals” from the south. When farms get raided food rots on the vine, farmers put out word nationwide they need workers and no one shows up. Its hard work with high expectations and low pay with very poor living conditions. I knew young strong men in their 20’s who worked the circuit and couldnt keepup with 40 year olds from mexico.
            Grab a clue, your ignirant idealogy is destroying our country.

            • Close, but no cigar.
              The industrial complex is funded by your taxes that are put into the agencies that fund the complex. They’re called slush funds. That’s the main reason all those unconstitutional agencies were created. They love their wars. They make a killing off the stock markets and the currency that they have full control over.
              Same thing with the Prison complex. They profit by the bed. They despise empty beds.
              Being able to live & work where you’re needed and where you want to work is the number one push for fixing the immigration reform bill. But the Dems & their bedfellows don’t want to lose their campaign rhetoric. They don’t care about the people, they only care about their talking points.
              But, I’ll admit, you’re close. Keep digging, you’re almost there.

      • That’s a keeper. You mind if I cut and paste it to my archives?

        By the way, in what way are sanctuary cities “failing?”



    • I suspect that such candidates probably wouldn’t get your vote anyway.

  • Who Cares What You Think

    No one values this guys opinion. I guess no one reads his blog so his worthless 20-year-old picture and opinion appear here.

    • I want to know what he is on, it has to be something choice, to produce such vivid hallucinations!!!

    • The photo was taken at a HumCPR forum, which is considerably less than 20 years old. I don’t take selfies, and it’s what I had on my phone to give Kym.

    • Interesting that you speak for everyone. I thought he had some interesting points.

      • I too appreciate reading his opinion and if you dont like it dont read it.
        Or better yet get off yer ass and write up something of your own about candidates, how you choose them, how politics works, how the laws work……oh you dont have a law degree? Or passed the bar? Or work in the community with your own business???

        & just fyi the more all you fake news spewing autobots write bad things here, the more notice i take of what erics writing. If hes pissing you off that much then hes probably saying something good!
        Sorry old christian crazies we’re taking back our country that was made for everyone to come to YOURE AN IMMMIGRANT TOO DUMMY! Were gonna help kids and the poor and start agrassroots revokutiin thats gonna topple the ivory tower. Haha!!!

  • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    “Voting for second place” is a strange philosophy. The idea that putting a somewhat more progressive Democrat into the assumed Democrats only two-candidate runoff in November will somehow result in the more progressive Democrat winning has no basis in political reality. First of all, recent Democratic primaries have proven progressives do not have the momentum in the party – WOMEN do. (Many of those female Democratic candidates are of course themselves progressive, especially on social issues.). However, the Bernie Sanders model has clearly failed, not merely for Sanders himself, but for similar candidates. Old White male Democrats claiming to be more left-wing than thou is falling on deaf ears in 2018, when most Democratic primary voters are focused on sending a message to Disgusting Donald & his [edit] Party by sending more women and minorities to DC and elsewhere. And don’t underestimate the loss of personal and political influence Bernie Sanders and his followers have had since Sanders left the Democratic Party after he lost the nomination. What is truly hilarious is how the corporate media continues to feature non-Democrat Bernie Sanders on their programs as the voice of the Democratic Party! LMFAO!! 😆😝🤣😂😅

    • I just don’t see any point in voting for the front-runner everybody knows will be in the run-off, unless you love the candidate so much that you just want the support to overflow. We know there will be two candidates, so why not angle for the kind of discussion you want in the two candidate debates in the fall?

      Bernie Sanders is in Vermont. He’s not on the California ballot this time around.

      What exactly is the “Bernie Model?”

      There are some old white men running for office this time around, and some of them are pretty good candidates. I think better than the young white men for the most part.

      There are also some women and POC candidates who are less progressive than their white male opponents – hence my endorsements in a couple of the races.

  • “Also, he’s black, Latino, and Jewish which I think gives him an exceptionally broad range of experience and perspective”.

    So now race and religion are bona fides? What a F’n joke. If I said: he’s White, Irish and Catholic, which I think gives him an exceptionally broad range of experience and perspective, you’d be screaming racist. Typical double standard leftist. This is the sort of hypocrisy that makes the left so repulsive.

