Woman Injured After Struck by Vehicle in Eureka

We've blurred the face of a pedestrian who was struck by a car on the corner of 4th and Samoa in Eureka.

We’ve blurred the face of a pedestrian who was struck by a car on the corner of 4th and Samoa in Eureka. The driver squats praying to the right.[Photo provided by a reader]

A pedestrian in the crosswalk was struck by a vehicle as the driver was turning from Samoa onto 4th Street in Eureka about 12:50 p.m., according to a witness.

Information over the scanner indicates the victim was a 52-year-old female. She apparently received a fracture to her left tibia. The vehicle was doing about 15 mph, according to first reports.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

The driver watches as and EPD officer begins to write.

The driver watches as an EPD officer begins to write.



  • Looks like the little short woman who always trys to punch my car. She also will dart in front of my car swinging her fists. I have nearly hit her so many times!!

    • You should report that to the police dept/highway patrol. It could help the driver. I have had so many people dart out in front of me, joggers even too. But mostly tweakers. I hate driving in Eureka.

    • Looks like she finally got her payday.

  • A big thank you to the driver for being responsible! He was only driving 15 mph and he stayed there with the victim. It’s one of my biggest fears to hit a pedestrian while I’m driving, and that corner is a particularly horrible one for both drivers and pedestrians.

  • Thank you driver sor stopping and staying with the pedestrian. High caliber action. Hope all goes well for you!

  • My son said it is really hard to try to pull out into traffic because you can’t see a car or anyone. Why don’t they make it where parking can only be to a certain distance from the corner where a car pulling out can see. Does that make any sense? I am so bad at conveying what I want to say.
    DO-DO Bird here. I don’t think that’s right either.

    • It makes perfect sense, but I suspect the concept is a little too complex for the City of Eureka. There are several corners there where you can’t see if the road is clear until you have gambled, hoping that you do not get hit by traffic you can’t see until it is too late. There is a critical road design parameter called “sight stopping distance,” but it seems like CoE can’t quite grasp its meaning or importance.

      • City of Eureka can even keep their street gutters from backing up … and you want them to work on something that would help save accidents and possibly lives [sarcasms] ? Sorry but a little red paint could go a long way or if they wanted to get real fancy, a no parking sign or two!

        • …and I’m sorry to add they can’t even whack weeds growing in the curb or sidewalks cracks. They don’t seem to care much.

  • Kacianne Marshall

    I’m the witness in the picture in the blue next to the victim on the ground. I was on the phone with 911, blocking traffic, and rendering aid to the injured woman. The driver, Michael, never stopped praying. Please pray for both parties and spread love wherever you go. Be kind always.

    • Kacianne, thank you for your help with the victim and thank you for offering more information.

      • Kacianne Marshall

        I just like the real story to get out there because I saw it all. This was just an unfortunate accident with a driver from out of the area, unaware of all the squirrelly pedestrian traffic on 4th and how often accidents occur in that area. There was nothing intentional or racial in any part of this incident. That is Michael’s blanket covering the victim. He was absolutely beside himself, and she sustained real injuries and was severely immobilized in the middle road, they both needed someone to take control. Honestly the part that blew me away was that someone either got off the city bus or was worried about the city bus and aggressively tried to force the driver to move his vehicle and we adamantly refused (with expressed permission from the 911 dispatcher to leave the vehicles until police arrived) and I said the bus needed to figure something else out (yes, they could go straight, yes it was potentially inconvenient for the folks riding it.) However, the cars were the only thing blocking her and us from getting hit again and we were not messing anything up for the police. So I instructed the driver not to move his vehicle. No, the bus couldn’t turn onto 4th, but let’s not become so callous that we are more worried about a bus stop than a human body in the street. I was on my way back to work at Caltrans too. We all have places to go. But everyone is someone’s baby, and if that was your mom, grandma, sister, you would hope someone would stop. I didn’t save her life by any stretch of the imagination, it wasn’t like that, but no one deserves to be that scared, injured/ill, and alone or disregarded because of the part of society you believe they belong to. People are still people even when life has knocked them down. She was extremely appreciative of all of the help that was rendered. I just looked her in the eyes and promised her help was coming and she would be ok. Do that for someone sometime and mean it. You feel it in your soul.

        • What an uplifting post from a person with good sense.

        • Kacianne, I want to say something to show how much your post touched me. Yes, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. But, you know, Guest, said it all— “What an uplifting post from a person with good sense.”

        • Alt Right For Life

          You are a very nice woman, thank you for giving part of your day to help them out.

        • Don't Drink While Pregnant

          the blanket was a great example of common sense/presence of mind.

  • Interesting – no mention of race because it was a black driver and white victim.

    Reverse the races and see what you get in the press.

    • The victim wasn’t white.

    • The victim is an American Indian Elder and definitely not “White” Elijah Diddit, [edit] I hope you don’t get your payday in a similar fashion as I would not wish that kind of injury on anybody, not even you.

      It is interesting how “uggg” jumps to thinking it is someone she has seen on the streets from the pic when they are covered by a blanket and the face is completely blurred. How can you tell?

    • Didn’t need to go there. Shouldn’t have gone there. Wait until something actually happens before complaining that it might.

      • I agree with G on this one. Didn’t need/shouldn’t have, gone there. Just a case of a conscientious driver taking responsibility.

        I have noticed the regulars (pedestrians) in that area. It’s a bad spot.

        Drivers in Eureka were worse than usual today, when I drove around there. Perhaps due to the holiday weekend/Friday/rain combination.

    • I’m really clear that this press would not have mentioned the race in either case. But the color of the skin in the photo should indicate that both the driver and the victim are persons of color.

    • Elijah, I’m so sorry this is how you live your life, thinking skin color of all things is what matters in our short time here. How sad.

    • Quit trying to stir the pot.

  • Tweaker central , hard to get through that section of roadway due to all the homeless druggies

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