    • What you described, “white, Irish, and Catholic” is kind of redundant – references a single cultural identification.

      But I think leaders with diverse cultural backgrounds have obtained certain experiences which give them unique tools to bridge gaps. For instance, there has been historical conflict between the black and Jewish communities. A very important bridge to build and maintain.

  • I’m for your candidates of choice, too, Eric. But…your statement that you’re not a partisan voter is BS. I don’t play party politics, you sure do. If you were really “progressive”, if you really did a side-by-side issue response between candidates, you would have supported Jill Stein, or an alternate party altogether, instead of Hillary Clinton.

    • Well, I have a number of problems with that. One of them being that I don’t think Jill Stein would have made a good President.

      What exactly is a “partisan voter?” I’m not sure what that means.

  • Warner Von Braun

    Thanks now I know who to eliminate from consideration.

  • I appreciate ANY and ALL help with this ballot… where’s Larry Flynt??

    PLease, folks, do NOT vote party line, there’s good and bad on both sides of that same coin. Research!! Enough partisan distraction. Go Redskins.

    Voting with your dollar goes a long way too.. Oscar Meyer doesn’t have organic dogs cause Oscar ate some LSD… it’s the money. Dirty. Green. Paper.


  • Wow, some of the comments here from the nay sayers is really amusing reading. Most of all it makes me appreciate the research and commentary Eric has provided for some less in the know or without time to look it all up. 28 candidates for Governor, 33 for Senator?!! I can’t recall a time I’ve ever seen such line-ups in all my 45+ years of voting.

    • It is what the voters previously chose to approve by Prop 14.

    • Thank you dawni. My hope isn’t that people just take my picks and run with them. My goal is to stimulate thought and discussion. I may actually change my mind before June 5. Not very likely, but it has happened.

  • Andy Caffrey over Jared Huffman? Seriously? I know him from around town and he seems egotistical and delusional. He makes a bumper sticker that says “vote for me” and that’s about it! Does he even have a platform.? I’m in So Hum and haven’t seen one. I looked him up on Facebook and he has little support. Only 2 people donated to his ActBlue account. He describes himself as a Green Sanders Dem Congressional candidate. Huh? Jared Huffman for me. At least he has experience in government, though flawed he knows that world better than most bumperstickers!

    • No, Andy over Dale. Jared will be there in November. There’s no point to voting for a front runner who will be there anyway. It’s about what you want discussed in the debates.

    • And actually, while I don’t agree with it all, Andy does have a platform.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us, Eric. It’s extensive! Where might one find Andy’s platform? Thanks.

          • I checked out his website and from what I can tell it’s all old info as he says things about requesting Obama to do this and that. Anyways, I see your reasoning, Eric. Thanks.

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

              Why does Andy Caffrey keep running for Congress? And why does he keep running dishonestly as a Democrat?

              How about running for State Assembly against Wood in 2020, Caffrey? You would have a better chance in that race. And since everyone knows you are NOT a Democrat, just run as an Independent in Nov. 2020; skip the primary. The Nov. 2020 turnout will be LARGE, so skip the primary and give up the pretending to be a Democrat ruse. Run as an Independent.

  • McKinleyville resident

    Lathe Gill admitted in his LOCO interview that he has minimal courtroom or trial experience – his learning curve will be huge on how to efficiently run a courtroom with a loaded docket. Seems like a nice guy, but underqualified for this position.

    • Yeah, but it doesn’t take rocket science intelligence to learn. I was judge for a day when a local judge had a conflict. There is a training, and then you rely on staff who pretty much run the courtrooms anyway from what I’ve seen over the years.

  • question…

    I know Jared Huffman has doe a great Job for wealthy Marin County, passing out money for the arts, etc. but what exactly has he done for Humboldt or Mendocino? He stopped by for a MMJ meeting…..and?

    • He’s fought pretty hard against offshore drilling which is really important to the North Coast. Fighting for net neutrality. He’s authored a bill which would expand the coastal national landmark status to include the Pt. Arena coast. Pushed for Klamath River dam removal. He supports single payer, and Bernie’s Medicare for All act.

      He’s done some pretty good things. My main point of contention with him is his involvement with local politics.

      • Net neutrality is not neutral, it’s control freak fodder with charming fluff to disguise the serious crimes against freedom of speech that lay hidden beneath.

        • local observer

          that’s the opposite of Net Neutrality. why is it the freaks are buying up 4 stations in tiny little cities like Eureka? its not like they started working on this last year, try the 50s. this is their dream, complete consumer control. they will feed you a well tailored desert, after they rummage thru your cookies.

          • You’re drinking the kool-aid my friend.

            • local observer

              fyi, almost every headstone in the town I grew up in has a copper free mason symbol attached to it. its an old persons club that has very few living members, kinda like the Ingomar. no ones coming for you, its safe.

              • fyi, incidentally, there are over 32 levels. It’s highly unlikely your graveyard tombstones have 1 out of 100 at that level. But, it’s fun, I assume, to imagine that they all do.

      • Single payer means everyone is forced to pay increasing costs of the healthcare plan that Boehner, Pelosi and others created back in the 90’s.
        Individual health care means the pharma’s, insurance companies, hospitals, & politicians better get their acts together and start competing for our money.

  • The title sounds like a typical brainwashing memo.
    Your opinions are yours to freely give, but when you demand for others to do what you say, it’s no longer an opinion, it’s an instruction manual for zombies aka sheeple.
    Title “who to vote for” is a very telling manipulative order.
    Title “who I’m considering to vote for” is almost an innocent opinion piece, that should be in a comment section of a topic titled ‘who you voting for and why?” (non manipulative, just inquisitive).
    Orders from headquarters?

    • Well, blame me not Eric as I was the one who thought it up. So it’s me telling you to vote for his picks (which aren’t necessarily mine.) I just thought it was a catchy way to get people reading and thinking about who they’d vote for this June 5.

      • Thanks for owing up to it, but I notice Eric didn’t argue one bit about it. It takes two to tangle.

        • I would say that’s a semantic. I certainly hope that nobody will blindly vote for my suggestions rather than making up their own minds – especially since I could actually change my mind come June 5, at least on the Governor’s positions.

          I did ask specifically for a vote for one candidate in a race I feel particularly strong about. But either way, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who will read the title and feel compelled to vote my way because it wasn’t noted to be opinion.

        • But maybe someone can chime in. Did anybody out there feel an impulse to go vote my way because of the title wording?

          • No. I respect any well thought out opinion, respectfully offered and may or may not agree with them. And I appreciate your strategy on picking your choices for primaries that will make for more interesting debates for the November election–like having De Leon putting some heat on the presumptive winner Feinstein. On that subject, I don’t see anything wrong with her age or cognitive ability because I’ve seen her positions shift with the times, like cannabis for example, though the cynic in me just wants to chalk it up to political expediency. And I have to admit she’s one of the few elected officials who had bothered to reply to my arguments against her positions with a real letter, even if composed by a staffer—mostly I get back form letters that may or may not even address the same topic I wrote about.

        • I’m not sure owning up is the right term here. More like asking if you understand what is happening there. The title very clearly states that it is an opinion and also points out the Progressive stance of the author. Hardly subversive with a hidden brainwashing agenda in my opinion.

          • The title clearly states it is a hear ye hear ye call out by a progressive to all progressives. Just because the word ‘opinion’ was added, doesn’t make it any less of a call out.

            • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

              So what? Are you incapable of reading opinions that differ from yours?

            • I promise you that if I get a well-thought-out conservative list of recommendations, I’ll most likely call it WHO TO VOTE FOR ON JUNE 5: A CONSERVATIVE’S OPINION. And guess what I’d call a Libertarian’s recommendations…

  • Okay, last post for awhile, but a friend of mine suggested the following write-in in place of Jim Wood: SB562

  • I think I’ll make my own choices.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Honest, Eric Kirk would argue with a stump.

    Eric, who cares who you like?

    Have a beautiful day!

  • Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018! https://www.delaineforgovernor.com
    No corporate money here, just a solid plan to get California back on track with a focus on education! Please consider supporting her!

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